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Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony: 'Live' coverage, updates and more from Sochi

Join us Friday evening as we "live" blog -- or, as live as NBC allows us, at least -- the 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, with help from our friends at Racked and Outsports.

Ryan Pierse


Wiedmann [11:28 PM]:

Gotta love the veiled “hope there’s no terrorist attack” sign-off.

Clay Wendler [11:24 PM]:

Clay Wendler [11:19 PM]:

Izzy Grinspan [11:18 PM]:

@Spencer Hall My favorite part was definitely the part where sports happened.

Spencer Hall [11:17 PM]:

Well, that was…sports? Sports!

ponebrewed [11:15 PM]:

@cwdarney it’s the motto of the state brothels

ponebrewed [11:14 PM]:

@Izzy Grinspan No its the moto of Putin’s state sponsered Brothels

Caroline Darney [11:14 PM]:

Ok those fireworks are on point.

Mason Dixon [11:14 PM]:

Lighting the torch to Firebird. I see what you did there, Russia.

Justin Cohen [11:14 PM]:

ok that’s it. Goodnight. Hockey at 3am. Your late local news is next!

icorriher [11:13 PM]:

Rulon should have tackled him and lit the torch

Izzy Grinspan [11:13 PM]:

And there’s the money shot.

Caroline Darney [11:13 PM]:

Is “hot. cool. yours” the actual motto? It was outside the stadium…

Spencer Hall [11:13 PM]:

The Putin Penis is lit.

David Statman [11:13 PM]:

Tretiak just never stops running, defects

chaimy4life [11:12 PM]:

Peter Stormare’s character from ‘Armageddon’ should have lit the torch.

Clay Wendler [11:12 PM]:

Spencer Hall [11:12 PM]:

They cut the twenty mile run to the torch out of the original broadcast. Probably a good call.

Justin Cohen [11:12 PM]:

@David Statman Russian and American hero!

David Statman [11:11 PM]:

How’s that silver taste, Tretiak?

David Statman [11:09 PM]:


Spencer Hall [11:09 PM]:


Justin Cohen [11:08 PM]:

sorry, Russia. Sherapova’s ours

Clay Wendler [11:08 PM]:

Justin Cohen [11:07 PM]:

do they do the same ceremony for the Parolympics?

Spencer Hall [11:06 PM]:

The lighting of Putin’s proxy penis is pretty spectacular, though.

Jim Buzinski [11:04 PM]:

Can we watch the athletes march out in reverse order? that would be more interesting than this.

Spencer Hall [11:02 PM]:

Layering the Tron soundtrack over opera. RUSSIAN THINGS.

Matt Ufford [11:02 PM]:

Weird, it doesn’t SOUND like Pink Floyd.

Clay Wendler [11:01 PM]:


Matt Ufford [11:01 PM]:

I’ve seen more interesting PBS specials.

David Statman [11:01 PM]:

I was promised Stoner Bear.

Justin Cohen [11:00 PM]:

If I ran the Olympics, I’d have the Parade of Nations, bring the torch in, and call it a day

JoshCVT [10:59 PM]:

Glad to see Russia kept Rollerblade in business for another year.

Spencer Hall [10:59 PM]:

Sure, Russia, invoking the image of the atom is a great association for you.

Spencer Hall [10:56 PM]:

@Clay Wendler or fighting off yet another attempted poisoning

Clay Wendler [10:56 PM]:

i saw putin swallow, i think he was getting choked up

Matt Ufford [10:56 PM]:

I like this lady. Opera singer by night, Olympic lifter by day.

Justin Cohen [10:53 PM]:

she might break Sochi

Spencer Hall [10:53 PM]:

“I dunno about this part of the program. Some opera? Sure, let’s put some opera in here.”

Clay Wendler [10:53 PM]:

russia has filled it’s overbearing majesty quotient for the evening

Brad Masson [10:51 PM]:


Justin Cohen [10:50 PM]:

Pavel Bure got snubbed?

Spencer Hall [10:49 PM]:

I’m not going to make fun of these games with hate in my heart. Atlanta got a Games. Anyone can do it.

Clay Wendler [10:49 PM]:

Matt Ufford [10:47 PM]:

“beautifully choreographed” — Meredith Vieira on people spinning in circles

Justin Cohen [10:47 PM]:

Man if only they had shown this live online this morning. I’d be in bed now

toonces_no [10:46 PM]:


Matt Ufford [10:43 PM]:

Tchaikovsky, yeah? That’s another drink.

Clay Wendler [10:43 PM]:

Clay Wendler [10:43 PM]:

got our SBN man on the scene

David Statman [10:43 PM]:

that’s one bomb ass jellyfish

Travis Hughes [10:42 PM]:

@Izzy Grinspan i mean, that’s why i’m still watching

Izzy Grinspan [10:42 PM]:

This is the part where Putin takes off his shirt and wrestles a bear, right?

ponebrewed [10:41 PM]:

At this point I just want them to reenact all of Brothers Karamazov in less than 3 minutes

Matt Ufford [10:41 PM]:

“Please try to respect different viewpoints, even if the host country doesn’t!”

Justin Cohen [10:39 PM]:

but don’t stop working, workers!

Spencer Hall [10:39 PM]:

@ximiankernel that’s implied

David Statman [10:38 PM]:

@mattufford Give me the hair George Michael I NEED THE HAIR

chaimy4life [10:38 PM]:

@mattufford How do you say ‘No Touching!’ in Russian?

ximiankernel [10:38 PM]:

Russian language really sound like they are threatening to punch you in the kidneys

chaimy4life [10:37 PM]:

@David Statman That commercial holds up, too.

Matt Ufford [10:37 PM]:

Great work, Young Russian Jeffrey Tambor!

ncquake24 [10:37 PM]:

Did he just say the hate in our hearts?

chaimy4life [10:37 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Is that supposed to look like Hillary Clinton?

Clay Wendler [10:36 PM]:

Justin Cohen [10:36 PM]:

I wonder what this guy is really saying. Hateful things?

David Statman [10:34 PM]:

I haven’t seen that sip stealing commercial since like 2007. NBC bringing out all the stops

Justin Cohen [10:34 PM]:

@Wiedmann or Cuba..

ximiankernel [10:34 PM]:

no Stalin era? no WWII? no Gorbachev era? their history retelling has so much holes than a ……..?

Wiedmann [10:33 PM]:

@David Statman Go to Georgia or Armenia…it’s basically the same.

toonces_no [10:32 PM]:

That little girl is fearless. If i was on Russian-made ropes that high, I would be peeing myself silly.

Justin Cohen [10:32 PM]:

Meredith does know the 20th Century ended 14 years ago right?

Chris Pendley [10:31 PM]:

Putin just wants you to get down. You know, put on a nice record and get some wine, maybe some candles.

ximiankernel [10:31 PM]:

is this the part where because of radiation, women all gave birth to twins?

toonces_no [10:30 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Dammit I was just writing that.

David Statman [10:30 PM]:

Man, the Soviet Union seemed like a wonderful place. I want to go to there

Justin Cohen [10:30 PM]:

where is Queen Letifa…also nice use of Trololo

Spencer Hall [10:30 PM]:

And there’s the trolololo song.

Spencer Hall [10:29 PM]:


Izzy Grinspan [10:28 PM]:

This is the part of Russian history that looked like Grease, apparently.

