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UFC Fight Night: Berlin - Live results and play-by-play

Gegard Mousasi and Mark Munoz headline the UFC's first ever trip to Berlin on May 31, 2014.

Boris Streubel

The UFC makes a trip to Berlin for the first time ever on May 31, 2014 with UFC Fight Night: Berlin. The event is headlined by a middleweight showdown between Gegard Mousasi and Mark Munoz. In the current version of the UFC rankings, Munoz is ranked #7 while Mousasi is #11. The event will stream live on UFC Fight Pass

We will have live results and play-by-play right here at for the duration of the ten fight card.

Here's how the full card breaks down:

Main Card:

Middleweight: Mark Munoz vs. Gegard Mousasi
Middleweight: Francis Carmont vs. C.B. Dollaway
Middleweight: Luke Barnatt vs. Sean Strickland
Featherweight: Tom Niinimäki vs. Niklas Bäckström

Preliminary Card:

Lightweight: Nick Hein vs. Drew Dober
Middleweight: Magnus Cedenblad vs. Krzysztof Jotko
Bantamweight: Iuri Alcantara vs. Vaughan Lee
Welterweight: Peter Sobotta vs. Pawel Pawlak
Featherweight: Andy Ogle vs. Maximo Blanco
Heavyweight: Viktor Pesta vs. Ruslan Magomedov

Make sure to come back when the event goes down and share your thoughts in the comments.

Viktor Pesta vs. Ruslan Magomedov - Round 1 - Magomedov misses a high kick. Pesta looking to close distance, head kick from Magomedov misses again. Nice right hand from Pesta and Magomedov wags a finger. Pesta lands a punch, then gets caught and drops to a knee for a second. Magomedov throws a kick as Pesta gets up but it doesn't land. Magomedov misses again. Right hand lands for Magomedov and now a head kick. Pesta is up somehow but he's badly hurt. Pesta out of nowhere with some knees and Magomedov drops. Pesta on top landing some big ground and pound. Magomedov survives and has guard but Pesta passes to half guard. Hard elbow from the top by Pesta. Elbows and punches again from top position by Pesta who has come back well to likely win the round. gives Pesta a 10-9 round.

Round 2 - A lot of circling as each man is looking for an opening to land something. Magomedov misses with a wild punch. Head kick from Magomedov lands but Pesta takes it well. Leg kick from Magomedov. Takedown from Pesta but Magomedov is back to his feet quickly. Punch lands for Pesta but this round is a lot of circling and staring. Magomedov with another missed head kick. Both men land decent punches toward the end of the round. Big right from Magomedov and he probably takes that one. gives Magomedov a 10-9 round to make it 19-19 on our card after two rounds.

Round 3 - Uppercut lands for Magomedov and Pesta looks for the takedown. Magomedov shrugs him off and throws a flurry of strikes. A lot of Pesta looking at him and occasionally looking for takedowns while Magomedov pokes with jabs and the occasional kick. Another head kick by Magomedov. Should be a Magomedov 29-28 decision.

Official scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Ruslan Magomedov wins by unanimous decision.

Andy Ogle vs. Maximo Blanco - Round 1 - Blanco drops Ogle immediately and is landing some big shots. Ogle is in bad shape. Ogle surviving and trying to get up using the cage. He does and now Blanco reaches for his legs and almost gets caught in a guillotine. Ogle pinning Blanco to the cage and looking to grind on him a bit. They separate and Blanco lands a few good shots before Ogle gets in and gets a takedown. Ogle manages to slide to the back and is working for the rear naked choke with both hooks in. Blanco manages to get back to his feet and now they're back to distance. Blanco with a head kick that is blocked. Right hand gets in for Ogle now. Nice comeback for Ogle, but hard to overcome the beginning of the round. 10-9 Blanco on the scorecard.

