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This bizarre lawsuit was actually filed against Blake Bortles

In an odd, handwritten filing for a restraining order, a Pennsylvania man, with "Theodore Bridgewater" listed as a co-plaintiff, alleges Blake Bortles is on steroids and HIV positive. This is your reminder that anyone can file suit for anything.

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A bizarre, handwritten restraining order has been filed against Jacksonville Jaguars first-round pick Blake Bortles and the NFL in a Central Florida court in what appears to be an attempt to bar Bortles from playing for the Jaguars and in the National Football League.

The plaintiffs, listed as "Theodore Bridgewater" and David Rothrock, allege that Bortles is under the influence of steroids and also HIV positive. The lawsuit was filed from a Pennsylvania prison, presumably where Rothrock is incarcerated, and lists the co-plaintiff as "Theodore Bridgewater," with a P.O. Box in Louisville, Ky., as the address. The plaintiff named on the suit is surely not Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, despite a P.O. Box in Louisville, KY being listed as the address.

The filing not only accuses Bortles of taking steroids and HGH, but also alleges he's been involved in some other nefarious dealings including an allegation that Bortles framed Rothrock for a crime so he would be jailed and unable to talk to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who approached Rothrock about the distribution of steroids and HGH.

The plaintiff in the case is representing himself "pro se," which means he is advocating on his own behalf.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police database, there is a David Rothrock, who has been jailed for rape since March 25, 2013 at a facility that matches the address listed for Rothrock in the motion. We cannot say with certainty if this is the same David Rothrock, but it would follow per the allegation set forth in the motion that ""Bortles said he is going to frame Rothrock for rape, and he did, now Rothrock is serving an illegally 8-20 years" (sic), that this is the same Rothrock behind this filing.

While this is a real, actual lawsuit it is also a good time to remember that anyone can file a lawsuit for almost anything.

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