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Paul George suffers serious leg injury during USA Basketball Showcase

The Pacers' superstar suffered what might be one of the worst injuries anyone's ever seen while chasing down a block during the fourth quarter of the Team USA Basketball Showcase.

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBA

Paul George has suffered a serious leg injury during the fourth quarter of the USA Basketball Showcase on Friday night. George was chasing down James Harden on a fast break when he ran into the stanchion underneath the basket. His leg bent sideways, a la Shaun Livingston.

George's status is uncertain. He is being transported to a local hospital, where a full diagnosis will be made.

We won't show the replay because it was that bad. ESPN didn't even show replays more than once. After a long delay, the coach and players made the decision to cut the scrimmage short.

Players were stunned.

george knee 1

george knee 2

george 3

george 4

george teammates

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The reaction upon seeing the immediate replay was swift.

Afterwards, USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo told reporters that no roster decisions will be made "for a while" in the wake of George's injury. "We are going to let a little bit of time go before we address [the roster situation]," he said.

More on this story as it develops.