David Statman [10:28 PM]:


Wiedmann [10:28 PM]:

Lada’s are fucking sweet. I hitchhiked in a lot of those in Eastern Europe

Matt Ufford [10:28 PM]:

Potemkin cars!

toonces_no [10:27 PM]:

James Bond is going to pop in at any moment

Caroline Darney [10:26 PM]:

I wonder how hard it is to choreograph a dance that signifies WWII

Izzy Grinspan [10:26 PM]:

@Jim Buzinski Any time.

Jim Buzinski [10:26 PM]:

thanks izzy, this tweet is getting nice play:

Chris Pendley [10:26 PM]:

TSN is really confused as to why this entire ceremony wasn’t devoted to the Summit Series.

David Statman [10:26 PM]:


Spencer Hall [10:25 PM]:

This is the Simpson’s gay steel mill

Justin Cohen [10:25 PM]:

oh hey, the workers are here to finish building the stadium!

chaimy4life [10:24 PM]:

@Clay Wendler That looks like Tony Kornheiser’s penguin dance.

Clay Wendler [10:24 PM]:

now a ufo should land

ncquake24 [10:24 PM]:

@David Statman during the Men’s Hockey Finals

David Statman [10:24 PM]:

@Clay Wendler STR8 BERNIE

Clay Wendler [10:23 PM]:

Spencer Hall [10:23 PM]:

Krokodil is no laughing matter.

David Statman [10:23 PM]:

when are they gonna re-enact the Miracle on Ice

Chris Pendley [10:17 PM]:

that last sequence combined two of Russia’s favorite pastimes: ballet and recreational drug use gone horribly awry by surroundings.

Wiedmann [10:17 PM]:

Communism, brought to you by Capitalism.

Rush Roberts [10:17 PM]:

Imperialism in Russia is about to be swept away by JIMMY FALLON GETTING HIS OWN SHOW

Travis Hughes [10:16 PM]:

“Imperialism about to be swept away by …. this commercial break!”

Travis Hughes [10:16 PM]:

solid segue there, Lauer

Rush Roberts [10:16 PM]:

wait are you telling me ballet originated in Russia

Matthew Tennant [10:16 PM]:

Rave at the Ballet

Clay Wendler [10:15 PM]:

oh god this is terrifying

The Goche [10:15 PM]:

@Chris Pendley The part of the show where they reenact the MLK assassination will be very tastefully done.

Justin Cohen [10:14 PM]:

@ncquake24 if you were wondering who designed the costumes, let us remind you that you are watching the opening of a sporting event.

ncquake24 [10:13 PM]:

@Justin Cohen even if we were, we could just google it.

Spencer Hall [10:13 PM]:

It’s Russia. You have to have some ballet.

Justin Cohen [10:12 PM]:

no Meredith, we were not wondering who designed the costumes. Thanks though

Clay Wendler [10:12 PM]:

i bet putin hates this part

David Statman [10:11 PM]:

am I watching Man in the Iron Mask?

icorriher [10:10 PM]:

I would have had Napolean ride in on a horse and freeze to death

Clay Wendler [10:10 PM]:

Matthew Tennant [10:09 PM]:

Their lines weren’t even straight. Come on guys, dress down!

Chris Pendley [10:09 PM]:

@Spencer Hall they’d be at the Liberty Bowl, because fuck it, we already got a damn building might as well use it right?

Rush Roberts [10:09 PM]:

@David Statman Several dozen children will re-enact the movie “The Firm” to Lyle Lovett’s “I’ve Been to Memphis”

Jim Buzinski [10:09 PM]:

@Izzy Grinspan “What’s gay about a marching phalanx of hot guys in lavander suits?” Absolutely nothing.

Justin Cohen [10:08 PM]:

@David Statman with 500,000 Elvises marching

David Statman [10:07 PM]:

@Chris Pendley It’s just gonna be Zach Randolph doing laps on an ATV for 2 hours

Izzy Grinspan [10:07 PM]:

@Jim Buzinski What’s gay about a marching phalanx of hot guys in lavander suits?

Mason Dixon [10:07 PM]:

pantomime drummers play matched grip, apparently

Spencer Hall [10:07 PM]:

@Chris Pendley YESSSSS

Jim Buzinski [10:07 PM]:

this is gayer than west hollywood on saturday night

David Statman [10:06 PM]:

This is insanely delightful

Chris Pendley [10:06 PM]:

Now I’m curious as to what the Opening Ceremonies will look like in Memphis come 2024.

Jim Buzinski [10:06 PM]:

here come the hot dancers

Spencer Hall [10:06 PM]:

@David Statman Yessir!

David Statman [10:05 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Is that seriously a true story? That is amazing.

Mason Dixon [10:05 PM]:

captain strolling hard dot gif

Spencer Hall [10:04 PM]:

They might leave the part about Peter the Great ruining a London hotel by greasing up the hallways and throwing prostitutes down it like they were bowling balls.

David Statman [10:04 PM]:


Clay Wendler [10:03 PM]:

Cyd Zeigler [10:03 PM]:

OK all I gotta head out very shortly. Gotta go watch the West Coast feed. I hope it’s better than the East Coast feed.

Martin Rickman [10:02 PM]:

quarles got a cadillac commercial!

tmoseley20 [10:01 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler As a Jags fan I loved that game!

Spencer Hall [10:00 PM]:

Ergot poisoning was an influential part of Russian history.

Cyd Zeigler [10:00 PM]:

This is like watching the Browns play the Jaguars.

Mason Dixon [9:59 PM]:

This will be a future Nicki Minaj video

ponebrewed [9:59 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Is it just me or do some of those look like exotic sex toys

Hambone179 [9:58 PM]:

Is that Putin’s used condom?

toonces_no [9:57 PM]:

Cyd Zeigler [9:57 PM]:

“We represent the lollipop guild…”

Clay Wendler [9:57 PM]:

Rush Roberts [9:57 PM]:

@toonces_no advertising:

Mason Dixon [9:57 PM]:

Putting the rim in Rimsky-Korsakov?

Cyd Zeigler [9:56 PM]:

“Candyland version of Russian architecture” – NBC’s line of the night.

toonces_no [9:55 PM]:

it looks kind of like a butthole

Wiedmann [9:55 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler No, but it is supposed to

Hambone179 [9:55 PM]:

One ring torule them all!

Spencer Hall [9:55 PM]:

They actually cover Communism and the Revolution—let’s see if NBC edits that out.

Justin Cohen [9:54 PM]:

There’s the other ring!

Clay Wendler [9:54 PM]:

@Chris Pendley chekov joke

Cyd Zeigler [9:54 PM]:

Is this ring going to open too?

Jim Buzinski [9:54 PM]:

@Justin Cohen famine and mass killing isn’t very family-friendly

toonces_no [9:54 PM]:

Best part of these opening ceremonies was that matt lauer got to explain to me what yolo means

David Statman [9:54 PM]:

nice of you guys to leave out all the ethnic cleansing

Chris Pendley [9:54 PM]:

hey wait those helicopters just went to warp speed RUSSIA HAS WARP DRIVE TECHNOLOGY

Cyd Zeigler [9:54 PM]:

So Sochi is essential Hobbiton?

