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UFC Fight Night 48: Bisping vs Le - Live results and play-by-play

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to Fight Pass Saturday (Aug. 23, 2014) with UFC Fight Night 48: "Bisping vs. Le" from inside Cotai Arena in Macau, China. Get complete, official results and real-time fight coverage starting at 6:30 a.m. ET this Saturday morning below.

Jayne Russell

It'll be an early morning this Saturday (August 23, 2014) as the UFC kicks the day off with a 10 fight card from Macau, China. The main event will see two of the bigger names in the middleweight division meeting up in a fight that has the potential to be quite explosive.

The event will kick off on UFC Fight Pass at 6:30 a.m. ET / 3:30 a.m. PT.

The full card breaks down like this:

185 lbs.: Michael Bisping vs. Cung Le

170 lbs.: Dong Hyun Kim vs. Tyron Woodley

155 lbs.: Zhang Lipeng vs. Brendan O'Reilly

145 lbs.: Ning Guangyou vs. Jianping Yang

170 lbs.: Danny Mitchell vs. Wang Sai

170 lbs.: Alberto Mina vs. Shinsho Anzai

135 lbs.: Roland Delorme vs. Yuta Sasaki

170 lbs.: Wang Anying vs. Colby Covington

135 lbs.: Royston Wee vs. Yao Zhikui

135 lbs.: Milana Dudieva vs. Elizabeth Phillips

Make sure to check back and share your thoughts in the comments as the action goes down.

The card is starting.

Milana Dudieva vs. Elizabeth Phillips - Round 1 -Dudieva just misses with a right hand as she walks forward while Phillips is on her toes, bouncing around away from Dudieva's pouwer hand. Dudieva with a right hand and Phillips finds herself pushed up against the cage. Dudieva opening up with a hard flurry of punches and then clinches and pushes Phillips' back into the cage. Dudieva tries to swing around and take the back as they go to the ground but Phillips turns and ends up on top in Dudieva's guard. Dudieva tries for an armbar, now switches up looking for a leg lock but Phillips drills her with some big shots.

Round 2 - Dudieva stalking while Phillips throws leg kicks and jabs, playing matador. Dudieva charges in and lands a hard flurry of punches before Phillips tries to get in position for a takedown but again Phillips reverses and ends up on top in Dudieva's guard. Dudieva attacking off her back, but not really getting anywhere with the submission attempts. Phillips throws some punches to the body but isn't working too hard from top position. Still, it's likely the judges have her up 20-18 after working from top position for much of the first two rounds.

Round 3 -Phillips is pushing Dudieva into the cage, looking for a takedown, Dudieva spins her and now has Phillips pushed into the cage. They go to the ground, Dudieva tries for a triangle choke, nothing comes of it and now Phillips is on top in side control. Round ends and I'd be surprised with anything other than a Phillips decision win.

Official decision: 30-27 Dudieva, 29-28 Phillips, 29-28 Dudieva. Milana Dudieva wins by split decision.

Royston Wee vs. Yao Zhikui - Round 1 -Zhikui comes out throwing some heavy punches and now Wee takes the back as they go to the ground. Wee has both hooks in and he looks to lock up the rear naked choke. Zhikui defends and gets Wee off his back, and then Wee moves right back to the back. Zhikui spins though and now he's on top firing off some heavy ground and pound. Most of the end of the round was spent with Zhikui on top not really doing anything.

Round 2 -Low blow by Wee and there's a break in the action. Left hand, then a right by Zhikui. Right hand again. Zhikui is starting to land really solid shots now. Wee gets caught hard by a left but now he's looking for a takedown and almost has it finished. Wee has the back partially as they're sitting against the cage. Wee ends up on top in half guard and does a little bit of work before the round ends. Zhikui clearly had the better round if you don't ignore the entire first half of action.

Round 3 -Wee looking for the takedown again, not wanting to mix it up on the feet with Zhikui. Wee finally gets the fight to the floor up against the cage. Zhikui ends up on top and Wee is bleeding badly. Zhikui should take this fight on the cards.

Official scorecards: 29-28 Wee, 30-27 Zhikui, 29-28 Wee. Royston Wee wins by split decision.

Wang Anying vs. Colby Covington - Round 1 - Covington comes forward, throws a head kick and then a big slam takedown. Covington landing some solid punches while he holds Anying's arm. Anying escapes back to the feet. Covington gets him back down and there's a really big elbow and now a few more and Anying is clearly outclassed here. Huge right and now a series of hammerfists and this is over. Colby Covington wins by submission (strikes), round 1.

Roland Delorme vs. Yuta Sasaki - Round 1 - Sasaki tries for a takedown and then slickly transitions to the back as they go to the ground. He's looking to sink in the choke and it's over. Wow, that was quick. Yuta Sasaki wins by submission (rear naked choke), round 1.

Alberto Mina vs. Shinsho Anzai - Round 1 -Anzai is charging a bit carelessly but he lands a right hand that hurts Mina. Left by Mina cuffs Anzai on the side of the head and staggers him. Now Mina with a few more wild punches. This is a ridiculously ugly fight. Anzai landing a bunch of knees to the head, Mina missing with a spinning backfist. Mina with an uppercut. Another uppercut and a straight to the side of the head from Mina and Anzai drops. Flurry of hamerfists from Mina and it's over. Alberto Mina wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Danny Mitchell vs. Wang Sai - Round 1 -Mitchell working very hard against the cage looking for a takedown. Sai defending well so far but Mitchell isn't stopping. Sai spins away from the cage and ends up on top as Mitchell pulls guard. Rubber guard from Mitchell. Sai doesn't get caught and now he lands a hard right hand. Sai standing over Mitchell and now he dives in and lands a series of punches and Mitchell has some swelling around his eye.

