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Punt Brothers podcast: Ryan Mathews vs. a shower that won't get hot

When will the NFL season start? It is impossible to say. But in this episode of Punt Brothers, Jon Bois and Ryan Nanni gear up for football's possible return with the help of SB Nation's Sarah Kogod.

Hello! Today, the Punt Brothers were excited to talk to SB Nation writer Sarah Kogod. Unlike Jon and Ryan, who slouch around and kvetch endlessly about men they've never met, Sarah actually goes outside and regularly talks with NFL players. She's particularly known for not asking the questions that players haven't heard 30 million times before, instead engaging with them in a fun, unique way. Example: she takes them out for pedicures. Really. We highly encourage you to read her work on SB Nation and follow her on Twitter at @SarahKogod.

In this podcast, we discuss:

- Will the non-Patriots AFC East find happiness?
- The Washington football team is the worst, right?
- What is it like to, you know, actually talk to NFL players?
- How did Emmitt Smith rush 22 times in a game for only 26 yards?
- What's more fun, Joe Flacco or folding laundry?

Even though you are not this week's guest on the podcast, you are still permitted to listen! Here is Punt Brothers' RSS feed, and here we are on iTunes.

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