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The Clippers vs. Warriors locker room fight was more like Stephen Curry stepping up to a ballboy

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Here is proof that there is no fighting in the NBA anymore.

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SB Nation 2014 NBA Playoff Bracket

The Clippers and Warriors a) hate each other and b) just finished a grueling seven-game series. You'd expect nerves to be frayed, especially on Golden State's losing side. So it wasn't a total surprise to hear that the teams engaged in a hallway altercation after Game 7.

Wait, let's throw some scare quotes in there. The "teams" engaged in a "hallway altercation" after Game 7. From Marc Spears:

After the game ended, the Warriors thought they heard a Clippers assistant coach yell, "It's a little quiet in there," several times outside their locker room, multiple sources said. Warriors guards Stephen Curry and Steve Blake were the first to dart from the locker room and confronted some Clippers ball boys in the hallway between both locker rooms, a source said.

Emphasis mine. What's more hilarious: that ballboys were taunting the Warriors, or that Curry and Steve Blake rushed out to confront who they thought was an assistant coach?

There's more. From Sam Amick:

While all the details of the situation were not immediately clear, it's believed that Warriors big man Marreese Speights was among the aggressors for the Warriors while point guard Chris Paul was allegedly the irritant for the Clippers -- though maybe even in silence. As was described by the witnesses, Paul came along as the incident appeared to be dying down and his mere presence picked things up again.

Emphasis still mine. An altercation gets elevated because Chris Paul walks by?! What kind of party is this? I mean, it's not exactly Kendrick Perkins and Zach Randolph throwing down.

All reports indicate that STAPLES Center security and the LAPD eventually intervened after Speights and Glen Davis yelled at each other and Paul stood there and Curry side-eyed ballboys. After a season of snarling, the chapel controversy and a tough-as-casino-buffet-steak seven-game series ... this is how all that tension is resolved? I'm glad the NBA has gotten rid of violence, but this is just absurd. Settle it with a game of cribbage next time.


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