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UFC Fight Night 49 - Live 'Henderson vs dos Anjos' results and play-by-play

Ben Henderson and Raphael dos Anjos are poised to headline UFC's return to Tulsa, Okla., for the first time in nearly 20 years this weekend (Sat., Aug. 23, 2014) in a Lightweight showdown that has top division contender implications on the line. Get complete, LIVE play-by-play UFC Fight Night 49: "Henderson vs. dos Anjos" results below!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will tie a ribbon around its latest day-night double header this Saturday night (Aug. 23, 2014) at BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla., with another FOX Sports 1-televised special.

We will deliver LIVE UFC Fight Night 49 results and play-by-play below for the duration of the 11-bout card, which begins online (Fight Pass) at 7:30 p.m. ET, right on through the conclusion of the main event between top-ranked Lightweight contenders, Ben Henderson and Raphael dos Anjos.

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 49 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)



155 lbs.: Ben Henderson vs. Rafael Dos Anjos -- Dos Anjos def. Henderson by TKO (punches) at 2:31 of Round One

FOX Sports 1 Main Card (10 p.m. ET):

170 lbs.: Mike Pyle vs. Jordan Mein -- Mein def. Pyle by TKO (punches) at 1:12 of Round One
185 lbs.: Thales Leites vs. Francis Carmont -- Leites def. Carmont by TKO (punches) at 0:20 of Round Two
145 lbs.: Clay Collard vs. Max Holloway -- Holloway def. Collard by TKO (punches) at 3:47 of Round Three
155 lbs.: Walmir Lazaro vs. James Vick -- Vick def. Lazaro by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
145 lbs.: Tom Niinimaki vs. Chas Skelly -- Skelly def. Niinimaki by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:35 of Round One

FOX Sports 2 Prelims (8 p.m. ET):

170 lbs.: Alex Garcia vs. Neil Magny -- Magny def. Garcia by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)
155 lbs.: Beneil Dariush vs. Tony Martin -- Dariush def. Martin by submission (arm-triangle) at 3:28 of Round Two
135 lbs.: Matt Hobar vs. Aaron Phillips -- Hobar def. Phillips by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

170 lbs.: Chris Heatherly vs. Ben Saunders -- Saunders def. Heatherly by submission (omoplata) at 2:18 of Round One

Fight Pass Prelims (7:30 p.m. ET):

125 lbs.: Joby Sanchez vs. Wilson Reis -- Reis def. Sanchez by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


155 lbs.: Ben Henderson vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

Round one: RDA starts with a blocked high kick. Low kick connects. Bendo pops him with the jab. Bendo low kick. 3-2 by Henderson, RDA responds with a straight left. One minute in. Benson slams a right hook to the body, RDA responds in kind. 1-2 by Dos Anjos. Bendo head kick blocked. Teep bowls RDA over. Bendo lands a low kick, RDA does the same. Body kick from RDA. Two minutes in. Body kick from RDA. 1-2 by RDA land clean. 3-2 connects for him and a flying knee forces Henderson to shoot. As soon as he rises, Dos Anjos knocks him clean out with a left hook. Massive upset win for Rafael Dos Anjos.

Final result: Dos Anjos def. Henderson by TKO (punches)


170 lbs.: Mike Pyle vs. Jordan Mein

Round one: Pyle low kick lands. He shoots in from too far out and is denied. Mein avoids a single-leg. Pyle wheel kick misses. Both land low kicks. One minute in. Right hand connects for Mein. A series of three hooks stiffens Pyle and send him to the mat. He wakes up when he lands, but his wake-up call is more vicious punches until the referee steps in. Mein picks up the knockout win.

Final result: Mein def. Pyle by TKO


185 lbs.: Thales Leites vs. Francis Carmont

Round one: Leites lands a low kick. Blitz doesn't make contact. 1-1-2 by Carmont. Leites left hook leads into a clinch. Leites pressing him against the cage.  Carmont denies a takedown with the whizzer. One minute in, back to center cage. Leites lands a glancing blow in a flurry. Carmont low kick stumbles Leites. Leites whiffs on an overhand right. Carmont low kick. Two minutes in. Carmont flicks out some front kicks, takes a leg kick. Carmont ducks a left hook and shoots in. Leites denies the takedown but is clinched against the cage. Leites reverses. Two minutes to go.

