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Ultimate Fighter (TUF): 'Brazil 3' Finale - Live UFC results and play-by-play

Stipe Miocic and Fabio Maldonado are poised to headline UFC's return to Sao Paulo, Brazil, this weekend (Sat., May 31, 2014) in a re-worked main event that also features a pair of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "Brazil 3" tournament final matches. Get complete, LIVE play-by-play TUF: "Brazil 3" Finale results below TONIGHT!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will tie a ribbon around The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "Brazil 3" this Saturday night (May 31, 2014) at Ibirapuera Gymnasium in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with another FOX Sports 1-televised special.

We will deliver LIVE TUF: "Brazil 3" Finale results and play-by-play below for the duration of the 12-bout card, which begins online (Fight Pass) at 6:30 p.m. ET, right on through the conclusion of the main event between Heavyweight contender, Stipe Miocic, and Light Heavyweight bruiser, Fabio Maldonado.

Without further delay, see below for the latest TUF: "Brazil 3" Finale results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


265 lbs.: Stipe Miocic vs. Fabio Maldonado -- Miocic def. Maldonado by TKO (punches) at 0:45 of Round One

265 lbs.: Antonio Carlos Jr. vs. Vitor Miranda (TUF: "Brazil 3" heavyweight tourney final) -- Carlos def. Miranda by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
185 lbs.: Warlley Alves de Andrade vs. Marcio Alexandre Jr. (TUF: "Brazil 3" middleweight tourney final)
 -- Alves def. Alexandre by technical submission (guillotine choke) at 0:25 of Round Three
170 lbs.: Demian Maia vs. Alexander Yakovlev
 -- Maia def. Yakovlev by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
145 lbs.: Rony Jason vs. Robert Peralta -- Peralta def. Jason by split decision (29-28, 27-30, 30-27)
155 lbs.: Rodrigo Damm vs. Rashid Magomedov
 -- Magomedov def. Damm by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
155 lbs.: Ernest Chavez vs. Elias Silverio
 -- Silverio def. Chavez by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:21 of Round Three.
170 lbs.: Paulo Thiago vs. Gasan Umalatov --
 Umalatov def. Thiago by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
145 lbs.: Mark Eddiva vs. Kevin Souza -- Souza def. Eddiva by TKO (punches) at 4:52 of Round Two
185 lbs.: Ricardo Abreu vs. Wagner Silva -- Abreu def. Silva by submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:06 of Round Two
265 lbs.: Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs. Richardson Moreira
 -- de Lima def. Moreira by TKO (punches) at 0:20 of Round One
145 lbs.: Matt Hobar vs. Pedro Munhoz -- Munhoz def. Hobar by TKO (Punches) at 2:47 of Round One


265 lbs.: Stipe Miocic vs. Fabio Maldonado

Round one: Maldonado moving in, but eats a big one-two that backs him to the cage. Miocic doesn't jump on him. HUGE right hand drops Maldonado and Stipe pounds him out in short order.

Final result: Miocic def. Maldonado by TKO (punches)


265 lbs.: Antonio Carlos Jr. vs. Vitor Miranda (TUF: "Brazil 3" heavyweight tourney final)

Round one: Carlos moving forward. Miranda lands a low kick; Carlos moves into the clinch but Miranda has underhooks. Now over-under. One minute in, Carlos pressing him against the cage. Knee from Carlos strays low. After a brief pause, they go back to center cage. Miranda lands a couple low kicks as he circles away. Carlos high kick blocked. Vitor front kick misses. Carlos rushes him and takes him down against the cage. Miranda with his back on the cage. Two minutes in. Miranda back up, Carlos still has the bodylock. Carlos takes him back down. Nice right hand before Miranda rises again and takes a knee to the body. Carlos exits with an elbow. Miranda has two leg kicks checked and a high kick blocked. Carlos rushes him with punches. One minute left. Miranda lands a low kick. Front kick misses. Body kick likewise. Low kick lands, Carlos lands a set of counters. Carlos finishes a combination with a body kick before the bell. 10-9 Carlos.

