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Luge wipeouts are the only thing scarier than the luge

Sandra Robatscher of Italy wiped the heck out, reminding us that the luge is completely terrifying.

Let us recap the luge, shall we?

- You wear skintight spandex and spike-gloves in freezing temperatures
- You climb aboard a tiny sled
- You hurl yourself as fast as you can down a giant ice-covered death-tunnel
- You can reach a speed of up to 87 mph
- Your only method of steering is flexing your muscles while laying flat on your back
- You won't really be able to see very well while you do this
- You're doing this all for a round piece of metal on a ribbon

So yeah, luge is pretty bonkers. What's also bonkers is when you wipe out while doing so, which is what happened to Sandra Robatscher on Sunday.



Just comes right off there. The sled keeps going, though. The sled doesn't give a crap. Sled is as sled does.


Yeeeeeeesh. Add luge to your nightmare list.