Spencer Hall [9:54 PM]:

They skipped the giant bears

Justin Cohen [9:54 PM]:

ok they totally skipped 1922-1991. I’m kind of surprised.

chaimy4life [9:53 PM]:

No bread lines in this video? #USA #USA #USA

David Statman [9:53 PM]:


David Statman [9:52 PM]:


David Statman [9:52 PM]:


Justin Cohen [9:51 PM]:

1000 years of history in 3 minutes. Of course 2 of those minutes devoted to 1922-1991

Izzy Grinspan [9:51 PM]:

This just got SO MUCH BETTER.

JoshCVT [9:51 PM]:

@Chris Pendley #SashaCares

Cyd Zeigler [9:51 PM]:

@Travis Hughes I have a West Hollywood full of rainbow shots waiting for me. Stalin had better be the one to light the damn flame…

Cyd Zeigler [9:50 PM]:

That’s three Morgan Freeman shots.

Jim Buzinski [9:50 PM]:

this still has 90 minutes to go. they brought the athletes in earlier than in other olympics

Jim Buzinski [9:48 PM]:

Travis Hughes [9:48 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler torch lighting!

Matthew Tennant [9:48 PM]:

Missed opportunity here by not having Putin ride out on a bear shirtless.

Chris Pendley [9:48 PM]:

No word if Alexander Semin showed up for the opening ceremonies, but hey, enigmatic. This update has been brought to you by TSN.

Cyd Zeigler [9:48 PM]:

OK, are we done?

Matt Ufford [9:47 PM]:

You never go full Santa.

David Statman [9:47 PM]:

Seriously though why does Russia get their own entrance music

ximiankernel [9:47 PM]:

what will be make this awesome is if Putin leads the Russian’s entry riding a polar bear

Hambone179 [9:47 PM]:

Russia= Santa army!

Cyd Zeigler [9:47 PM]:

One of the Russian ski jumpers is about to smile. Wait for it…. ah, false alarm.

David Statman [9:47 PM]:


Clay Wendler [9:47 PM]:

Matt Ufford [9:46 PM]:

Russia enters to Russian version of Jay-Z

Cyd Zeigler [9:46 PM]:

Be great if NBC just cut to commercial for the Russians.

toonces_no [9:46 PM]:

That’s the most emotion Putin has ever shown.


@David Statman SUPER SAIYAN 4

Spencer Hall [9:46 PM]:


David Statman [9:45 PM]:

Cyd Zeigler [9:45 PM]:

I do love Cool Runnings.

Matt Ufford [9:44 PM]:

@tmoseley20 into a triple jump:

Justin Cohen [9:44 PM]:

the moment we’ve been waiting for: Jamaica!

David Statman [9:44 PM]:


Jim Buzinski [9:44 PM]:

Sweden, Estonia … the Baltics bring home the hotness

toonces_no [9:44 PM]:

Sanka is walking in

Caroline Darney [9:44 PM]:


icorriher [9:44 PM]:

Sweden with all of the blondes

chaimy4life [9:44 PM]:

Anyone upset the DJ never busted out the original Tetris music?

tmoseley20 [9:43 PM]:

@mattufford is there video of this?

David Statman [9:43 PM]:

Thanks Mat Lauer, I didn’t know what YOLO meant

Jim Buzinski [9:43 PM]:

Lucky guy:

Cyd Zeigler [9:43 PM]:

The Russians have made vodka for hundreds of years just so the population could get through this ceremony.

Matthew Tennant [9:43 PM]:


toonces_no [9:43 PM]:

ok it’s switzerland. show us the ladies

Spencer Hall [9:43 PM]:

@toonces_no might want to check the tax implications of that

Caroline Darney [9:42 PM]:

I love that Czech Republic had suspenders on

Cyd Zeigler [9:42 PM]:

“Chile is after Tonga? The Russians can’t even alphabetize right” – Stupid-American comments

toonces_no [9:42 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Definitely bobsled for Bermuda.

David Statman [9:42 PM]:

even Russian house music is terrifying

Spencer Hall [9:42 PM]:

The Czech Republic done got themselves some East Tennessee Possum-skin hats

Spencer Hall [9:41 PM]:

@JoshCVT another solid choice

Matt Ufford [9:41 PM]:

Reminder: ice skating officials banned backflips because jumps are supposed to land on one skate, so Surya Bonaly landed a backflip ON ONE SKATE. And still got docked for it. Lesson: there is a badass French woman out there, and ice skating blows.

Cyd Zeigler [9:41 PM]:

Women’s college gymnastics is on the BYU channel right now. Choices, choices…

JoshCVT [9:41 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Ski jumping, USVI. It’s over quick.

Justin Cohen [9:41 PM]:

that’s what I would do

Justin Cohen [9:41 PM]:

Curling, Guam

Matthew Tennant [9:41 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Norway and Curling. THE PANTS!

David Statman [9:40 PM]:

Where the hell is CroCop

Chris Pendley [9:40 PM]:

@Spencer Hall biathalon, Cyprus.

Spencer Hall [9:39 PM]:

@mattufford so like,, Luge for Tuvalu

Spencer Hall [9:39 PM]:

@Dr. Norris Camacho that’s good bull right there

ItsScottieTime [9:38 PM]:

Change my name to Gunnar Stahl and play hockey for Iceland

Matt Ufford [9:37 PM]:

@Spencer Hall I’m repping any country where I’m the only athlete, in the event that’s over first. There is no better answer.

Cyd Zeigler [9:37 PM]:

This is like watching War & Peace

Rush Roberts [9:37 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Skeleton, Turks & Caicos

Spencer Hall [9:36 PM]:

@rlag09 then it’s “whatever ends first.”

Spencer Hall [9:36 PM]:

@David Statman solid choice

rlag09 [9:36 PM]:

@Spencer Hall whatever gives me the most amount of time to party in the Olympic village

Justin Cohen [9:36 PM]:

Putin claps in his sleep?

David Statman [9:36 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Luge looks fun/dangerous, I’m doing that and representing Greenland

Matt Ufford [9:36 PM]:

Putin. Drink.

Clay Wendler [9:35 PM]:

David Statman [9:34 PM]:

We have our first Metta World Peace reference!

ximiankernel [9:34 PM]:

palm trees and snow seemed a weird image

Izzy Grinspan [9:34 PM]:

Tonga’s coats make Germany’s coats look like everyone else’s coats.

Matt Ufford [9:34 PM]:

Winter Olympians are goddamn beautiful people, man.

Spencer Hall [9:34 PM]:

OKAY: You get to cheat and compete in one event as an expat American with double status. What event do you choose?

David Statman [9:34 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler island nation near Indonesia

Jim Buzinski [9:34 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler Who cares? The guys looked hot.

Cyd Zeigler [9:33 PM]:

Timor-leste? WTF is that?

Cyd Zeigler [9:33 PM]:

Taiwan raided a hospital closet.

David Statman [9:33 PM]:


Travis Hughes [9:33 PM]:

@David Statman nope! Cyrillic ABC’s, they’re at the end

David Statman [9:32 PM]:

dammit did I miss Jamaica?

IsItFallYet? [9:32 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler maybe if you wait a few years they’ll turn it into a musical on ice, and then you’ll know for sure

Clay Wendler [9:32 PM]:

ximiankernel [9:32 PM]:

oh i forgotten it is not live.. my mistake

Cyd Zeigler [9:32 PM]:

Where’s the Canadian luge ad when you need it?

