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The 1992 Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills would like to talk to you about abortions

Joe Gibbs and company have a very important message for you.

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Are you a woman whose in a high-risk pregnancy that is curous about what NFL athletes from 1992 think you should do? You better be because members of the Superbowl 27 Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills teams are here to tell you what to do about that future NFL star that your carrying high and tight in your vagina:

There is no instant replay on aborton, people forget that folks.

The video features alltime greats like former backup QB and current San Diego Chargers Offense of Coordinator Frank Reich talking about the NFLs heyday when no one had sex with anyone except there wives:

Sex is great, but only between two people who are married to each other.

Frankly its easy for me to see how a guy whose known for his "comebacks" manages to not get any girls pregnant, but his message still resonates. Its no wonder all the chemisty going on between Frank, Woodhead, and Phillip Rivers is more about studying the playbook then it is about pumping your wife full of progesterone so she doesnt get her period or whatever the heck it is that libs CHOOSE to do to control pregancy.

Although Earnest Byner does show up to acknowledge the very legitamate argument of the Pro-Choice crowd:

Choices are good, we all like choices. To start a game, I want the right to choose heads or tails when the ref tosses the coin. But some choices are different from others. You never have the right to choose something evil like abortion.

-Earnest Byner

Taeks so hot, anne coultier cried

Remarkable that Earnest didnt fumble his line there, but its a spot on comparson. A father should allways tell his wife that his choice is that hes electing to recieve his child on the kickoff of its life. When you get a abortion your essentially taking away the right of your husband to choose. Your literally kicking a touchback just because you scored with too much time left on your clock.

To be honest with you the hole video is a homerun of a slamdunk in the face of the PC crowd. The modern day NFL player should remake this starring Tebow, Philip Rivers, and Antonio Cromartie. But in todays league your more likely to get a commercial made if you kiss your boyfriend then if you tell your girlfriend what to do I guess. So much for the olden days.

The only downside to this ad is they included the father of the concusson crisis Mark Kelso in the video for some reason to give this stupid quote that dosent make any sense at all before they cut away very quickly and uncomfortbly.

You know, if you happen to be in a crisis pregnancy right now you're probably thinking 'what right do these highly paid athlete have to preach to me?' And you'd be partly right.

-Mark Kelso

Dont listen to Kelso folks. The only guy whose known for wearing a stupid hat that you should listen to about abortons is the Pope.