Carmont reverses, Leites circles away. Carmont low kick agains stumbles Leites. Leties slips on an overhand right. One minute to go. Leites cracks him with an overhand right and clinches him against the cage. Carmont reverses. Leites reverses. Short left hand from the Brazilian. Leites lands a knee to the body and they exit. Carmont low kick. Leites counter flurry does not connect. Round ends with them at range. 10-9 Leites.

Round two: Leites lands a low kick. Big overhand right rattles Carmont. Leites pours on the punishment and Carmont wobbles to the deck. A few more shots and Thales Leites has knocked out Francis Carmont.

Final result: Leites def. Carmont by TKO


145 lbs.: Clay Collard vs. Max Holloway

Round one: Both land outside low kicks. Holloway cracks him with a counter right hook as he advances, then a knee to the head in the clinch. Head kick by Holloway. Holloway stings him with a front kick to the body. Head kick and left by Holloway. Collard lands a right, takes a right hook. One minute in. Counter left by Holloway. Knee to the body from Holloway, Collard catches it but can't capitalize. Collard low kick. Holloway combo blocked. Collard blitzes, lands a left. Holloway left hook. Collard catches a leg and slugs Holloway with short punches. Holloway lands a counter of his own. Two minutes in. Left by Collard. Holloway right hook, dirty boxing by Collard. Holloway trips him down, but lets him up quickly. Collard lands a flying switch kick. Good right hand and body kick. Collard lands a low kick, eats a counter right. Holloway spinning back kick is caught. Two minutes to go.

Collard takes a knee to the body and lands a left hook. Holloway knee to the body. Collard low kick, counter right by Holloway, counter left by Collard. Holloway with another pinning back fist. Big counter right by Holloway and one as they leave the clinch. Holloway right hand, head kick blocked and spinning back kick lands. Holloway cracks him with two heavy punches and Collard waves him on. One minute left. Holloway blitzes him with a sequence of powerful shots. Holloway on the attack now. Collard eats another spinning back kick. Holloway bashes him with punches and misses on a spinning back kick to the head. Two long punches by Holloway, who is burying Collard with activity. Round ends; Collard looks disheartened and Holloway pumped. 10-9 Holloway.

Round two: Collard low kick, Holloway answers. Good head kick from Holloway. Collard advancing, falling short with punches. Holloway front kick blocked. Body kick and elbow by Holloway, then a knee to the body. One minute in. Big 1-2 by Holloway snaps Clay's head back. Collard avoids a knee, lands a low kick with his foot. Holloway slips kicking the body, hops up quickly. Collard switch kick blocked. Holloway pops him with a right hand and a jumping knee. Another right hand; all connect but Collard is unfazed. Collard advances with punches, eats counters as he does. Two minutes in. Collard shoots in on a single leg. He presses Holloway against the cage. Holloway defends and separates. Collard body kick. Front kick to the body stings Collard. Collard catches a kick, only for Holloway to hop onto his back. Collard escapes out the backdoor but can't capitalize. Less than two to go.

Collard digs some short punches to the body and a right upstairs. Holloway standing elbow. Good combo by Holloway, capped off by a head kick. Holloway denies a takedown, Collard blocks a head kick. Holloway takes his back to counter a single-leg. 40 seconds to go. Collard reverses into guard but is in danger of a triangle. Collard pops free and lands an elbow. Holloway locks up a triangle on the opposite side. Clay slams him before the bell. 10-9 Holloway.

Round three: Collard still on the advance. He attempts a low single, Holloway easily denies it. Head kick blocked. Colalrd with a body kick. Holloway firing counters. Collard low kick. He ducks a punch and gets in on a leg. Holloway sprawls on it against the fence. Browne elbows by Holloway as he defends. Knee to the body. 1-2 by Collard lands. Ninety seconds in. Nice counter right by Holloway and he sprawls on a takedown. Holloway lands a hard knee on a kneeling Collard, who goes to his back and eats some punches. Holloway on top in half guard. Elbows to the body by Max. Holloway takes the back and flattens Collard out. Punches by Holloway. Holloway mounts him and drops some more shots. Two minutes to go.

Powerful elbows by Holloway. More punches. Collard gives up his back after more punishment. Now he's flattened out and Holloway fires off piston-like right hands until the referee steps in. Impressive work by Holloway.

