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Alabama fan construction worker says he sabotaged Texas A&M stadium

Troll Tide.

Someone -- perhaps an Alabama fan working as a construction worker doing renovations at Texas A&M's Kyle Field -- decided to have a little fun with the Tide's new SEC rival Monday morning and flew an Alabama flag outside of the stadium, as captured by SB Nation's Doug Keegan:

Update: The worker, Bobby Livingston, was fired, and according to his Facebook posts, he may have been sabotaging the stadium since all the way back in February:

I'm gonna get em buddy


This stadium will never be ready for this. Season,I'm putting iron in backwards and wrong holing everything!!

According to Fox Sports, the person was a construction worker  — a crane operator — who was promptly fired:

The resulting photo, sent to Outkick the Coverage this morning, according to our tipster got the Bama fan crane operator fired.

For their part, Texas A&M could not confirm the firing, but the flag has been taken down and all is right in the world again.