Travis Hughes [9:32 PM]:

Women’s ski jumping is in the Olympics for the first time this year. Why the delay? They didn’t want uteri falling out (seriously)

Spencer Hall [9:30 PM]:

True story: a Norwegian military officer invented ski jumping on a dare.

ximiankernel [9:30 PM]:

Tajikistan and thai viewers from the US pissed for their athletes being skipped over

Cyd Zeigler [9:30 PM]:

Do I want to see this Maleficent movie because I’m gay? Or am I gay because I want to see this Maleficent movie?

Cyd Zeigler [9:30 PM]:

Why is ski jumping an Olympic sport for anyone? Are they going to add NASCAR to the Summer Games?

Rush Roberts [9:29 PM]:

We need to find out who the mustache guy was.

Travis Hughes [9:29 PM]:

toonces_no [9:29 PM]:

USA #1

IsItFallYet? [9:29 PM]:

wtf, weed gets legalized in colorado and shaun white shaves? what kind of bizarro universe is this

The Goche [9:29 PM]:

Can’t believe we didn’t wear Cold War Championship Belts.

Cyd Zeigler [9:29 PM]:

So NBC just stays on the US delegation acting fools while other countries march in? Oy.

icorriher [9:28 PM]:

Disappointed we didn’t get booed. We should go full heel for this.

Justin Cohen [9:28 PM]:

wait I thought we already say Team USA…Dominica, Peru, Virgin Islands right?

ximiankernel [9:28 PM]:

hey theey will be a hit on future Ugly Christmas sweater parties

IsItFallYet? [9:28 PM]:

bets $1000 on gracie gold

Cyd Zeigler [9:28 PM]:

They need a streaker right about … now …

David Statman [9:27 PM]:

dammit, why does crutches girl have to be so damn cute, now I feel terrible for her

Caroline Darney [9:27 PM]:

That sucks. Fall the first event before the opener. :(

Wiedmann [9:27 PM]:

@cwdarney Too late, already pulled one for her

Rush Roberts [9:27 PM]:

where is coach Cliff Huxtable?

Caroline Darney [9:26 PM]:

Ummm…ok don’t pull for the chick on crutches.

Clay Wendler [9:26 PM]:

IsItFallYet? [9:26 PM]:

did grandma knit our uniforms?

Hambone179 [9:26 PM]:

US team went to Ragstock

Cyd Zeigler [9:26 PM]:

Jim, I think we should contact Todd Lodwick tomorrow…

David Statman [9:25 PM]:


Jim Buzinski [9:25 PM]:

USA uniforms: Patrioitic vomit.

Cyd Zeigler [9:25 PM]:

I hope they boo the US. That would be awesome.

chaimy4life [9:25 PM]:

Koman Coulibali leads out Slovenia… #NEVERFORGET

Izzy Grinspan [9:25 PM]:


Jim Buzinski [9:25 PM]:

Slovenia, home to one of the seven openly lesbian athletes.

IsItFallYet? [9:25 PM]:

soooo many countries. bring on the orwellian future of three or four super-states

Izzy Grinspan [9:25 PM]:

Slovenia with the jaunty single green sleeve

Travis Hughes [9:24 PM]:

Zdeno Chara and a bunch of children, apparently

David Statman [9:24 PM]:

Chara’s the ugliest dude at the Olympics

JoshCVT [9:24 PM]:


Jim Buzinski [9:24 PM]:

Love those serbian scarves:

Hambone179 [9:23 PM]:

San Marino? Dan marino!

Chris Pendley [9:23 PM]:

San Marino: ground zero for the death of print media.

Cyd Zeigler [9:23 PM]:

San Marino? What, Vatican City couldn’t make it?

David Statman [9:23 PM]:

those people have seriously been dancing nonstop the whole time, likely at gunpoint

Cyd Zeigler [9:22 PM]:

Ryan Seacrest? Guuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrllll…

David Statman [9:22 PM]:

where is Best Korea

JoshCVT [9:22 PM]:

If I qualified to compete for some other country and the US wasn’t interested, I’d go and I wouldn’t even blink. Would you pass on being an Olympian? Bullshit.

Cyd Zeigler [9:22 PM]:

How is it that nobody is carrying a Starbucks cup?

Wiedmann [9:22 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler Well, they have a little less competition there.

IsItFallYet? [9:21 PM]:

“an ecommerce consultant” — sounds like a sweet gig

Jim Buzinski [9:21 PM]:

Poland, my motherland!

ximiankernel [9:21 PM]:

in 2010

Izzy Grinspan [9:21 PM]:

That fur coat looks like it should belong to Jon Snow.

ximiankernel [9:20 PM]:

true story: I waiting my turn on a Vancouver starbucks when I suddenly felt claustrophobic.. when I looked behind me, there were 4 Norwegian athletes towering over me

Travis Hughes [9:20 PM]:

@Wiedmann don’t worry:

Cyd Zeigler [9:20 PM]:

Stop with the Americans competing for South and Central American countries! This is stupid.

Justin Cohen [9:20 PM]:

How many Americans compete for other nations? Traitors!

Jim Buzinski [9:20 PM]:

Pakistan guy wearing a Raiders hat

Clay Wendler [9:20 PM]:

Wiedmann [9:19 PM]:


Spencer Hall [9:19 PM]:


toonces_no [9:19 PM]:

hello norway

David Statman [9:19 PM]:

goddammit why is everyone so good-looking

Cyd Zeigler [9:19 PM]:

Was that Shaun White circa 2006 marching for NZ?

IsItFallYet? [9:19 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler cheers to that

Clay Wendler [9:18 PM]:

lovely fur

Matt Ufford [9:18 PM]:

Shut up YOU’RE misty at the Tide commercial!

Cyd Zeigler [9:18 PM]:

How do we start a petition to get Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey as the 2016 Opening Ceremony announcers?

Rodger Sherman [9:18 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler ionno, this is arguably my favorite part of the Olympics, possibly. Maybe it’s because I spent too much time looking at maps as a kid

Jim Buzinski [9:17 PM]:

Chevy has 2 ads with gay couples in them. Have they aired yet?

Martin Rickman [9:17 PM]:

@Clay Wendler clay you are a beautiful human being

Cyd Zeigler [9:17 PM]:

Ummm…have you had a chicken nugget?

IsItFallYet? [9:16 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler Is Jonathon Martin in it?

Caroline Darney [9:16 PM]:

I think the worst Olympics commercial this time around has to be the one where McDonalds compares biting an Olympic medal to eating a chicken nugget. Yeah. Seems comparable.

Cyd Zeigler [9:16 PM]:

Did Coke intentionally put a bunch of closeted athletes in their ad? Just sayin.

Spencer Hall [9:16 PM]:

I think the rule is that Mexico is constantly wiling out, all the time.

ximiankernel [9:16 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler known as the Closing Ceremonies

Clay Wendler [9:16 PM]:

IsItFallYet? [9:15 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler … and fight off packs of stray dogs. LET THE GAMES BEGIN

Cyd Zeigler [9:15 PM]:


Cyd Zeigler [9:15 PM]:

No drinking game can save these opening ceremonies. They should just can the stupid parade of nations, just have everyone walk in together.

