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Punt Brothers: Bicycles are terrifying, you should not ride them

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In this episode of the Punt Brothers podcast, Jon and Ryan are delighted to talk to their friend Pete Holby, bicycle enthusiast and teller of amazing Tour de France stories.

The Tour de France, currently in progress, is steeped in tradition. So much tradition, in fact, that when a better, more aerodynamic bicycle frame was introduced, their answer was pretty much, "nah ... doesn't look like a bike. It's not allowed."

Here to talk to us about the beauty, terror, and inflexibility of cycling is Pete Holby. He's been writing alongside Jon for Progressive Boink, now in the SB Nation network, since 2006. Most notably, he is the co-host of Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, a podcast about everything. You can, and oughta, follow him on Twitter at @sorryeveryone.

Enjoy! And for further reading on the beauties and horrors of cycling:

Ryan retells some more classic Tour stories, including the time a cyclist had to use blacksmith's tools to re-assemble his bike, and was penalized three minutes because he let a nearby boy pump the bellows

- Jane from Every Day Should Be Saturday delivers an ode to Tour announcer Phil Liggett, who has seen it all and wants you to as well

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