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The International Dota 2 Championships results: Newbee rolls over ViCi Gaming in Game 3

Poor picks and strange strats led to an easy Game 3 for Newbee.

An excellent draft and capitalizing on some bad ViCi Gaming mistakes led to an easy third game for Newbee, who are watching their opponents fall into their traps and play out of their preferred style. Now Newbee are one game away from winning The International 2014.

Newbee: Shadow Shaman, Alchemist, Puck, Weaver, Chen

ViCi Gaming: Venomancer, Nature's Prophet, Ancient Apparition, Rubick, Ember Spirit

Early game

The ViCi Gaming lineup was questionable. It lacked any significant stuns up against a lineup with a Weaver. Aggressive wards shut down the Chen's early game, forced to find a lone Centaur camp in the jungle.

Two important trades happened in the third minute with Nature's Prophet dying in the bottom lane and Weaver falling in the top. This was quickly followed by Super on Ember Spirit, who misjudged his damage and was killed by Puck and Chen -- the three most important heroes in the game all fell in a matter of seconds.

ViCi was simply too aggressive, knowing they needed to counter a strong push lineup. A series of overextensions felt like a team trying to do too much too quickly, perhaps slightly intimidated by their Game 2 loss.

Mid game

The push began. While ViCi were trying to ganks on Weaver, the bottom lane was free for Shadow Shaman. He pushed through the T1 and T2 towers with the aid of Serpent Wards, and the problems with ViCi's draft shone through due to their lack of initiation.

Their plan was to have Ember Spirit farm quickly and become too big for Newbee to deal with, but strong rotations kept the team off balance. Much like Game 2, it was punch and counter punch, a successful kill here or there but the response was swift and far too strong.

ViCi tried to steal a Roshan kill at 15 minutes as their Hail Mary thanks to a medallion on Ancient Apparition, but their attempt was sniffed out. A back-and-forth in the river led to Rosh falling and Weaver picking up the Aegis, which led to a quick GG before 16 minutes.