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2014-15 NHL schedule: Season will begin with 4 games on Oct. 8

The NHL season will begin on Oct. 8 with four games, while most teams take the ice on Oct. 9 or 10.

Jim McIsaac

The NHL on Saturday announced the full list of home openers for each of their 30 teams, and we now know when the 2014-15 season will begin. Four games will highlight the schedule on Wednesday, Oct. 8 in Boston, Calgary, Los Angeles and Toronto.

The Kings will raise their Stanley Cup banner at home to begin the season, and because the NHL apparently loves kicking the Sharks while they're down, San Jose will be in town to witness the ceremony. The Bruins will host the Flyers and the Maple Leafs will host the Canadiens in the Eastern Time Zone that night, while the Calgary Flames will host the Vancouver Canucks.

The New York Rangers have to wait until Oct. 12 to raise their Eastern Conference title banner. Also announced: the Phoenix Coyotes will officially change their name to the Arizona Coyotes on Friday, June 27 at the NHL Draft. They'll play their first regular season game with that name on Thursday, Oct. 9 against the Winnipeg Jets.

The full 2014-15 NHL schedule will be released at 4 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 22.

Here's a list of every NHL team's home opener: