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The International Dota 2 Championships results: Newbee defeat ViCi Gaming to win The International

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It took four games for Newbee to dispatch ViCi Gaming and win The International.

A year of preparation and a week of competition culminated in a single afternoon. There wasn't the drama of Alliance vs. Na'Vi at the 2013 International, but Newbee are The International Dota 2 Champions and winners of just over $5 million.

Hero selection

Newbee: Shadow Shaman, Brewmaster, Rubick, Doom, Ember Spirit

ViCi Gaming: Ancient Apparition, Nature's Prophet, Weaver, Sand King, Venomancer

Early game

ViCi Gaming pushed their chips to the middle of the table, they were all in. Their hopes were hanging on an aggressive split push lineup that surrendered team fight ability in favor of early pressure. This meant that harassment was a priority, first blood almost a necessity -- but a half-hearted attempt to kill Doom in the Dire jungle left Venomancer vulnerable in the mid lane, where he was quickly killed.

The teams traded farm in the early game, but there's a fundamental problem in equality when one team is much better geared for the late game. ViCi found themselves down 4-1 before the four-minute mark after a series of Ember Spirit kills and the split push was never able to get going thanks to a lack of farm.

ViCi's plan was to level Sand King, fast. They needed initiation and the only way to get it was through a quick Blink Dagger. Surrendering the lane to Doom and farming a stacked jungle was the best move, but it was an imperfect strategy given the stakes of the game.

A hard push on mid to take down the T1 tower failed. It felt like that kind of game, when the courier was killed by a neutral creep all you could do was shake your head and utter a small laugh.

The Blink Dagger came, the perfect Epicenter was executed -- only Shadow Shaman died. Doom was too tanky, Brew could split and Ember Spirit too mobile. The fight was turned, Newbee won another fight and at 12 minutes the score was 12-2.

One more minute, two more kills for Newbee. It was a massacre of the largest sort on Dota's brightest stage. The problem with throwing a Hail Mary is that it's rarely caught.

Mid game

There was no good way for ViCi to respond. The gaps in their draft became chasms when the game progressed and their idea of a strong split push lineup was rendered pointless. The game was firmly in Newbee's hands.

Barely 15 minutes passed and Newbee had won. The game was called. The Chinese team is the first to win since Invictus Gaming in 2012. Now, we wait to see how the world of competitive Dota 2 responds to a new champion.