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A very #BASED interview with Lil B about his Kevin Durant beef

The rapper explains his diss track, his relationship with Kevin Durant and his dreams of making the NBA in an exclusive and very #BASED interview with SB Nation's GIF Tournament V

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On Saturday, Lil B dropped a record called "F*ck KD," a nearly four-minute track that disses Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant, one of  the leading candidates for the MVP award. The official video has over 280,000 views, but its copies around YouTube have the rapper estimating over 1 million people have already listened to it in its first weekend of release. Lil B's feud with Durant is almost three years old now, making this new rap just the latest of a back-and-forth between the Bay Area rapper and the best scorer in the NBA.

While he says he stands just 5'7, Lil B really believes he can take Durant 1-on-1 and essentially uses the rap to challenge Durant to a game to end the beef for good.


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The last time we talked, you told me Stephen Curry was your favorite player in the NBA. I'm assuming Kevin Durant is not at the top of your list of favorite players?

The true NBA players are some of the best to do it in the world. I want to shout out Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. I want to shout out [Stephen Curry] and Klay Thompson and [Andre] Iguodala holding it down with the Warriors. I want to shout out the Hawks, the Kings. The Lakers are still giving people fits. I want to shout out everybody, even the Knicks. I'm going to be making appearances at each NBA arena -- courtside seats -- real soon.

Your beef with Durant dates back to 2011. How did it start?

He talked about me. Before everything, I loved Kevin, but he was never a factor to me and then he talked about me. I wasn't thinking about him. I'm still shouting out the old school legends like John Stockton. I'm still in that era.

But I got love for Russell Westbrook. I do appreciate what Durant does and stuff, but really, I've never seen him play a full game. I've seen Russell Westbrook. I've seen James Harden. I'm not paying attention to Kevin Durant. I don't have any recollection of watching him play. I can't remember how he shoots free throws. When I think back to 2011 and Miami, I think of Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Durant didn't leave me with any impression.

"I'm not paying attention to Kevin Durant. I don't have any recollection of watching him play"

When did you decide to write "F*ck KD?" How long did it take to write and produce? Who was a part of it?

The song came naturally. It came easy to me. The song is produced by Cool and Dre. So, shout out to Cash Money and everyone over there- - Lil Wayne, Birdman and everybody. I just heard the beat and it came so natural. It was just something that was very easy for me. It was just so real. It was beautiful.

Yea, everyone on Twitter is saying that the chorus is really catchy.

[Laughs] That's what's up.

How did you decide on using DJ Khaled's ‘Brown Paper Bag?'

It was just something that I just heard the beat and I just said ‘It's time to get after Kevin Durant real fast.' Because that hoop life is coming. Kevin Durant, Kevin Durant was thinking about me. I wasn't thinking about Kevin. That's the whole thing about it. I was minding my business. Everybody else was talking about Kevin.

People love Kevin. I was never watching Kevin. I was always watching Westbrook and Harden, even [Thabo] Sefolosha. Durant? This is before he was even talking about me, calling me wack. I just wasn't paying attention to him.

J.R. Smith makes more noise than Durant, to me. Iman Shumpert makes more noise than Durant. I go crazy with Iman Shumpert in 2K. I know J.R. Smith has been making noise like crazy. Kevin was thinking about me and he said what he felt about Lil B and now I'm just saying what I feel about Kevin. I don't respect Kevin Durant's game. I've really never seen him play on TV. I don't watch him.

"Iman Shumpert makes more noise than Durant"

What's your game like? Did you play ball in high school?

I was always a good athlete. I just gave up on football. When it was hell week, I gave up. I was like ‘I'm not gonna do this.' People were hitting me too hard.

But basketball was always something I was good at, that I was passionate about. I just didn't have the confidence to play in front of people at the time, at that early age. Now, I feel like I'm ready to play in front of people and play on the big stage. When I did the D-League tryout the first time, that was my first time playing at something like that, an event like that on that level, and I wasn't nearly as confident a player as I am now. Even back then, I was still good at defense. I was still holding up my own on defense and I was, offensively, a threat on the court.

Take me back to that D-League workout in Santa Cruz. Why didn't that turn into a spot for you on the Warriors?

I just wasn't ready at that time. Looking back, I made the decision. There wasn't a call, there was nothing said. I've stayed connected with that staff that works with the Warriors. They actually asked me to come to their last tryout. I've gotten better. I definitely did get better. Nobody broke the news to me, but I definitely wasn't ready. I am now, I'm ready more than ever.