Final result: Holloway def. Collard by TKO


155 lbs.: Walmir Lazaro vs. James Vick

Round one: Lazaro starts with an inside leg kick. Outside low kick from Vick. Lazaro inside. Vick checks one outside, takes a right to the body. Leg kick by vick, then a Superman punch. VIck leg kick, Lazaro answers. One minute in. Vick kick blocked. Both land inside low kicks. Lazaro to the outside and inside. Good right hand by Lazaro. Body jab. Vick jabs upstairs and lands a right to the body. Vick low kick. Two minutes in. VIck with a flying knee. Lazaro clinches, eats a body kick on the exit. Lazaro with a pair of hooks, Vick with a head kick. Lazaro counter right. Vick knees the body. Lazaro with a counter right. Lazaro slips some punches and they clinch. Vick slips on a head kick. Two minutes to go.

Both land hooks upstairs. Nice right hands by Vick, Lazaro answers by hitting an outside trip. Vick sweeps him, but can't get his back before Lazaro stands and cracks him in the clinch. Both land good rights. Vick head kick, Lazaro swings some haymakers. Lazaro low kick, Vick low kick. Lazaro hits a brief takedown. Vick pressing him against the cage after rising. Good body kick from Vick. Vick body shot and right upstairs. Lazaro tries to change levels and is briefly caught in a guillotine grip. A few wide swings land for Lazaro. Vick pursues with punches, eats a right hand. Vick pops him with one more right before the bell. 10-9 Vick.

Round two: Vick low kick. Nice uppercut, but he eats a body kick. Vick right to the body. One minute in. Lazaro low kick, Vick head kick blocked. Vick body shot. Head kick blocked, counter right form Lazaro. Lazaro left, Vick cross. Good exchange inside. Lazaro jabs the body. Left hook answers a Vick jab. Vick with a right hand, Lazaro with a low kick. Two minutes in. Vick jabs the body and takes a leg kick. Nice combination from Lazaro, ending with a leg kick. Lazaro catches a body kick, can't do anything with it. Lazaro right hand inside. Vick shrugs off a takedown. Lazaro ducks a spinning backfist but can't get the takedown. Two minutes to go.

Vick pumping his jab, Lazaro touching him with rights. Nice right straight by Vick wobbles Lazaro. Another hard cross by Vick. Lazaro counter right as Vick advances. Another good right by Vick. Lazaro lands a pair of right hands. Lazaro right hand, Vick avoids a left hook. 45 to go. Lazaro right hand after taking a leg kick. Lazaro body shot, counter right when Vick advances. Vick digs to the body, then gets tripped down by Lazaro. Lazaro ends the round in half guard. 10-9 Lazaro.

Round three: Vick lands a right high kick. Lazaro left downstairs. Good 1-2 from Vick. Lazaro responds with a right to the body. Lazaro ducks a head kick, lands a pair of body shots. Nice right by Vick. Lazaro shoots in, presses Vick against the cage when he can't complete it. Vick muscles him to the opposite fence with underhooks. One minute in. Vick can't complete the trip and eats a left hand before Lazaro separates. VIck with a right hand. Hard right hand by Lazaro. Nice straight from Vick connects. Head kick blocked. Two minutes in. Counter right from Lazaro. Slippy exchange in center cage, after which Vick drops him with a head kick. Vick tries to jump on him, gets the front headlock but can't lock anything up. Lazaro shoots in on him. He muscles him to the cage, then takes a shin on the cup with two minutes left.

Back to the action. Vick body kick, Lazaro counter left. Lazaro overhand right. Vick pops him with another straight and avoids an overhand right and backfist. Vick lands a good step-in knee. One minute to go. Lazaro whiffs on some wide punches. Counter right connects. Vick misses on a lead uppercut. Flying knee by Vick, Lazaro takes him down for his trouble and ends the round standing over him. 10-9 Vick.

Final result: Vick def. Lazaro by unanimous decision


145 lbs.: Tom Niinimaki vs. Chas Skelly

Round one: I have been informed that Magny's third-round slam was, in fact, a Neutralizer and not a Tombstone Piledriver as previously reported. Carry on.