Matthew Tennant [9:14 PM]:

Nick Pants wins the Internet:

David Statman [9:14 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler I always a appreciate a good Oregon State reference

Rodger Sherman [9:14 PM]:

about the mexican guy:

IsItFallYet? [9:14 PM]:

A brick layer? If the Olympics don’t work out, I hear the Pistons are hiring

Rodger Sherman [9:13 PM]:

also, yo, matt lauer stole our joke

Cyd Zeigler [9:13 PM]:

Mr. Peabody & Sherman. I quit.

Cyd Zeigler [9:13 PM]:

And Oregon State joins the parade…

Travis Hughes [9:13 PM]:

Here’s the whole deal with those independent Indian athletes, if you’re wondering:

Rodger Sherman [9:13 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [9:13 PM]:

indian luger already had a preposterous crash AND GOT BACK ON HIS SLED

JoshCVT [9:12 PM]:

Turn the ski-jump event upside down and Nepal’s guy will be right back in this thing.

Jim Buzinski [9:12 PM]:

Some Dutch treats!

Spencer Hall [9:12 PM]:

That man lives in a village four hours away from a road and is a bricklayer and a cross-country skiier. HE’S BULLETPROOF.

Caroline Darney [9:12 PM]:

Hey Negative Lauer, lay off the dude. “He’s going to get last”. #cinderellastory

David Statman [9:12 PM]:

Oh hell yeah we have a Sherpa in the Games

Wiedmann [9:12 PM]:

I like the honesty, Nepal

Jim Buzinski [9:12 PM]:

I like the independent athletes. India is so screwed up the IOC yanked their credential this year and their athletes have to march under that

IsItFallYet? [9:11 PM]:

Olympic orphans, wtf

Rush Roberts [9:11 PM]:

@Spencer Hall

David Statman [9:11 PM]:


Rush Roberts [9:10 PM]:

The Monaco skiier is Kliff Kingsbury’s cousin

Spencer Hall [9:10 PM]:

I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard at ANDY HIMALAYA

Wiedmann [9:10 PM]:


Caroline Darney [9:10 PM]:

Ok Mexico, those are sassy. Moldova could use their country name on their outfits more.

Wiedmann [9:10 PM]:

Moldava? NO, THAT’

ximiankernel [9:09 PM]:

Mexico’s jacket reminds me of Tron

Cyd Zeigler [9:09 PM]:

Well there are your Tron unis

Matthew Tennant [9:09 PM]:

The most interesting man in the world.

IsItFallYet? [9:09 PM]:

This music…

David Statman [9:09 PM]:


Jim Buzinski [9:09 PM]:

@cwdarney It is a hottie festival, whatever your orientation!

Rush Roberts [9:09 PM]:

@IsItFallYet? The American Idol panel

Spencer Hall [9:09 PM]:


chaimy4life [9:09 PM]:

Morocco really needs to make that star a pentagram \m/

toonces_no [9:09 PM]:

@Cowboycane Hopefully it was just the music and it wasn’t actually built by russians

David Statman [9:09 PM]:

I really hope her nickname is “The Maltese Falcon”

IsItFallYet? [9:08 PM]:

who decides who gets to participate in this for the american team?

Caroline Darney [9:08 PM]:

They should really just call this the attractive athlete parade instead of the Parade of Nations.

Cowboycane [9:08 PM]:

I stayed in a hotel in Vegas that used this soundtrack in its elevators

toonces_no [9:08 PM]:

sponsored by zubaz

Cyd Zeigler [9:08 PM]:

They picked that up at Kmart.

Rush Roberts [9:08 PM]:

Lichtenstein with the 1991 Starter jacket throwbacks

Wiedmann [9:07 PM]:

Liechtenstein just got back from a paintball tournament, apparently

Cyd Zeigler [9:07 PM]:

OK, LIechenstein has the worst unis so far.

IsItFallYet? [9:07 PM]:

Armchair geopolitics with NBC

Matthew Tennant [9:07 PM]:

Lithuania overdid the highlighter. And I’m a Baylor fan.

Cyd Zeigler [9:07 PM]:

They’re like a pack of juicy fruit

David Statman [9:07 PM]:

The Lithuania Fighting Irish

IsItFallYet? [9:07 PM]:

so is that the entire Olympic team from lebanon?

Caroline Darney [9:07 PM]:

…and Lithuania sponsored by high lighters.

Cyd Zeigler [9:07 PM]:

“Follow the Yellow brick road” to Lithuania

Wiedmann [9:07 PM]:

Lithuania will get your Lucky Charms

GO_Athletes [9:07 PM]:

kermit the frog

Justin Cohen [9:07 PM]:

They’re after Lithuania’s Lucky Charms?

toonces_no [9:07 PM]:

holy green jackets

Cyd Zeigler [9:06 PM]:

Totes brah

Wiedmann [9:06 PM]:

Man, the Baltic countries sure have hot chicks

Clay Wendler [9:06 PM]:

latvia are browns fans

Justin Cohen [9:06 PM]:

Sandis Ozolins still plays hockey? Latvia still has an Olympic hockey team?

Spencer Hall [9:06 PM]:

Latvia just wearing some old Wyoming football jerseys

Matthew Tennant [9:06 PM]:

Latvia just pulled their uniforms out of the 70’s.

Caroline Darney [9:06 PM]:

Latvia: the Cleveland Browns of the uniform world.

Cyd Zeigler [9:06 PM]:

And now, the Cleveland Browns!

IsItFallYet? [9:05 PM]:

What would Brian Boitano do, if he were here today?

Izzy Grinspan [9:05 PM]:

Kyrgyzstan really knows how to accessorize.

Clay Wendler [9:05 PM]:

Jason Kirk [9:04 PM]:


Cyd Zeigler [9:04 PM]:


Caroline Darney [9:04 PM]:

Kyrgyzstan. Best hats. Hands down.

Matthew Tennant [9:04 PM]:

Every single Canadian was smiling. #Stereotypes

ximiankernel [9:04 PM]:

@David Statman Nothing will compensate for Justin Bieber

CapitalCat [9:04 PM]:

Did Matt Lauer just say, “The Russians are coming”?

Cyd Zeigler [9:04 PM]:

OH the Cypriot brought her dad with her. How cute.

IsItFallYet? [9:04 PM]:

@David Statman and Bieber

toonces_no [9:03 PM]:

we need to get that guy from dominica to dive at sidney crosby’s knees

Justin Cohen [9:03 PM]:

Canada Sucks (the more you know…)

David Statman [9:03 PM]:

although Canada gave us Rush so I can’t be too down on those guys

Izzy Grinspan [9:03 PM]:

Solid toggle coat out of canada

David Statman [9:03 PM]:


Cyd Zeigler [9:03 PM]:

Reality check: We’re only up to Canada. Ugh.

Cowboycane [9:02 PM]:

Thanks for the wireless receiver, AT&T. Because I’m gonna move my 50" plasma around the house like its a coaster

toonces_no [9:02 PM]:

@CapitalCat Sponsored by Doge Coin.

IsItFallYet? [9:02 PM]:

@toonces_no its like ads that didnt make the cut for the superbowl

CapitalCat [9:02 PM]:

You can’t ban the Caribbean! What about the Jamaican Bobsled team?

toonces_no [9:01 PM]:

Worst commercial ever.

