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Drake cost the Raptors $25K for recruiting Kevin Durant at a concert

The Raptors' global ambassador finds a popular Toronto concert isn't a good enough hiding place from the NBA's draconian tampering rules.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto Raptors global ambassador and semi-famous musician of note Drake thought he could escape the NBA's tentacles by recruiting concert attendee Kevin Durant to Toronto in the safe confines of thousands of fans at OVO Fest in Toronto. He was sorely mistaken.

Here's the video.

Seems innocent enough, but not in the league's eyes.

The lesson for Kevin Durant: attending any musical act from now until July 1, 2016 could cost your free-agent suitors money. Keep that in mind next time you attend a Wale concert in D.C or a Jay Z concert at the Barclays Center. (Or, of course, a Toby Keith concert in Oklahoma City.)