You've improved enough since then to the point you're now confident you can take KD on 1-on-1?

I've been teaching myself the fundamentals and being around some good players, but also been learning to play team games, playing 3-on-3s, playing 1-on-1s, playing 5-on-5s, playing 21. There are guys bigger than me on the court, but I've had numerous comparisons to Ty Lawson. How I'm quick, like if I get down there [in the paint] I will make that shot. Now really what I'm working on is my mid-range and being an honest player with myself by saying, ‘Hey, I want to establish the shot first,' because I can drive and get it down there.'

"I want to play 100 games this summer. I'm gonna get millions of views, it's going to be big."

I want to play 100 games this summer. I'm gonna get millions of views, it's going to be big. I'm feeling way more confident in my play. I was just talking about it in my song, the gym that I play at, people talk about me. I'm getting a lot of support. I'm just feeling more confident in my game in general and I really do think that I can beat Kevin Durant.

I'm going to be playing in all of the leagues. I already got love waiting for me at the Drew League [in Los Angeles]. I can talk to various people about playing there. Any leagues, I can go play in. I'm going to be playing with good players. I've been practicing with good players that play at the college level and that are going to be eventually playing in the NBA. I'm around these guys every day. And if they're not going into the NBA, these guys are still extremely young and with it and will have long careers overseas.

Sometimes you don't go straight from high school or college and get to the NBA from there. Sometimes you have to go when you're a little bit older and try that other route like Jeremy Lin. And he made it.


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Who's the best player you've beaten 1-on-1 so far?

A bunch of dudes that play D1 at my gym. I don't know anyone's names. People at the gym always talking and gossiping. They say ‘He plays here, he plays here.' It's people playing at different levels.

What's this gym you're working at? Where is it?

It's a low-key private gym that I play at around Walnut Creek. And then I got something in Orinda. But it's all private, man.

You really think at your height, you can take down a listed-at-6'9 Kevin Durant, who's the leading candidate for the MVP this year?

I definitely do, just for the simple fact that I know I can hold him with my defense. I have amazing defense. My defense is better than my offense. I'm quick. I just have to get past him and I've got the shot. I'm confident. I'm confident. I go on the court and I can play against anybody.

"I honestly know I will score on Durant and it'll be a problem."

I honestly know I will score on Durant and it'll be a problem. I know truly in my heart that's why he doesn't want to play me. I'm pretty much more ready for Kevin Durant than I've ever been. If he really loves the game, play me. If you really love basketball, Kevin Durant, play me. Kevin Durant knows I'm an American superstar, that I'm one of the most powerful and respected people in America. He plays American ball, so he knows what I do, he sees me. I more than deserve that game, that's just him being scared.

The real respect though, Kevin Durant should have never opened his mouth about me. If you say something about Lil B, you've got to be able to see me on the court. Kevin Durant isn't a good rapper, you know what I'm saying? So let's do this on the court.

Kevin Durant, play ball and go donate and help people and be a good Samaritan like you've been doing. But once you open your mouth and try to talk about rap, Kevin, stop. All this is for this interview. To make sure he hears this. So it's like Kevin, you can pay your money for good producers and good studios, people don't respect that. Money doesn't matter. The people made me. They're making me to this day.

So like I said, Kevin, see me on that court. I'm better than you. We can go at it. He was blessed with that height. I was blessed with a gift too, so it's like, let's play. I'm not worried about Kevin.

You cursed the Thunder and said they would never win the title in May 2011. With this new song, is the curse back on?

Nah, I took the curse off. I took it off for good. Now it's up to Kevin Durant. This is a test for Kevin. I think that he's a strong guy and he's got a lot of people that are supporting him. He's got a lot of people that love him, so I think that he can do it. It's on Kevin. There are some big steps that he's gotta take and it's gonna be on him. I've got the same type of pressure on me in the rap game. It's all on me, I gotta do it.

You see the day after the song debuted, Jodie Meeks scored 42 points on him the next game? That was right after the diss record and they lost. I'm just saying. Wasn't he doing good before the record came out? [Laughs]. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but Lil B drops a record, Kevin Durant loses and gets embarrassed by the Lakers. Salute to the Clippers, they beat the Lakers by like 50 and Kevin Durant goes to L.A. and lost to them.

Do you think you can make the NBA?

Hell yea. I've gotta make the NBA. I've got to.

Really? When's that going to happen?

It's all up to God, baby. He'll let the story unfold. I just want to tell people to never quit, and keep fighting for your dreams. If you want to make the NBA, and this is coming from Lil B, keep living your dreams.