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Bizarre lawsuit alleges Johnny Manziel sent nude hot dog selfies

In what appears to be a very odd and detailed legal filing that has no merit, Johnny Manziel was sued for $25 million for sexual harassment. There are allegations of improper hot dog bun use, a "Long John Silvers" nickname and penis enlargement.

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Johnny Manziel is the subject of a $25 million lawsuit, alleging the former Texas A&M and current Cleveland Browns quarterback has engaged Samantha Schacher repeatedly in sexual harassment over the course of months. In the brief, which was filed in Florida because of course, a woman alleges Manziel was sending her "naked selfies" and calling her non-stop on her Samsung phone, among other odd and specifically detailed things.

Update: Schacher says the lawsuit is a hoax filed by serial phony lawsuit filer Jonathan Lee Riches.

The lawsuit was filed under Samantha Schacher's name and lists an address that matches that of CNN in Atlanta, though that doesn't necessarily mean it was filed by her. It was also filed in Florida against a man living in Texas (now Cleveland) by a woman listing a Georgia address. We've reached out to Schacher's agent, publicist and CNN, but have yet to hear back.

Samantha Schacher v Johnny Manziel by Darren Adam Heitner

And now for the highlights of the lawsuit:

  • The woman alleges Johnny Manziel sent her a naked photo with a hot dog bun around his penis.
  • The woman alleges Manziel asked for a threesome with her and Dr. Drew.
  • The woman alleges Manziel has a small penis, but that he told her he would get a penis enlargement after being drafted and that he could be her "Long John Silvers."
  • The woman alleges Manziel asked for her to strip with LeBron James watching.
  • The woman alleges Manziel received a nude pic of "Jurderon" Clowney, which he then forwarded to her asking if she could handle his penis.
  • The woman alleges Manziel refers to his penis as his "Vienna Sausage."
  • The woman alleges Manziel's alleged small penis caused her psychological distress.
  • Something about cheating on exams at Texas A&M.

This is where we remind everyone that people can be sued for just about anything. This is also the second Friday in a row that a weird legal brief was filed against a rookie NFL quarterback (Blake Bortles was first). Considering the prominent product placement, this could also be a Samsung advertisement or a Kimmel prank.

Manziel's agent responded with this on Twitter:

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport added to the story after the initial news broke.