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Punt Brothers podcast: The Summer League is the gag reel of the NBA season

Welcome to Punt Brothers, where the only listener is you. In this week's episode, Ryan Nanni and Jon Bois speak with SB Nation NBA editor Mike Prada about Summer League basketball, and speak ill of players who are probably very nice people.

NBA Summer League basketball just concluded in Las Vegas, and it allowed fans to witness future stars playing alongside players we forgot existed. To help us understand this bizarre spectacle, we brought on Mike Prada, SB Nation's NBA editor. Among the topics of discussion:

- Is the NBA's Summer League basically basketball methadone?
- How come the Summer League allows a special D-League team in the tournament and fills it with random dudes?
- Who is the worst player?
- What does it sound like when the end of a podcast liquefies into abject nonsense?

Enjoy! And if you enjoy, be sure to follow Mike on Twitter at @MikePradaSBN. For more episodes of Punt Brothers, check us out on iTunes.

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