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National Organization for Women calls for Roger Goodell's resignation

Claiming that the NFL has "lost its way" in the wake of the Ray Rice assault and suspension, a women's rights group asks that an independent investigator be appointed.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's suspension of Ray Rice from the league on Monday was derided by many as a case of "too little, too late" following Rice's assault of Janay Palmer. Prominent sports personalities like Keith Olbermann have publicly called for Goodell to resign his post or be fired by NFL owners. On Wednesday, the National Organization for Women, one of the largest women's rights groups in the United States, have added their voice to that discussion.

In a statement, the National Organization for Women have requested that Goodell surrender his post and yield the position to an independent investigator. The official statement, from the NOW website:

The statement, as well as the sentiment behind that statement, is yet another part of the dialogue that women have been having in the public sphere following the initial news of the Rice assault back in February. Prominent sports analysts like Michelle Beadle and Katie Nolan have furthered the debate that the NFL needs to undergo substantial change in order to combat the impression that the NFL does not care about women.