IsItFallYet? [9:01 PM]:

@Jim Buzinski take your politics elsewhere bruh

Rush Roberts [9:01 PM]:

@toonces_no Let’s not rush to judgement. I’m sure “Dal Travers” is a lifelong resident.

David Statman [9:01 PM]:

Soul Calibur > Street Fighter. Yeah, I said it

Cyd Zeigler [9:00 PM]:

The Caribbean needs to be banned from the Winter Games.

Izzy Grinspan [9:00 PM]:

So those escorts with the headgear are Russian snow maidens (obvs):

Jim Buzinski [9:00 PM]:

Cayman Islands? Is Mitt Romney’s banker marching?

toonces_no [9:00 PM]:

I’m just waiting for the announcer to shout MORTAL KOMBAT

Matthew Tennant [9:00 PM]:

More shorts!

Cyd Zeigler [9:00 PM]:

OK, now we’re talking. Kazakhstan has the best unis so far.

IsItFallYet? [9:00 PM]:

@Wiedmann World War I metaphor?

David Statman [9:00 PM]:

the Twitterverse is alive with the sound of Borat jokes

Travis Hughes [8:59 PM]:

somebody’s tryna compete with Apolo Anton Ohno with that soul patch

Cowboycane [8:59 PM]:

Ed Harris is the president of Italy?

Spencer Hall [8:59 PM]:


Jason Kirk [8:59 PM]:

Soul patch of the decade: Italy

toonces_no [8:59 PM]:

cayman islands? more financial executive cross-country skiers?

Wiedmann [8:59 PM]:

Why is Italy carrying Hungary’s flag?

Spencer Hall [8:58 PM]:

Just disappointed that Iceland’s uniforms aren’t made of seal pelts and ice pixie hides

Cyd Zeigler [8:58 PM]:

OK, where was that guy when I was in Iceland last summer!! No fair.

David Statman [8:58 PM]:

How does Iceland only have 5 guys? THEY HAVE ICE IN THEIR NAME.

IsItFallYet? [8:58 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler Someone has to sweep in curling

David Statman [8:57 PM]:

The Iron Sheik is Iran’s greatest sports hero, yet he is nowhere to be found jabroni

Cyd Zeigler [8:57 PM]:

Nice to see the US Army designed Ireland’s outfits.

Jim Buzinski [8:57 PM]:

Ireland, our uniforms are as dull as our weather

IsItFallYet? [8:57 PM]:


Cyd Zeigler [8:57 PM]:

Well this is a big breakthrough: Iran is allowing women to march next to men.

Matthew Tennant [8:57 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman You can’t just go asking why people are white.

IsItFallYet? [8:57 PM]:


Matt Ufford [8:57 PM]:

the <10 athletes drinking rule is my favorite rule

Jim Buzinski [8:57 PM]:

Iran rocking out Seahawk colors

Rodger Sherman [8:57 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler *Staten. Big difference.

IsItFallYet? [8:56 PM]:

@Spencer Hall lmao

Matthew Tennant [8:56 PM]:

Ja wohl Deutschland!

Rodger Sherman [8:56 PM]:

white zimbabwean dude is making me question all my comprehension of steroetypes

Cyd Zeigler [8:56 PM]:

He lives on Long Island but competes for DOMINICA? Seriously, we all need to commit to being Barbados’ bobsled team in 2018.

Spencer Hall [8:56 PM]:

When you need to bolster your country’s image, you get an Olympics. When you get an Olympics, you have to pay some bribes. When you pay bribes, you go over budget. When you go over budget, you cut some corners. When you cut some corners, you skimp on animal control. When you skimp on animal control, you get stray dogs. When you get stray dogs, one marches as its own country in the Parade of Nations and wins third in men’s short track skating. Don’t be Vladimir Putin putting a medal around a stray dog’s neck. Something something Visa.

IsItFallYet? [8:56 PM]:

… the Dawgs are wracked by off-field troubles apparently.

ximiankernel [8:56 PM]:

Sochi security currently waiting at the exit for the German delegation

toonces_no [8:55 PM]:

hello denmark

Jason Kirk [8:55 PM]:


IsItFallYet? [8:55 PM]:

GO DAWGS. wait wut

Cowboycane [8:55 PM]:


David Statman [8:55 PM]:


IsItFallYet? [8:55 PM]:

They look like popsicles

Jim Buzinski [8:54 PM]:

Germany — gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay

ximiankernel [8:54 PM]:

Germany’s attire looks rainbow-y ..

IsItFallYet? [8:54 PM]:

Germany gettin’ their gay on

toonces_no [8:54 PM]:

skittles coats

IsItFallYet? [8:53 PM]:

@ximiankernel I actually joked about that with my friends during the Superbowl. I said something to the effect of “Hey, this game sucks, but at least it’s almost curling season.” Now I’d rather watch the Seahawks beat the shit out of the Broncos every night for the next month.

Spencer Hall [8:53 PM]:


Izzy Grinspan [8:53 PM]:

YESSSS. Finally some exciting uniforms.

Clay Wendler [8:53 PM]:

David Statman [8:53 PM]:

Hunt for Red October is trending right now. We did it, guys

toonces_no [8:53 PM]:

It’s the national meal of Arkansas.

Caroline Darney [8:53 PM]:

I wish I was as excited about anything in my life as the Venezuelan guy was.

Cowboycane [8:53 PM]:

Badass Paralympic skier is badass

Cyd Zeigler [8:52 PM]:

Frito Chicken Enchiladas? Why am I just now hearing about this!!??

GO_Athletes [8:52 PM]:

Venezuela should be recruited by a marching band after that superb flag waving

Rodger Sherman [8:52 PM]:

@David Statman Tim Duncan didn’t qualify in luge :(

Izzy Grinspan [8:51 PM]:

Venezuela guy has a crazy backstory:

ximiankernel [8:51 PM]:

@IsItFallYet? you have the Norwegian curling team’s pants to look forward to

toonces_no [8:51 PM]:

are they better than the giant beavers from the Vancouver games

Martin Rickman [8:51 PM]:

IsItFallYet? [8:51 PM]:

The Venezuelans are just stoked to be in a country with abundant supplies of toilet paper.

Jason Kirk [8:51 PM]:

Spencer Hall [8:51 PM]:

If this is your first time through this; it’s worth waiting just to get to the giant animatronic bears

toonces_no [8:50 PM]:

I didn’t realize the snowmen were dancing to the house music

David Statman [8:50 PM]:

the Virgin Islands Attractiveness Per Athlete Ratio is very high these Games

Cyd Zeigler [8:50 PM]:

I need to move to Curacao so I can be a Winter Olympian.

Rush Roberts [8:50 PM]:

Venezuela dude is my new hero

Travis Hughes [8:50 PM]:

are those the good Virgin Islands?

IsItFallYet? [8:50 PM]:

This is February. No football, no baseball, no meaningful college basketball… just figure-skating bears and Russian dance music. I can’t take this.

Wiedmann [8:50 PM]:

Venezuela excited

Travis Hughes [8:50 PM]:

Venezuela dude is fantastic

Jason Kirk [8:50 PM]:


Cyd Zeigler [8:50 PM]:

“Why is Hungary carrying the Italian flag?” – Stupid-American questions

Jim Buzinski [8:50 PM]:

Hungry for some Hungarians!