Round 2 - Blanco with another big shot to start the round and then a takedown. Ogle bounces up, Blanco with a big knee but Ogle catches it and slams him. Blanco rolls for a kneebar. Ogle is on the back after the kneebar isn't finished and he's patiently sitting on the back, controlling Blanco and looking for openings. Ogle tries again for the choke but can't finish, resulting in Blanco reversing to get on top. Ogle should take it based on control for the majority of the round. 10-9 Ogle makes it 19-19 on the card.

Round 3 - Ogle is a bit static coming forward this round while Blanco is catching him clean with a lot of different shots. Ogle with a hook that gets in clean. Blanco looking to be the fresher man and he's putting the pressure on. Ogle is in trouble with about 1:20 left in the round. Blanco with a nice spinning kick and Ogle is forced to shoot in.  Seems like a 10-9 Blanco round as he takes the fight 29-28 on the card.

Official scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Maximo Blanco wins by unanimous decision.

Peter Sobotta vs. Pawel Pawlak - Round 1 -Sobotta with a leg kick. Body kick from Sobotta. Sobotta stalking and throwing strikes when he feels he has the range. Head kick from Sobotta is blocked. Pawlak tries to push forward but can't find a home for his wild overhand rights. Left hook for Pawlak but Sobotta goes back to the jab and leg kicks. has round one for Sobotta 10-9.

Round 2 - Sobotta with a takedown and he passes guard right away. Pawlak gets guard back. Pawlak is getting a lot of warnings for illegal elbows for some reason despite being on his back and not really in position to throw illegal elbows. Sobotta keeps trying to pass but nothing really happening. Sobotta closes the round on top and takes it 10-9 on the card.

Round 3 - Sobotta with a takedown right away and Pawlak uses the cage to get back to his feet. Sobotta gets him back down and is in half guard. Sobotta throwing a lot of elbows to the thigh and some punches to the body as the referee threatens a stand-up. They are stood up with about 20 seconds left. Pawlak tries to flurry but doesn't land much. SBNation scores the fight 30-27.

Official scorecards: Peter Sobotta wins by unanimous decision (no score announced)

Iuri Alcantara vs. Vaughan Lee - Round 1 - Massive punch very quickly and Lee drops to the canvas. A few more punches and this one is over. That's some quick work right there.

Iuri Alcantara wins by TKO (punches), 0:25 of round 1.

Magnus Cedenblad vs. Krzysztof Jotko - Round 1 - Jotko tries to push the pace early but Cedenblad spins him and reverses things, pushing Jotko into the cage. Cedenblad with a takedown. Cedenblad trying to take mount but can't quite get there. He does land some good shots from half guard as he tries to set up a d'arce choke. Cedenblad gets yelled at to work but isn't really doing a ton before Jotko almost got back to his feet. Instead it's Cedenblad taking him right back down. 10-9 Cedenblad.

Round 2 - Jotko tries to get some work done on the feet but Cedenblad pushes him into the cage. After a break to replace a lost mouthpiece, Cedenblad manages a takedown but Jotko reverses to top and lands some elbows. Cedenblad with a guillotine choke out of nowhere and this one is over.

Magnus Cedenblad wins by submission (guillotine choke), 4:58 of round 2.

Nick Hein vs. Drew Dober - Round 1 -Hein lands some hard shots and Dober is bleeding. They're exchanging some big shots. Dober still pushing forward as he's eating some big shots. Hard left hand by Dober. Takedown by Hein. Back to the feet they go but Dober is bleeding badly. Dober shoots but gets stuffed. Takedown by Hein. Easy 10-9 round for Hein.

Round 2 - Hein throwing some big punches while Dober tries to pick his spots a bit more selectively. Knee to the body from Dober. Dober really pushing the pace. Dober landing a nice flurry. Hein took the back briefly but Dober manages to end up on top on the ground. Hard elbow from Dober. More good elbows. Hein is bleeding from some of those elbows. 10-9 Dober.