Round 2 -Mitchell tries to jump into a guillotine but can't finish and now it's Sai working well on the feet. Big right hand lands for Sai. Hard leg kick from Mitchell. Mitchell working for the takedown again. Sai has really shut down the offense of Mitchell.

Round 3 -Mitchell trying to stalk and throw some head kicks but Sai is controlling the spacing here. Right hand from Sai. Mitchell pushed back into the cage but bounces off. Right hand by Mitchell catches him off balance and he charges in and throws a flying kick which Sai avoids before throwing Mitchell to the ground. Mitchell looks for a takedown again and can't get it as the round ends. Should be an easy Sai decision.

Official decision: 29-28 across the board. Wang Sai wins by unanimous decision.

Ning Guangyou vs. Jianping Yang - Round 1 -Guangyou ties him up early but Jianping with a trip takedown. Guangyou stands up and then hits a big throw, ending up on top in side control. Guangyou is on top now and he gets pulled to full guard, then back to half guard. Jianping fails on a throw attempt after they end up back on the feet. A lot of pawing at each other without coming anywhere near landing. Finally they clinch and Guangyou is yelling as he throws knees to the body.

Round 2 - Guangyou on top early in the second round, sitting in half guard. Jianping tries to kick him off and in the scramble Guangyou almost finishes with a guillotine but Jianping survives. Low blow brings a halt to the action once they're back on the feet and the crowd boos as action resumes.  Pretty uneventful but Guangyou is likely up 2-0.

Round 3 -More awful action on the feet early in the round. There's no action to call. This is one of the worst rounds of 2014 as moth men circle and feint and don't land anything. It's over.

Official scorecards: 29-28 across the board for Ning Guangyou

Zhang Lipeng vs. Brendan O'Reilly - Round 1 -O'Reilly tryin to get the takedown and Lipeng with some short punches as he defends. O'Reilly wit a takedown attempt and Lipeng reverses to end up on top. Lipeng on top in O'Reilly's half guard. O'Reilly reverses and ends up on top. He works a bit before the round ends, but not much happened there.

Round 2 -O'Reilly looking for the takedown again. Lipeng spins him and presses him into the cage and they're fighting for underhooks. Lipeng has double underhooks and is trying for his own takedown now and he takes the back standing. O'Reilly is gassing while Lipeng stays on his back landing punches and keeping O'Reilly from doing anything at all.

Round 3 -They trade jabs as the round starts. Leg kick from O'Reilly. Lipeng pushes him into the cage and now there is blood pouring from the mouth of O'Reilly. Lipeng with the takedown now as he takes the back. Lipeng is pouring it on with strikes as the camera shows that O'Reilly has a hole in his lip.

Official scorecards: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27. Zhang Lipeng wins by unanimous decision.

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Tyron Woodley - Round 1 -Kim with a big punch but Woodley lands a hard right hand and then clinches him up. Woodley pushing him into the cage and throwing a few knees while Kim hits him with open hand strikes to the side of the head. Woodley lands some big shots and Kim covers up. Woodley continues to flurry and this one is over. Tyron Woodley wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Michael Bisping vs. Cung Le - Round 1 - Bisping with a jab to the body, Le with a body kick. Hard leg kick by Le and he slips a leg kick. They're exchanging pretty well early on, both getting in a little bit. Le misses with a head kick. Spinning back kick by Bisping and a right hand. Le throwing a lot of kicks now, hitting the body of Bisping as well as his forearms. Bisping with a head kick. Bisping circling as Le continues to throw a lot of shots at his torso. Nice combo from Bisping and now he's starting to get his rhythm and get in and out. Low blow by Le. Bisping with a head kick and then a combo finished with a leg kick. Right hand lands for Le. Hard left hook by Bisping.

Round 2 -Bisping keeps going back to the head kicks. Le got poked in the eye it seems. Le bleeding now as Bisping keeps charging in and throwing shots. Bisping with a combination and a head kick. Le is bleeding badly from the nose and can't seem to open his eye. Bisping is tearing Le up now. Just busting him up. They stop the action to let the doctor check on Le. He allows it to continue but Le's face is a horrific mess. Hard body kicks by Le now as the action resumes. Low blow by Le. Le with a fighting game style combo but nothing lands. Straight right for Bisping and then a leg kick.

Round 3 -Le's corner works on his horribly swollen and bloodied up face and he comes out landing a nice hook. Now a spinning back kick to Bisping's gut. This is still a fight. Bisping with his own body kick now. Bisping with a nice combo. Bisping throwing another nice combo. Good left hook by Bisping and then he sits down on a nice three punch combo. Bisping is really mixing it up now with body and head punches. Le with a body kick. Big left from Le backs Bisping off for a moment.

Round 4 -Bisping comes out throwing combinations again. Le backed up into the cage again and Bisping opens up with a big combination and then lands a hard knee and Le drops hard. Bisping flurries and this one is over. Michael Bisping wins by TKO (knee and punches), round 4.