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Tony Parker injury: Spurs star out with hamstring tightness

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Tony Parker hurt his hamstring and will miss the rest of Game 5.

Steve Dykes
SB Nation 2014 NBA Playoff Bracket

The San Antonio Spurs led the Portland Trail Blazers 51-44 at halftime, but they had reason to worry because point guard Tony Parker left the game during the second quarter with tightness in his left hamstring. Parker left the floor, went back to the locker room, and did not return before the second quarter ended.

The team later confirmed their star point guard's status and reported that he will not return to the game.

The Spurs are an incredibly deep team and should still be able to finish off the Blazers without Parker if his injury ends up forcing him to miss some time. The real problems come if the Spurs have to play the Los Angeles Clippers or Oklahoma City Thunder with Parker at less than 100%.

This doesn't appear to be a serious injury, but the Spurs will certainly be monitoring it and their fans will be hoping that it doesn't sideline him for too long.

UPDATE: It seems like the Spurs are just giving Parker a rest. That's a pretty nice luxury to have in the playoffs.


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