Anyway, Skelly comes out very aggressive. Good knee to the head as Niinimaki tries to clinch. Nice straight by Skelly. Skelly shoots in against the cage. Skelly gets his back standing and hops up with one hook in. Now both hooks in. Stoneface shucks one off but can't quite reverse into guard. One minute in. Niinimaki still struggling against the cage, but Skelly is too far to one side to threaten a choke. Niinimaki finally turns and immediately locks up an arm-in guillotine. Skelly pops out directly into mount two minutes in. Skelly locks up the RNC as soon as Niinimaki gives up his back and manages to earn the tap. Impressive work from Skelly.

Final result: Skelly def. Niinimaki by submission (rear-naked choke)


170 lbs.: Alex Garcia vs. Neil Magny

Round one: Garcia steps in with a 3-2 that does not connect. Glancing left hook lands. Magny pumping his jab. Garcia falls short with a wide left hook, then avoids a four-punch combo. One minute in. Magny ducks a big hook and secures a rear waistlock. Magny forces him to turtle and takes his back. Both hooks in; scramble ensues. Two minutes in and Magny again gets the rear waistlock. He forces Garcia down to turtle position. Garcia rolls and threatens briefly with a leglock. Magny winds up on top in half guard. Magny holding on to the far arm. Two minutes to go.

Body shots by Magny. He lands a few elbows to the legs as well. One minute to go. Magny has the start of a Kimura grip. Magny trying to pass to mount. Garcia kicks him off, but Neil grabs an ankle and prevents him from standing. Neil standing over Garcia and kicking the legs. Ref stands Garcia up before the bell. 10-9 Magny.

Round two: Both land jabs. Magny's forces Garcia to hop awkwardly; might have injured his leg. Garcia overhand falls short. Counter hook lands on Magny. Magny pumps the jab, can't land the straight finisher. One minute in. Garcia shoots in  and slams Magny down near the fence. Magny locks up closed guard. Magny swatting at him off his back. Two minutes in. Magny with an overhook. Magny kicks him away and stands.Garcia shoots in again. This time, Magny gets double unders and presses him into the cage. Garcia attempts to reverse, cannot. Two minutes to go.

Magny lands a long straight. Garcia overhand falls short again. Magny 1-2. Garcia shoots in after an overhand and gets Magny to the fence. One minute to go. Magny with some knees to the body. He makes distance and returns to center cage. Magny avoids a combo after missing a sequence of his own. Bell. 10-9 Magny.

Round three: Doctor steps in to examine Garcia's knee and declares him good to go. Magny pops him with a jab. Garcia lifts and slams him in response.  Magny using open guard. Garcia dropping some ground-and-pound, Magny reciprocating from the bottom. One minute in. Garcia throwing sporadically. He stacks Magny against the cage. Magny rolls free and tries to shoot in, but gives up his back. Two minutes in.

Garcia on Magny's back against the cage, Magny standing. One hook in. Magny elbowing the thigh. Garcia loses the hook and presses him against the cage. Two minutes to go.

Garcia tries to change levels, but Magny gets double underhooks and presses him against the cage. Garcia hits a double-leg and gets Magny down against the cage. Magny uses the cage to stand, once again gives up his back. One hook in. Garcia loses the hook, gets a waistlock. Magny almost Tombstone Piledrives him when he tries to shoot and shoves him off. Magny advancing at the bell, lands a straight and shoots in. Magny takes Garcia down but only has time to land one punch before the bell. 10-9 Garcia.

Final result: Magny def. Garcia by unanimous decision


155 lbs.: Beneil Dariush vs. Tony Martin

Round one: Martin lands an inside leg kick to start. Head kick blocked. Dariush lands a counter right after taking a low kick. Martin whacks him with some rights. Low kick lands. One minute in. Both narrowly miss with their power hands. Dariush lands a glancing left. Flying knee misses. Martin with a double left hook. Right hand blocked. Three-punch flurry by Dariush does not connect. Good body kick does. Two minutes in. Dariush again comes up short with a combo. Body kick blocked. Next one seems to land. Tony backs him off with punches, eats a low kick. Knee and uppercut from Martin. Dariush body kick. Good lead left by Dariush and a flying knee to the body. Martin presses him into the cage before they split. Two minutes to go.

Martin right-left. He ducks a punch and clinches, but Dariush presses him against the cage. Dariush hits a takedown, but Martin scrambles into a rear waistlock. One minute to go, Martin still pressing him into the cage. Short punches by Martin before Dariush exits with a body kick. Another good body kick. Strong punching combo by Martin answered with an overhand left. Dariush presses him against the cage and completes the takedown, taking his back in the waning seconds. 10-9 Dariush.

