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CAGE FIGHT: The discussion thread

Implausibly, Nicolas Cage has appeared in well over 64 films. His oeuvre is the subject of today's Alternative Bracket. Fill one out, and put yourself in the running for a PlayStation 4, a pack of Huggies, and other such technological wonders.

On the heels of our Fruits and Vegetables Bracket, which ended with ruined friendships and buildings on fire, we at SB Nation now introduce the CAGE FIGHT. Nicolas Cage is perhaps the most prolific leading man in the world of contemporary major motion pictures. Today, we will fill out brackets to determine the most Nicolas Cage movie.

If you fill out a bracket, which you can do here, you may be selected completely at random to win a prize package that includes the following:

- A PlayStation 4 with a copy of Madden NFL 25
- A pack of Huggies diapers
- A stuffed iguana
- A framed copy of the Declaration of Independence
- Seven (7) hand-selected Nicolas Cage films on DVD

A few notes about the CAGE FIGHT:

- This is not about determining the best Nicolas Cage Movie. This is about determining the most Nicolas Cage movie.

- The bracket is divided into four regions: Action, Comedy, Drama, and Movies He Totally Did Just For Money. The first three are seeded in alphabetical order, so as to be arbitrary. The fourth category is seeded so as to pair up the movies that completely sound alike. How many dang movies that end with "man" can one man make?

- The seeding is arbitrary.

- You're playing for pride here, really. Regardless of how "right" or "wrong" you are according to the judgment of Spencer and I, you stand the same chance of randomly winning the above prize.


- The seeding is arbitrary.

Please feel free to discuss the CAGE FIGHT in the comments below. And those of you who didn't get the Huggies reference ought to watch Raising Arizona at your earliest convenience.