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LUNCH JUDGMENT, World Cup edition: Post about your lunch, and Jon will rate it 1-10

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Did you eat a lunch in celebration of today's World Cup match? Perhaps you ate a lunch, and the World Cup match was an event that unfolded independently of your lunch? We'd love to hear about it. Post it in the comments below, and Jon will issue a 1-10 rating.

Hello, friends. Those who have been following for a while may recall previous episodes of LUNCH JUDGMENT, in which:

1. You leave a comment describing the lunch you ate, or are currently eating, today -- including your drink. (Photographic evidence preferred, if possible.)
2. Time permitting, I reply to your comment, rate your lunch on a 1 through 10 scale, and do my best to explain my ruling.
3. You accept my ruling as absolute, correct, and superseding of all judicial rulings on the federal, state, or municipal levels.

As always, I am not out to hurt feelings, but if I feel that you have eaten a crummy lunch, I will say so. I probably won't have time to get to everyone's lunch, but if you post a photo of your lunch in your comment, you will be bumped up the waiting list.

In the interest of fairness, I will first rate my own lunch, which you can observe in the above photo. It is a sliced pork sandwich I purchased this morning from a grocery store in Montreal, Quebec. The Pre-Made Grocery Store Sandwich is often quite a dicey proposition: how long ago was it made? Minutes? Hours, even days? If there's a watery agent in the sandwich and it's allowed enough time to sit, you're left with a soggy, unfortunate lunch experience.

This was not the case with this sandwich. There was just a little too much bread, but the tzatziki sauce was perfectly at home here, and the feta cheese was also welcome. It was good, as far as these sandwiches tend to go. There was no side item. To drink, I simply had ice water. I issue myself a rating of 5.8 out of 10.

Now it's your turn.

Friend, what did you have to eat for lunch during today's USA-Germany World Cup match, or perhaps before or even slightly afterward?