Round two: Miranda lands some low kicks. He slips after landing one and Carlos takes him down into half guard. One minute in. Miranda active off his back but gives up mount. He postures up briefly, nothing lands. Miranda tries to bridge out, Carlos takes side control and Miranda regains half guard. Two minutes in. Carlos falls back for a leglock and Miranda limp-legs out back to his feet. Carlos on his back, Miranda kicks at his legs for a bit before hopping into guard. Less than two minutes left. Carlos controlling his posture well. Miranda drops some punches against the cage and nearly falls into a triangle. Miranda tosses the leg aside and they wind up in an odd position. It's kind of like a banana split position. Carlos gets up and presses him into the cage with thirty seconds left. Miranda shucks him off with the Thai plum. Carlos wades in with punches and shoots in at the bell. 10-9 Carlos.

Round three: Miranda lands a low kick, but Carlos continues to advance. Miranda tries a knee and Carlos shoots in, getting him down against the cage. Miranda has his back on it as Carlos tries to move around his legs. One minute in. Miranda makes it up, but Carlos gets in on his hips and slams him down away from the cage. Carlos on top in half guard. Halfway through the round. Carlos keeping a lot of shoulder pressure on Miranda and passes to side control. Miranda regains guard. Nice elbow from Carlos. Miranda scoots his way back to the cage. Miranda stands with ninety seconds left, botches a throw, and winds up with Carlos on his back. Carlos has the body triangle as Miranda tries to turn into him. Carlos rolls him away from the cage and goes to work fishing for the choke. CArlos moves to mount, takes side control when Miranda tries to roll free. Back to mount, Miranda regains half guard. There's the bell, 10-9 Carlos.

Final result: Carlos def. Miranda by unanimous decision


185 lbs.: Warlley Alves de Andrade vs. Marcio Alexandre Jr. (TUF: "Brazil 3" middleweight tourney final)

Round one: Glancing head kick for Lyoto, but Warlley drops him with a right hand in response. Alves takes half guard. Hard right hand from Alves. Alexandre back to his feet, Warlley still on him against the cage. Knees to the leg form Alves. Good right hand on the exit, then he ties Alexandre back up. Ninety seconds in. Lyoto tries a throw from the whizzer, can't get it. Alves gets deep on his hips and takes him down into side control. Short blows from Alves. Lyoto turns and manages to stand, still can't get Warlley off of him. Now foot stomps by Alves. Lyoto lands knees to the gut. 1:45 left. Yamasaki breaks them up. Alves body kick blocked. Another. Now he blocks one from Lyoto. One minute to go. Alves tries a wheel kick, lands a right hand over the top and takes Lyoto down once again. Lyoto scoots to the cage and uses it to stand, narrowly avoiding a knee on the way up. Lyoto with the occasional knee to the body. Round ends against the cage. 10-9 Alves.

Round two: Lyoto looks seriously discouraged. Good lead left lands, head kick falls short. Alves body kick blocked and he wrangles Lyoto to the mat into half guard. Lyoto tries to turn into him, regains guard. One minute in. Elbows from Alves. Good ground-and-pound from Alves. He stands and tries an axe kick to the body, taking side control when Lyoto tries to turn into him. Back to half guard. Lyoto's back up, Alves still on him against the cage. Halfway through the round. Alves controlling him. Knees from Lyoto. Two minutes left. Yamasaki splits them up. Good body kick by Lyoto, Alves catches it and bulls him to the cage. One minute to go. Lyoto tries a trip, avoids a knee. Yamasaki splits them up quickly. Lead left lands for Lyoto. Alves whiffs on a right hand and presses him into the cage to end the round. 10-9 Alves.

Round three: Quick hug to start the round. Lyoto lands a left, eats a huge overhand right. Lyoto shoots in and Alves locks up an arm-in guillotine. Alexandre goes to sleep in record time and Alves is your middleweight Ultimate Fighter.

Final result: Alves def. Alexandre by technical submission (guillotine choke)


170 lbs.: Demian Maia vs. Alexander Yakovlev

Round one: Yakovlev circling very actively. Overhand left lands for Maia. A minute in and not much has occurred. Yakovlev sidesteps a shot. Yakovlev has yet to throw a punch. Not he does, a short jab to the body. Two minutes in and Maia continues to pursue the circling Russian. Maia suddenly drops him with a big 1-2 and hops right into mount. Still half the round to go. Maia landing the occasional elbow and Yakovlev looking to hold him down. Nice ground-and-pound from the Brazilian. Maia landing short punches and elbows as Yakovlev simply holds on. This is the heaviest ground-and-pound I've seen Maia throw. One minute left. Heavy elbow from the Brazilian. Maia ends the round dropping more blows. 10-8 Maia.

Round two: Yakovlev high kick blocked. Maia still the aggressor. Low kick from Yakovlev. Yakovlev flurry does not connect. One minute in. Leg kick lands; Yakovlev changes levels and tries a takedown that fails to budge Maia. Demian pushes him to the cage and trips him down into half guard. Maia gets to mount right away. Two minutes in. Again, Yakovlev is just holding Maia down. Maia lands short punches, Yakovlev gets to a seated position with his back against the cage. Maia peels him off the cage back onto his back and drops elbows. Two minutes left. Maia fishing for an arm-triangle. Yakovlev uses the opportunity to rolll over into Maia's guard. He tries to pass, cannot. Maia goes for a leg, misses it and tries to get in on a takedown. Yakovlev sprawls on it and spends some time withthe front headlock before Maia surrenders guard. Maia with the body triangle. Round ends with Yakovlev on top. 10-9 Maia.

Round three: Yakovlev with a series of leg kicks to start. Left hand lands for him. Yakovlev shoots in and takes Maia down into side control, then lets him up when Maia turns for a takedown of his own. Yakovlev goes back to targeting the lead leg. One minute in. Maia so far just plodding forward and taking the kicks. Good punching combo from the Russian. Yakovlev smacking his leg around with impunity. Maia steps in with a left hand and takes Yakovlev down against the cage into mount. Sporadic ground-and-pound from Maia as Yakovlev attempts to control his posture. Ninety seconds left. Yakovlev doing nothing to get up; not sure what he's thinking. Nice elbow from Maia. Yakovlev shrimps his way to half guard, Maia passes to side and back to mount in seconds. Maia moves to S-mount but can't spin for the armbar. Yakovlev escapes to his feet and lands a body kick in the last seconds. 10-9 Maia.

Final result: Maia def. Yakovlev by unanimous decision


145 lbs.: Rony Jason vs. Robert Peralta

Round one: Peralta blitzes with wide punches, does not connect. Flying knee from Jason narrowly misses. Low kick from Peralta. One minute in. They clinch and Peralta presses him into the cage. Knees to the leg. Jason trips him down and attempts to take the back, but is too high and Peralta slips out. Back to their feet. Jason lands a spinning back elbow as Peralta steps in with a body shot. Left hook lands for the Brazilian. Peralta rushes into the clinch and presses Jason against the cage with double unders. Two minutes to go. Jason tries but can't get a throw from the whizzer. Low kick from Jason. Peralta lands a left behind the guard. Side kick. Jason trips Robbie up and smacks him with a right hand as he gets up. Less than a minute. Peralta low kick, high kick whiffs. Both miss with haymakers. Jason misses with a spinning elbow. Peralta likewise misses with a spinning backfist. Peralta lands a body kick and both land rights. Jason tries a flying knee before the bell. 10-9 Jason.

Round two: Peralta head kick blocked. Peralta leg kick. Another one and he avoide Jason's counter rush. Jason spinning kick is blocked. One minute in. Peralta blitzes him again with haymakers and pushes him to the cage, again with double underhooks. Jason reverses and trips Peralta down into half guard. Jason hops right into full mount, but Peralta times it and rolls into Jason's guard. Robbie on top. Halfway through the round. Jason throws up a triangle/armbar, can't get it. Peralta stands over him and kicks his legs. Yamasaki stands Jason up. Jason moving forward, the two land kicks. Another blitz by Peralta, a heavy right hand connects. Jason waves him forward. One minute. Peralta blocks a head kick. Leg kick lands for him. Jason lands an overhand right. Spinning elbow lands for him as he takes a right and he rocks Peralta with a left hook. The two brawl in center cage to end the round. 10-9 Peralta.

Round three: Peralta moving forward, flicking out kicks. Both whiff on right hands. Peralta low and middle kicks. One minute in. Jason wheel kick is blocked. Peralta high kick blocked and he blitzes again. A couple get through. Nice body shot by Jason. Peralta cracks him with a left hook but takes a finger in the eye. Brief pause, back to the action. Peralta low kick, high kick, side kick. Jason body kick blocked. Peralta overhand right glances off. Two minutes in. Jason lands a big right hook, falls short on a flying knee and presses Robbie against the cage. Robbie reverses, gets reversed himself. Knees to the midsection. Two minutes to go. Jason tries a trip, can't quite complete it and they separate. Nice right hand from Peralta. One minute left. Jason shoots in with thirty seconds left and he completes it against the cage. Perakta returns to his feet and takes Rony down at the bell. 10-9 Peralta.

