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The definitive pizza style rankings

When pizza's on the Internet, you can argue about pizza anytime.

Mitchell Layton

Let us get one thing out of the way first: all pizza is good pizza. Even the worst pizza you have ever had is likely better than "no pizza."

WITH THAT IN MIND, here are the definitive pizza style rankings, as agreed upon by the SB Nation staff:

1. New York
2. New Haven
3. Neapolitan
4. Sicilian
5. Detroit
6. California
7. Greek
8. Hawaiian
9. Old Forge
10. [This Is Where Chicago Would Be If It Were Pizza]*
11. Quad City
13. Little Caesars Hot and Ready
14. Store-bought freezer pizza
68. St. Louis

*Casserole rankings are next week.

What do you think? Please place arguments and/or death threats in the comments below.