Round two: Dariush pursues with punches, lands a body kick. Both kick the body, Martin attempts some short punches. Martin left hook intercepts a fling knee. Dariush again advances with strikes, though he slips after a body kick. Martin moves in with punches of his own and gets pressed against the cage. Martin uses a Kimura sweep to reverse a takedown back to their feet. One minute in. Martin pressing Dariush against the cage now. Dariush limp-legs out of a single-leg but is still wrapped up. Dariush with a few knees to the body. Dariush reverses briefly and lands a knee to the head. Two minutes in. Martin goes for a low takedown, doesn't get it and seems to be slowing down. Martin bloodied, eats a standing elbow and shoots in again. Martin in on his hips and pressing Dariush. Ref separates them. Two minutes to go.

Dariush shoots in, finishing a single-leg against the cage. Martin attempts the Kimura sweep again on the way down, but can't complete it. Dariush rapidly advances to side control, locks up an arm-triangle, and earns the tap. Impressive grappling from Dariush.

Final result: Dariush def. Martin by submission (arm-triangle)


135 lbs.: Matt Hobar vs. Aaron Phillips

Round one: Phillips lands a low kick early. Hobar bullies him to the fence. They trade knees as Hobar tries to get in on a leg .He separates with some short punches. Another hard low kick by Phillips. Hobar ducks an overhand left, then completes a single-leg into closed guard. Phillips striking off his back, attempts to turn for an armbar with no success. One minute in. A triangle looks decent, but Hobar slips out into half guard. Back to guard. Phillips still throwing from his back. Hobar postures out of a triangle and moves to half guard. Phillips regains guard and tries to kick his way free. Two minutes in, Hobar in side control after Phillips fails to get enough distance. Hobar moves to north-south and briefly teases the eponymous choke. Good short elbows from Hobar in side control. Two minutes to go.

Hobar drops a few punches, Phillips regains guard. Hobar stands and tries to drop punches. Good upkick from Phillips, but it lets Hobar into side control. More elbows from "The Crowbar." Phillips again shrimps back to guard. One minute to go. Phillips very active off his back, Hobar attempting to land elbows. Hobar stands over him and eats an upkick. He dives back into guard and drops elbows for the last ten seconds. 10-9 Hobar.

Round two: Phillips steps in with a knee, which Hobar uses to take him right down. Phillips back to his feet quickly, Hobar with a rear waistlock. They're in an odd position and Hobar attempts a banana split briefly before they get to turtle position. Good punches by Hobar. One minute in. Knees by Hobar when they stand again. Phillips cracks him with a knee to the body, Hobar digs deeper into the clinch. They trade knees to the body. Short uppercut by Hobar as Phillips tries to get the plum. Two minutes in. Hobar still pressing him against the cage. He takes a knee on the jaw and fails to complete a single-leg. Now Hobar separates. Overhand left by Hobar and another, both very slow. Good crosses from Phillips. Hobar body kick. Hobar lands a knee to the body and claims a low blow; ref says fight on. Two minutes to go.

Phillips lands some punching combinations. Hobar takes him to the cage and gets smacked around with heavy knees and a hook for his trouble. Hobar shoots in as soon as they split. Phillips grabs a guillotine but loses it quickly. Phillips swings for an armbar, lands an upkick, and gives up side control. One minute to go. Back to half guard. Hobar landing punches and elbows, Phillips looking to do the same.  Hobar lands some solid shots late. 10-9 Phillips.

Round three: Philips jab, Hobar overhand. Hobar shoots in and completes a double against the cage. Half guard for Hobar. Phillips trying to get his back to the cage and makes room to stand. Hobar cracks him with a knee coming up. Phillips lands a standing elbow, but eats some punches. Hobar lifts him and slams him down into side control. Two minutes in. Hobar looking for an arm-triangle. Phillips bucks and gets his arm out of the danger zone. Hobar chilling in sied control with short punches. Two minutes in. Phillips regains guard. Hobar with a steady stream of punches. Phillips looking to get to his feet, Hobar with the rear bodylock. Two minutes to go and Hobar gets in on his hips.

