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NFL Draft 2014: Buccaneers draft Austin Seferian-Jenkins, look to be tallest NFL team

You can't teach height.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation 2014 NFL Draft

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Washington TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins with the sixth pick of the second round, giving their quarterback -- whoever it ends up being -- another huge target downfield.

Trend focus:

Well, the Buccaneers are definitely taking the Detroit Lions' tactic of drafting for size and catch radius on offense. After picking 6'5 Mike Evans in the first round, they take the 6'5 Seferian-Jenkins, and both of these picks speak to the trend of receivers and tight ends getting bigger and taller. To dictate matchups against smaller, faster defensive backs, offenses have started going with receivers that can box out and/or go up higher than opposing defenders and simply asking their quarterbacks to throw it where the defense can't get it.

The Bucs have ridiculous size on offense now with the additions of Evans and Seferian-Jenkins, as they join a group that already includes Vincent Jackson (6'5), Tommy Streeter (6'5), and Tim Wright (6'3).

Scheme fit:

Seferian-Jenkins comes in and will likely compete to start right away and his value -- the reason he went so high -- is that he can play both in-line as an excellent pass- and run-blocker, but he can flex out and run routes as a wide receiver either outside, underneath, or up the seam. He will, in theory, allow the Buccaneers to hide their intentions in run-vs-pass coming out of the huddle and along with potential break-out "move" tight end Tim Wright, will give defenses fits.

Fit on depth chart:

Jenkins joins a solid group in Tampa Bay but his uncommon size and body control make him a favorite to contribute early on. More important, however he's used, he gives the Bucs some insane size combination possibilities in the redzone and on third down that pretty much no other team in the NFL can match.