Round 3 - Dober pushing forward again, Hein lands a nice shot. Dober with a right, better one in return from Hein. Hein slipping some punches and Dober shoots. Hein defending against the takedown well though. Break in the action so the cut can get checked. They doctor allows the fight to continue. Body kick from Dober and he lands a nice hook, but Hein is landing some hard shots of his own. They trade again and both men land, but Hein got the better of the exchange again. Dober still stalking while Hein tries to move and counter. Big left hook from Hein. Dober with a left hand but too little, too late. 10-9 Hein on the scorecard.

Official scorecards: 29-28, 30-27, 29-28. Nick Hein wins by unanimous decision.

Tom Niinimäki vs. Niklas Bäckström - Round 1 - Backstrom throwing some kicks and a few punches while Niinimaki throws a few standing elbows. Takedown for Backstrom. Niinimaki manages to reverse and has Backstrom down on all fours. Backstrom stands, eats a knee and Niinimaki tries for a takedown. Backstrom manages to lock up a "schoolyard headlock" choke and he tightens as Niinimaki rolls and this one is over.

Niklas Backstrom wins by submission (choke), 4:15 of round 1.

Luke Barnatt vs. Sean Strickland - Round 1 - Barnatt throws a few leg kicks. It's a fairly slow round with both men feeling each other out. Toward the end of the round, Strickland lands a nice combination while Barnatt plods forward to the boos of the crowd. 10-9 Strickland.

Round 2 - Barnatt with a weird jumping kick. Jab by Barnatt. They trade punches and Strickland gets a takedown. Barnatt can't lock up an armbar and eats a few punches. Barnatt kicks him off and gets back to standing. A lot more plodding and lack of action. Strickland landing jabs and leg kicks while circling. Right hand for Barnatt. Another good right from Barnatt and Strickland was buzzed by that one. Again the right hand lands for Bartnatt. And again but Strickland lands a hard right of his own. 10-9 Barnatt on the scorecard.

Round 3 - Strickland bleeding from under the eye a little bit. Big right by Strickland, but he's getting beat to the punch a bit. Right hand by Barnatt and then he defends against a takedown. Barnatt gets a little sloppy and Strickland tries to jump on the back. He slides off but he's looking for a leglock. Nothing there though and they're back to standing. The round ends, the fans boo and the scorecard says Barnatt takes it.

Official scorecards: 29-28 Barnatt, 30-27 Strickland, 29-28 Strickland. Sean Strickland wins by split decision.

Francis Carmont vs. C.B. Dollaway - Round 1 - They circle with Carmont looking to work kicks from a distance, both to the legs and body. Carmont still working kicks, now throwing a spinning back kick. Dollaway taunting Carmont now. Hard body kick by Carmont and Dollaway cracks him and Carmont goes down! Dollaway tries to pounce but he can't finish and now Carmont looking for the takedown. He can't get it and they're back to distance and taunting each other. 10-9 Dollaway.

Round 2 - Carmont with some leg kicks and now a big right hand. Dollaway is having trouble getting inside the long strikes. Dollaway steps in now and gets a takedown and is in half guard. Carmont stands up and Dollaway is dragging him back down. Dollaway controls the action and takes another round on the card.

Round 3 - Carmont with a big kick and Dollaway seems annoyed with the offense coming his way. Dollaway had him down and took the back but couldn't lock anything up before Carmont got back to the feet. Elbow from Carmont in the clinch. Again, Dollaway has him down and again he's working to take the back. 10-9 Dollaway.

Official scorecards: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28. C.B. Dollaway wins by unanimous decision.

Mark Munoz vs. Gegard Mousasi - Round 1 - Mousasi coming forward low, ready to stuff a takedown. Munoz with a takedown attempt and Mousasi tries to defend but Munoz slams him. Mousasi turns enough in the air that he almost ends up on top and is right back to his feet. Jabs from Mousasi. They trade right hands. Mousasi stuffs a takedown and lands several punches before trying for a choke, that he can't finish. Mousasi on top in side control. Mousasi to mount but Munoz escapes. Mousasi has the back again and he locks in the choke and it's over. Wow!

Gegard Mousasi wins by submission (rear naked choke), round 1.