Phillips fighting off the takedown with a very wide base. He defends well and lands a knee. Hobar yanks his legs out from under him after about forty seconds of trouble. Hobar returns to punching from guard. One minute to go. Phillips trying to land off his back, eating short shots by Hobar. Hobar passes into half guard, Phillips stands with Hobar latched to his back. Phillips lands a knee and Hobar lands a pair of hooks inside after they turn to face each other. There's the bell. 10-9 Hobar.

Final result: Hobar def. Phillips by unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Chris Heatherly vs. Ben Saunders

Round one: Saunders comes up short with a high kick, nearly lands a knee as Heatherly wings an overhand right. Heatherly shoots in and completes a double-leg into side control. Saunders works his way back to guard, using mission control. High guard now. One minute in; both of Heatherly's arms are trapped. Saunders with a couple elbows. Heatherly rotates to escape and Ben transitions into the omoplata. He's in a great position to finish, putting his weight over Chris' back to keep him from rolling forward. It's extremely tight and Heatherly finally taps just over two minutes in. Ben Saunders is the first man to earn an omoplata submission in the Octagon.

Final result: Saunders def. Heatherly by submission (omoplata)


125 lbs.: Joby Sanchez vs. Wilson Reis

Round one: Reis advancing, Sanchez circling. Jab exchange. Reis with a low kick. Sanchez falls short with a Superman punch. One minute in. Inside low kick from Reis. Sanchez moves Reis back with missed punches, lands a body kick. Sanchez right hook comes up short and he blocks a high kick. Two minutes in. Reis leg kick. Counter uppercuts by Reis as Sanchez ducks in with an overhand. Leg kick connects. High kick blocked. Sanchez pops him with a straight right that gets Reis' attention. Two minutes to go.

Reis low kick. Sanchez initiates the clinch, quickly releases it. Reis hits a great knee pick and takes SAnchez' back. Sanchez gets to his feet, Reis with one hook in. Sanchez circles free, but Reis takes him right back down with a double leg. One minute to go and Reis takes the back with both hooks. Sanchez on his feet with Reis playing backpack. Reis looking for the choke, Sanchez in pure defense. Sanchez makes it to the bell. 10-9 Reis.

Round two: Right back to center cage. Sanchez whiffs on a combo and eats a left straight. BIG left hook from Joby drops Reis to his knees. Reis back to his feet quickly, but gets leveled by a head kick. He looks out, but somehow survives and begins grappling aggressively. One minute in. Sanchez avoids the takedown and they split. Back to the center. Reis looks steady and is back on the advance. Lead straight connects for WIlson. Sanchez right. Two minutes in. Wilson shoots in against the cage. He completes the double quickly. Sanchez back standing again, but Wilson keeps the body lock and takes him down. Another rapid back take from Reis and this time he's got half the round to work. Sanchez elbowing the thigh. Reis releases the hooks with two minutes to go and they separate.

Body kick by Reis. Wilson misses on a straight, lands the follow-up right hook. Sanchez left hook met by a counter straight. Wilson shoots in from long-range and completes it against the cage. One minute to go. Sanchez gets to his feet again, Wilson still has the body lock. Knee by Reis. Wilson takes him down and takes his back once again. Round ends with Reis latched to him. 10-9 Reis.

Round three: Sanchez misses on a wild right hand to start the round. Reis lands a body kick. Left cross lands. Double-leg from Reis and, as usual, Sanchez gets up quickly but gives up the body lock. Knees to the leg by Reis against the cage. One minute in. Reis takes him down, mounts, and gets both hooks in when Sanchez gives up his back. Reis in backpack mode as Sanchez gets to his feet. Two minutes in, Reis still fishing for the choke. Wilson releases the hooks and returns to the bodylock. Knees on the inside from Wilson. Wilson lands an outside trip, Sanchez gives up his back yet again as he stands. This time, he shakes Reis off and they return to center cage. Both land their lead hooks. Two minutes to go.

Sanchez wades in with haymakers that fall short. Reis lands a lead straight and completes another takedown. Back control again against the cage. Reis squeezing with the elbow over the chin. One minute in. Reis releases the squeeze and Joby reverses into his guard. Reis makes room and stands. Both land power straights. Sanchez tries to press in the waning seconds, but cannot land. 10-9 Reis.

Final result: Reis def. Sanchez by unanimous decision