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Punt Brothers podcast: Every football team is going to be good

It's time for a college football episode! Problem: Jon Bois and Ryan Nanni, however well-meaning, are a couple of real ding-dongs. Solution: they talk to SB Nation's Bill Connelly, one of the most well-regarded statisticians in the college football world.

This week, we were delighted to talk to Bill Connelly, a college football writer we at SB Nation are very lucky to have. His full archive is here, but if we could pick one piece to get you started, do check out his longform, "Blueprint for a Rebuild." Within, he studies six football programs and the different ways they try to get back on their feet. It is one heck of a read. Also, you can follow him on Twitter at @SBN_BillC.

In this podcast:

- Why is college football so much less scared about play-calling than the NFL?
- What is it like to develop and crunch advanced football statistics?
- What's so dang special about Bobby Petrino's offense?
- Which U.S. Open player is most like UCLA football?
- Is it possible to lose money while gambling in a casino?

Enjoy! Here's our RSS feed! Here we are on iTunes!

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