Final result: Peralta def. Jason by split decision


155 lbs.: Rodrigo Damm vs. Rashid Magomedov

Round one: They trade low kicks to start. Rashid goes kick, teeps the body. One minute in. Damm blocks a sequence of body kicks. Damm lands an inside low kick, blocks a high kick. Left hook from Rashid. DAmm front kick blocked. Body kick from Rashid. Two minutes in. Lead right lands for Magomedov. Damm scores with a counter right. Nice liver kick by Magomedov. Two minutes to go. Both land lefts, Damm blocks a body and a high kick. Body kick connects for Rashid. One minute to go. Damm inside low kick. Big 1-2 by Magomedov drops Damm; Magomedov does not pounce and instead kicks the prone Damm's legs. Round ends in that position. 10-9 Magomedov.

Round two: Both land kicks early in the round. Damm whiffs on an uppercut, eats a body kick. One minute in. Damm blocks a body kick, takes a low kick. Magomedov holding Damm at bay with kicks to the midsection. Damm low kick. Another one lands. Two minutes in. Magomedov narrowly misses with a head kick. Damm avoids a counter flurry. Magomedov lands another body kick. Three-piece punching combo by Magomedov. Damm's stepping in with punches but running into counters. Two minutes to go. Magomedov dishing out body kicks; they're hitting arm but making unpleasant sounds. Nice 1-2-1-2 by Magomedov. Damm cracks him with an overhand right, Magomedov trades with him in a nice sequence. One minute to go. Magomedov leg kicks. Damm shoots in on a single leg. Magomedov stays up against the cage despite Damm lifting his foot over his head. Quick exchanges end the round. 10-9 Magomedov.

Round three: Nice counter hook by Magomedov, body kick lands after a combo. Damm fires back at the lead leg. Magomedov back to flicking out kicks, pops Damm with a left high kick. One minute in. Damm to the leg. Fast single-leg attempt by Damm. He presses Magomedov against the fence, can't complete it and moves to a bodylock. Two minutes in. Damm landing knees to the leg. Knee to the body. Magomedov breaks off just before the two-minute mark. Nice right straight by Rashid. Damm overhand right falls short and he takes a body and head kick to the arm. Magomedov backs away from an extended flurry. One minute left. Damm connects with a right hand. Damm wading forward and throwing wide punches. Magomedov sneaks in a body kick during an exchange. Damm tries and fails a single-leg at the ten second mark. 10-9 Damm.

Final result: Magomedov def. Damm by unanimous decision


155 lbs.: Ernest Chavez vs. Elias Silverio

Round one: Silverio on the front foot. Chavez lands a pair to the body and they briefly clinch. Silverio liver kick. Silverio kicking well early on. One minute in. Chavez right hand hits shoulder. Nice cross from Silverio. Silverio clinches, lands a knee on the exit. Chavez hooks hit guard. 1-2 from Silverio. Two minutes in. Silverio hits groin with a low kick, leading to a brief pause. Counter right from Chavez as Silverio steps in. Silverio rushes in and lands some knees in the plum, but Chavez pushes him to the fence with underhooks. Silverio circles free. Chavez left hook and he denies a takedown. Overhand right connects as he moves Elias to the cage again. Less than two minutes to go. Back to center cage. Silverio lands a body kick. Silverio jab, Chavez counter right. Silverio spinning back kick blocked, leg kick connects. One minute left. Silverio catches a kick and pops the off-balance Chavez with a right. Chavez pushes his man to the cage yet again after eating a jab. Silverio slips free but takes a right hook before the bell. 10-9 Chavez.

Round two: Elias lands a front kick to the body. Jabs connect for him. Another rush, most blows blocked. Chavez turns him around and gets in on a leg against the cage. No dice there so he works to control the torso. One minute in. Ref splits them up. Chavez goes right back to the clinch but they quickly separate. Silverio lands a left hook and narrowly avoids a right. Knee to the body lands for him. Silverio doing better on the feet. Two minutes in. Leg kicks from Elias. He goes high, takes a counter right. Chavez avoids a Superman punch. Two minutes left. Hard straight right lands for Elias. Jabs connecting and another long right hand connects. Body kick. Chavez attempts to clinch, can't but lands a nice left hook. One minute to go. Right hand around the guard from Chavez and he blocks a spinning kick. Another counter left hook. Elias stuns Chavez with a powerful cross and goes to work with knees on the clinch. Chavez survives. Waning seconds of the round; Silverio throwing long strikes and Chavez looks gassed. 10-9 Silverio.