Cowboycane [8:49 PM]:

I just popped a Molly.

Rush Roberts [8:49 PM]:

Brits dressed like the cops in Fargo

Jim Buzinski [8:49 PM]:

not a fan of britain’s michelin man jackets

toonces_no [8:49 PM]:

bring back the Tron extras

toonces_no [8:49 PM]:

With this music, we need more glowsticks

Cyd Zeigler [8:49 PM]:

At least the British flag bearer has British teeth.

Izzy Grinspan [8:49 PM]:

Great Britian looks maybe kind of badass in those hats.

Cyd Zeigler [8:48 PM]:

Oh my lord in heaven this is brutal. Where’s the Kitten Bowl when you need it?

David Statman [8:48 PM]:


Martin Rickman [8:48 PM]:

brazil’s summer outfits >>>>> brazil’s winter outfits

Spencer Hall [8:47 PM]:

Shouts out to the Brazilian dude taking a selfie

Jim Buzinski [8:47 PM]:

Cowboycane [8:47 PM]:

Helloooooo Bosnia

Jim Buzinski [8:47 PM]:

wonder if they’ll show these guys, hands down the hottest i saw:

toonces_no [8:47 PM]:

All your base

IsItFallYet? [8:47 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Bad Dudes?

Jason Kirk [8:47 PM]:

Which video game title screen is this music from?

IsItFallYet? [8:47 PM]:

@toonces_no Isn’t it like sixty degrees in Sochi?

toonces_no [8:46 PM]:

bermudans have to be freezing

Clay Wendler [8:46 PM]:

IsItFallYet? [8:46 PM]:

This isn’t so bad, I was expecting a real shit show

Jim Buzinski [8:46 PM]:

Bermuda shorts, quite fitting but they need a guy with less-skinny legs

Cowboycane [8:46 PM]:


IsItFallYet? [8:46 PM]:

God I miss football season

Matthew Tennant [8:46 PM]:

Cold? Sounds like Bermuda shorts and long socks weather!

David Statman [8:46 PM]:

Chris Dudley?

ximiankernel [8:46 PM]:

would have been better it there were jorts

Rodger Sherman [8:46 PM]:

Bermuda dude had to wear Bermuda shorts

Jim Buzinski [8:45 PM]:

the Belgians are waffling a bit

ximiankernel [8:45 PM]:

interestingly Russia in Cyrillic makes them last alphabetically

David Statman [8:44 PM]:

@Travis Hughes we gonna have a Israel/Iran pier sixer?

Spencer Hall [8:44 PM]:

@Travis Hughes that’s not awkward at all

Hambone179 [8:44 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler And America in slow motion!

toonces_no [8:43 PM]:

Just wait until some country marches out in sweatpants

Travis Hughes [8:43 PM]:

If anybody’s wondering about the order, it’s based off the Cyrillic alphabet, because Russia. That also means Israel and Iran are back-to-back

Jim Buzinski [8:43 PM]:

@chaimy4life any of those near-balkan countries are filled with hotties

Cowboycane [8:43 PM]:

Nothing says IDGAF like a ball cap, Armenia.

Cyd Zeigler [8:43 PM]:

NBC should seriously broadcast the parade of nations at double speed.

toonces_no [8:42 PM]:

Some serious mustaches in the Belarus delegation

Spencer Hall [8:42 PM]:

I want this map on my floor at home, preferably with the Los Santos GTA 5 map loaded on it

chaimy4life [8:42 PM]:

@Jim Buzinski Greece came out strong in that category.

Cyd Zeigler [8:42 PM]:

Virgin Islands? Somebody’s had Jamaica envy.

Jim Buzinski [8:42 PM]:

No condoms needed for the Virgin islands

Rodger Sherman [8:42 PM]:


chaimy4life [8:42 PM]:

Fur on the Armenian jackets are the athletes’ own backhair.

Jim Buzinski [8:41 PM]:

some of these countries do pick the hottest flag bearers. go armenia!

djstarion [8:41 PM]:

Is Mr Bean competing for Armenia?

Cyd Zeigler [8:41 PM]:

These uniforms are terrible! It’s like they all forgot their uniforms at home and raided a local Banana Republic in Sochi.

ximiankernel [8:41 PM]:

Overheard: Gay Snowflake refuse to come out at Sochi2014

Jacktherabbi [8:41 PM]:

Argentina will get your car alignment sometime today we promise

Izzy Grinspan [8:40 PM]:

Um, Team Racked loves that sweater

Clay Wendler [8:40 PM]:

andorra brought their awful christmas sweaters

Jim Buzinski [8:40 PM]:

half of andorra is marching in the opening.

Cyd Zeigler [8:40 PM]:

I’m watching at Jim’s house. Had to bring my own alcohol as he doesn’t drink. Sipping a sidecar this evening.

Cyd Zeigler [8:40 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Ha ha. Deal! Though I don’t know if I can suffer through another Opening Ceremony ever. Without a real drinking game, that is.

Rodger Sherman [8:40 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [8:40 PM]:

they didn’t show it, but austria had a fail

Jacktherabbi [8:39 PM]:

I guess every woman hosting a country is a walking Faberge egg

Spencer Hall [8:39 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler Let’s never do this without y’all ever again

Cyd Zeigler [8:39 PM]:

Azerbaijan: “Move over Austria, we can out-boring you!”

Travis Hughes [8:39 PM]:

Cyd Zeigler [8:39 PM]:

Austria: “Let’s create the most boring uniforms we can!”

Cowboycane [8:38 PM]:

Shouldn’t we drink for “white Aussie with dreads”?

Cyd Zeigler [8:38 PM]:

What are those Hunger Games characters carrying the country names?

Wiedmann [8:38 PM]:

@Jim Buzinski Chernobyl is in the Ukraine, and most of the radiation is in Belarus. I was about 50 miles from the site, and went to the museum last year.

David Statman [8:38 PM]:

New York’s hottest club is Sochi. It’s got everything: Lights, flags, Cossacks, a midget that looks like Nick Saban

Matthew Tennant [8:38 PM]:

Does this count as bad Russian techno?

Spencer Hall [8:37 PM]:

No way Putin isn’t getting bottle service

Hambone179 [8:37 PM]:

US is near the end?! Stupid Commies

Rodger Sherman [8:37 PM]:

DRINK for less than ten athletes. We’re going to drink a lot, friends.

Cyd Zeigler [8:37 PM]:

OK the map thing is pretty cool.

Spencer Hall [8:36 PM]:

Ohhhhh Club Rossiya got that live DJ!

Jacktherabbi [8:36 PM]:


David Statman [8:36 PM]:

Dammit Holgorsen why ain’t you recruiting Russia

Clay Wendler [8:36 PM]:

Cowboycane [8:36 PM]:

PAWWWWL that boy is skiin’ uphill that ain’t natchural

Spencer Hall [8:35 PM]:

@Dr. Norris Camacho the prokhorov, he may

Cyd Zeigler [8:34 PM]:

Drink every time you hear Morgan Freeman’s voice

Rush Roberts [8:34 PM]:

Spencer is The Prokhorov going to weigh in on the Olympics?

