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College football hate map is confusing

No Ole Miss fans allowed in New Mexico.

Sports fans on Reddit have been putting together maps of which team each state hates the most. Wednesday, it was college football's turn, and the results were ... confusing.

Some of these make sense. Oregon hates Washington, and vice versa. Minnesota hates Wisconsin, Iowa hates Nebraska, Missouri hates Kansas and lots of people hate Texas. But it also appears that a number of states hate their own schools:

  • Michigan hates Michigan
  • Ohio hates Ohio State
  • Kentucky hates Kentucky
  • Virginia hates Virginia Tech
  • Texas hates Texas
  • South Carolina hates South Carolina
  • North Carolina hates North Carolina
  • Arizona hates Arizona
  • Utah hates BYU
  • Florida hates Miami

Those all do kind of make sense, even if they're strange to look at -- it's not UNC fans who hate UNC, but rather Duke, East Carolina, NC State, and Wake Forest fans who hate UNC. But that's still a lot of self-loathing.

Then, there are some that just flat-out don't make sense. Why does New Mexico hate Ole Miss? The Rebels have never played a team from New Mexico and those states probably have as little in common as any states in the US. Similarly, Vermont hates Maryland? Idaho hates Air Force? Places that aren't all that relevant to Michigan hate Michigan? How can this be?

Well, these polls are incredibly unscientific and can be rigged really easily by people who say they're from a place they aren't. Or maybe New Mexico really does hate Ole Miss. We'll never know.

Update: The real map makes a lot more sense.