Round three: Silverio certainly looks fresher. They clinch, Silverio slips out quickly. Elias using his jab and front kicks to stay at range. Stiff jabs connecting for him. One minute in. Both land good right hands sequentially. Chavez body shot, hard straight from Silverio. Another Silverio inside low kick goes high and this time Chavez is taking some time to recover. Nice spinning back kick from Silverio when they restart. Silverio doing well with his jab. Chavez right to the body. Big 1-2 from the Brazilian. Hard low kick and yet another heavy jab. Chavez so far unable to get past the jab. Chavez moves into the clinch halfway through the round. Chavez attempts a single leg but can't get it. Silverio exits the clinch but Chavez stays on him and shoots on another part of the fence. Ref splits them up after insufficient clinchwork. Chavez lands a counter uppercut and right straight. Ninety seconds. Chavez not moving forward. Silverio gets a rear waistlock with one hook in. He forces Chavez to a knee and swiftly gets both his second hook in and his forearm under his chin. Chavez taps quickly; very slick submission.

Final result: Silverio def. Chavez by submission (rear-naked choke)


170 lbs.: Paulo Thiago vs. Gasan Umalatov

Round one: Apologies for the weirdness of the last fight's writeup; my touchpad is sensitive and so my cursor will occasionally jump to the middle of a different paragraph when I'm not looking.

Umalatov fires a spinning back kick that's blocked. Thiago responds with a head kick that is also blocked. Hard leg kick from the Brazilian. Umalatov answers in kind and falls short with another spinning back kick. One minute in. Both fighters tentative. Umalatov flicking out the occasional leg kick. Gasan lands another and pops him with a left hook. two minutes in. Thiago leg kick. Thiago blocks a head kick and clinches against the cage, but Umalatov gets the dominant position and presses him against the fence. Umalatov pummeling but not throwing strikes. Two minutes to go. Ref breaks them up with no damage done. Both men pumping jabs. Thiago takes a left hook and shoots in; Umalatov sprawls on it and fishes for an anaconda. Paulo defending well and gets to his feet with around 40 to go. Umalatov stays on him and pushes him back against the cage. Thiago denies a level change and a throw but ends the round there. 10-9 Umalatov.

Round two: Thiago tries a head kick right off the bat. Paulo whiffs on an uppercut and gets rocked by a left hook. Gasan pours on punches and denies a takedown. They scramble and Umalatov winds up on top in half guard. Paulo grabs a bodylock and looks for a takedown himself, stopping a guillotine in the process. They're back to their feet, Paulo pressing him against the cage. Umalatov spins free and they switch positions. After they split, Paulo lands a long right to the body. Two minutes in. Umalatov wheel kick blocked, Thiago lands a spinning back kick. Things slow down in the third minute. Paulo shoots in behind a left hook, can't get it but presses Umalatov against the cage. Paulo has the bodylock. Umalatov stops a throw and winds up in front headlock position. One minute to go. Paulo escapes thirty seconds later and, after a brief struggle, tosses Umalatov down. He gets a hook in as Gasan rises, loes it, and ends the round dropping punches on Umalatov against the cage. 10-9 Umalatov.

Round three: Thiago lands a teep to the gut. Leg kick lands, head kick blocked. Umalatov's answer is likewise blocked. One minute in. Thiago whiffs on a pair of body shots. Jab exchange. Umalatov inactive so far. Paulo lands a body kick and attempts to go high. Umalatov connects with a front kick to the body and a left hook upstairs. Two minutes in. Umalatov misses with an uppercut and left hook. Body kick lands at the end of a combo. Thiago whacks him with a body shot to start a combo. Blocks a high kick, they trade leg kicks. Counter hook from the Russian. Umalatov falls short with wide hooks. Good right from Thiago at the end of a combo. Ninety seconds left. Body kick lands with the foot for Paulo, after which he stops a takedown. Gasan lands a counter hook and moves him to the cage, eating knees in the process. Paulo attempts a trip, can't get it and winds up on the wrong side of the front headlock position. Thirty seconds. Thiago's back up quickly. Overhand right catches Umalatov on the temple. Umalatov attempts a wheel kick at the bell. 10-9 Thiago.