David Statman [8:34 PM]:


chaimy4life [8:34 PM]:

One of Russia’s greatest sporting moments:

Spencer Hall [8:33 PM]:

The anthem reminds me that the benefit from growing up during part of the Cold War was a) yes, being terrified of Russians, but also b.) thinking they were total badasses

Rodger Sherman [8:33 PM]:

@Cowboycane actually, he did. but he got corrected about it, since those are the athlete’s seats:

Cyd Zeigler [8:33 PM]:

The best part about the Winter Olympics is the parade of nations is half as long as the Summer Games.

Hambone179 [8:32 PM]:

Someone forgot the hammer and sickle on the flag…

Cowboycane [8:32 PM]:

Has Rovell tweeted pics of empty seats yet?

Jim Buzinski [8:32 PM]:

Those glowing guys must be the group from Chernobyl.

gesteves [8:32 PM]:

I wonder if I can finish this bottle of vodka before the anthem ends

David Statman [8:31 PM]:

Russian anthem is long as hell. Baseball games there must suck

GO_Athletes [8:31 PM]:

Where does one get a light up jacket as snazzy as that

Izzy Grinspan [8:31 PM]:

This is the most boring rave ever.

Cyd Zeigler [8:31 PM]:

Already being reminded why the Opening Ceremony (outside of China) always sucks.

Martin Rickman [8:31 PM]:

how much for one of those light-up coats

LoneStarHoosier [8:31 PM]:

“Give me a ping, Vasily. One ping, only.”

David Statman [8:31 PM]:

In Russia if a man doesn’t have a brilliant baritone singing voice he is sent to a gulag

Matt Ufford [8:30 PM]:

Love the dudes’ stances while singing. Very “come at me bro”

Jim Buzinski [8:30 PM]:

Is that Moscow’s Gay Men’s Chorus?

chaimy4life [8:30 PM]:

They should have brought out Nikolai Volkoff for this.

Izzy Grinspan [8:30 PM]:

Cowboycane [8:30 PM]:

“let them sing…”

Izzy Grinspan [8:30 PM]:

This is OK, but the policeman’s choir singing Get Lucky is better.

Rodger Sherman [8:30 PM]:

In Russia, nobody saw the rings fail

Cyd Zeigler [8:29 PM]:

Hunt for Red October? Is this the same anthem the Soviets had?

Cowboycane [8:29 PM]:

Russia’s anthem is so bad-ass

Bryan M. Vance [8:29 PM]:

Yo, did we clone Rodger Sherman?

Spencer Hall [8:29 PM]:


Cory Williams [8:29 PM]:

this is a great song. am i a communist?

David Statman [8:29 PM]:

I know the Russians chased my ancestors out of the country and everything, but they have a rad anthem

Rush Roberts [8:29 PM]:

@Spencer Hall BRB need to go watch Hunt for Red October

Matt Ufford [8:29 PM]:

Easily the best part of Hunt for Red October

Spencer Hall [8:28 PM]:

And now stand for the most masculine damn anthem on the planet.

Cyd Zeigler [8:28 PM]:

Somebody is moving to Siberia over that fifth ring.

Wiedmann [8:28 PM]:

Well, someone juts got killed. Wonder who was responsible, check by seeing who will be buried under the Kremlin.

Rush Roberts [8:28 PM]:

@mattufford so beautiful

Clay Wendler [8:28 PM]:

Matt Ufford [8:28 PM]:

Drink per Putin appearance on camera.

Clay Wendler [8:27 PM]:

Cowboycane [8:27 PM]:


Martin Rickman [8:27 PM]:

it’s a good thing i’m not drinking for real through this like i did during the london one

chaimy4life [8:27 PM]:

Unopened ring represents Bob Costas’s diseased eye! #Eyelluminati

LoneStarHoosier [8:27 PM]:

The last ring must have represented Freedom of Speech

Matt Ufford [8:27 PM]:

@Spencer Hall Gotta flex the ’shop muscles occasionally.

Spencer Hall [8:26 PM]:

Holy crap Ufford, I just saw the header image on the drinking game

GO_Athletes [8:26 PM]:

The red olympic ring is not interested in participating in the opening ceremonies apparently…..

djstarion [8:26 PM]:

They should have just replaced the broken ring with Dongcopter

Cyd Zeigler [8:26 PM]:

Hey why am I not featured? I want a STAR!!!!

Jim Buzinski [8:25 PM]:

At least NBC didn’t do what Russian state TV did and show the 5 rings opening from a rehearsal.

Cyd Zeigler [8:25 PM]:

$51B at work.

Cyd Zeigler [8:25 PM]:

The opening ceremony will prove Sochi was the right choice? Ummmmmmm…

Mason Dixon [8:25 PM]:

When’s the part where we get a Russian inside of a Russian inside of a Russian?

Bryan M. Vance [8:25 PM]:

You mean to tell me with Russia’s CG skills, it couldn’t go back and fix the broken ring in post production?

Matt Ufford [8:25 PM]:

technical error = two drinks

Izzy Grinspan [8:24 PM]:

There’s that glitchy ring.

Spencer Hall [8:24 PM]:

I’m not gonna lie: I’d love to wear any of these to Wal-Mart on a Saturday night

Cyd Zeigler [8:24 PM]:

And now actual snow in Sochi. It’s a miracle! God is smiling on them!

Izzy Grinspan [8:24 PM]:

There are so many good hats happening right now, you guys.

Martin Rickman [8:24 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler annie lennox on a boat

David Statman [8:24 PM]:

when is DMX gonna crash the opening ceremonies

Cyd Zeigler [8:23 PM]:

OMG, I just saw a Russian smile!

Matt Ufford [8:23 PM]:

“Simulated flight” was a drink in 2012. Really dropped the ball this time around.

Cyd Zeigler [8:23 PM]:

Nothing is weirder than that London Ceremony.

Travis Hughes [8:23 PM]:

Drinking game: PLAY IT

Izzy Grinspan [8:23 PM]:

So many animals in the air.

Martin Rickman [8:22 PM]:

we’re only like 5 minutes into this thing and it’s already weirder than all the beds and stuff in london

Bryan M. Vance [8:22 PM]:

Where’s the vodka. I came for the vodka.

Jim Buzinski [8:22 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler They haven’t been socialist for 20 years! :-)

Cyd Zeigler [8:22 PM]:

Did they starve the horse and cow beforehand to make them eat for the entire performance?

Rodger Sherman [8:22 PM]:

Tchiakovsky. DRINK

Rush Roberts [8:21 PM]:

This is like an opera written by Flight of the Conchords, which is not a bad thing.

Cyd Zeigler [8:21 PM]:

It takes a socialist nation to equal the Chinese. This first set makes me think they just might.

Jim Buzinski [8:21 PM]:

When do the stray dogs make an appearance?

gesteves [8:20 PM]:

Olympics wooo

Travis Hughes [8:20 PM]:

Breaking news from Matt Lauer: Russia is big

Spencer Hall [8:20 PM]:

Russians are dreamers, which is why they go to school naked a lot for no reason

Travis Hughes [8:18 PM]:

And we’re off!

Clay Wendler [8:17 PM]:

Cory Williams [8:17 PM]:


Brian Floyd [8:17 PM]:

Let’s ceremony