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NFL Draft 2014: Cardinals' Logan Thomas has projectable tools, an uncertain role

You can't teach size.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals used their fourth round pick to select Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas, an intriguing pick for a team that's already had a strong draft. Thomas will be one of the more interesting players to watch once training camp and the preseason starts because his position isn't exactly set in stone.

At 6'6, 248 pounds, 34 1/4" arms and nearly 11" hands, Thomas' physical dimensions are as prototypical and desireable as you could imagine for an NFL passer. That said, his issues with accuracy and timing, in addition to reading a defense and making quick decisions, have led many analysts to state he'll have a better shot at an NFL roster as a tight end.

According to former personnel man Greg Gabriel, he'll start at quarterback to see how he fares, and if things don't go well, he'll transition to tight end. If he does indeed end up at tight end, there aren't many players that can match his speed/size measureables as a guy that runs a 4.61 40 with a 35" vertical. His agility scores are off the charts as well, and he boasted position-elite times (at either TE or QB) at the 3-cone and short-shuttle. Tools, tools, tools.

At its core, the NFL Draft is a practice in projection. The Cardinals have taken a flier on a player with projectable tools for both the quarterback or tight end position, and they'll look to utilize those talents at one spot or another.