Final result: Umalatov def. Thiago by unanimous decision


145 lbs.: Mark Eddiva vs. Kevin Souza

Round one: Eddiva counters a body shot with a body kick. Eddiva side kick to the bonce. Eddiva cracks him again. One minute in. Souza throws a wild right hand and gets dropped by a left hook for his trouble. Eddiva on top in guard. Souza throws up his legs, gets punched for his trouble. Eddiva landing steady blows and shucks off a triangle attempt. Two minutes in. Souza's against the cage. Eddiva stands but can't land a hard blow on the way down. Souza kicks him off and returns to his feet a little after halfway in. Hard liver kick by Eddiva and low kick. Souza cracks him with a left hook and another prompts a takedown attempt. Souza shrugs it off and lands knees to the body in the clinch. Souza still advancing and lands another left hook. He's using the 2-3 well. Head contact. Ninety seconds left. Big lead right by Souza, Eddiva smacks him with a right and left. Souza's spamming the lead right, Eddiva's looking to counter. Souza stumbles him with a right and lands a few more. Counter flurry rocks Souza. Man, it's too crazy to give details. Souza spends the last thirty seconds beating the living hell out of him against the cage. Great round. 10-9 Souza.

Round two: The first half of the round consist entirely of Eddiva landing body and leg kicks as Souza plods forward. Souza may be too gassed to retaliate. Eddiva's landing kicks unimpeded. Halfway through the round and Souza has yet to really throw. A minute later and nothing's changed; ninety seconds left. Now Souza throws and lands against the cage. Overhand right by Eddiva after taking a sequence of rights. Souza gets him pinned against the cage and Eddiva might be out on his feet from the flurries he's eating. Silva unloading to the body and head. Eddiva's a punching bag right now and Herb Dean stops it while he's on his feet. Fair stoppage.

Final result: Souza def. Eddiva by TKO (punches)


185 lbs.: Ricardo Abreu vs. Wagner Silva

Round one: "Osiris Maia" is a pretty awesome name.

Demente on the front foot early. Counter right rocks Wagnao and prompts a takedown attempt. Abreu avoids it but Wagnao stays out of harm. Abreu stays on him and they clinch briefly. One minute in; Wagnao circling near the cage. He avoids a wild overhand. Abreu counters a low kick with a huge right hand that drops Wagnao. The latter survives the attempts to pound him out and rises with a single-leg attempt. Abreu in pursuit back on the feet, Wagnao throwing kicks to keep him off. Two minutes in. Abreu stalking. Wagnao pops him with a jab and avoids a flurry. Overhand bounces off Silva's guard. Demente wading in with haymakers but not landing. Head kick from Wagnao is blocked. Both miss high with overhands. Body kick from Wagnao. Ninety seconds to go. Demente presses Silva against the cage. Ref breaks them up very quickly, but there was nothing going on. Minute left. Inside leg kick by Silva. Glancing overhand right from Demente. Inside low kick strays high for Silva. One more low kick lands before the bell. 10-9 Abreu.

Round two: Abreu aggressive to start the round and presses Silva against the cage inside ten seconds. Abreu landing the occasional knee and pummeling for position. Silva circles free. Low kicks land for him. Abreu stumbles, but drops Silva with a right hand when he rushes in. Abreu gets his back in short order and quickly elicits the tap.

Final result: Abreu def. Silva by submission (rear-naked choke)


265 lbs.: Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs. Richardson Moreira

Round one: Pezao high kick blocked. Moreira moves into the clinch and Pezao uses the opportunity to land knees to the body. de Lima blasts him with a massive right hand as they exit that sends him spinning to the canvas. A few perfunctory punches and de Lima has the knockout win. That was fast.

Final result: de Lima def. Moreira by TKO (punches)


145 lbs.: Matt Hobar vs. Pedro Munhoz

Round one: UFC's got some fancy new graphics, it seems.

Munhoz lands a right hand early. Both land right hands. Hobar pumping his southpaw jab. One minute in. Lead right connects for Munhoz. Front kick caught. Lead right connects once again for him. Hobar head kick blocked. Munhoz kicks the body, narrowly misses with a left hook. Lead right and head kick lands. Hobar's hurt and gets dropped by a right hand. Munhoz jumps on him and locks up a guillotine. Hobar escapes, Munhoz moves to the front headlock and lands a few shots on the cage when he rises. Munhoz hurts him again with a series of right hands and takes him down. Halfway through the round. Munhoz stands, tosses his legs aside, and bashes him with a sequence of punches. Hobar goes limp and the referee calls it. Impressive win by The Young Punisher.

Final result: Munhoz def. Hobar by TKO (punches)