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Mayweather vs Maidana 2 results - Floyd Mayweather wins rematch by unanimous decision

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Floyd Mayweather was too good defensively and strategically for Marcos Maidana in their Showtime PPV rematch, taking a clear unanimous decision.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The rematch between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana was not nearly as exciting as their first go-round and that made it a better fight for Mayweather, one he was much more easily able to win.

Mayweather did a lot of circling and he kept himself from getting pinned to the ropes. In the first fight, Floyd got stuck to the ropes for extended periods of time, allowing Maidana to fire away. This time, Floyd would also reach out, clinch and get out of danger. Some felt he should have received warnings for reaching out to initiate the clinches, but referee Kenny Bayless never did anything to prevent those tactics.

Where the referee did become involved was in a bizarre moment in Round 8 where Floyd had a bit of a headlock on Maidana and suddenly began to shout that Maidana had bit his hand. The video was inconclusive on if any sort of bite did occur, but Mayweather would claim after the fight that he was bit through the glove, by a man wearing a mouthpiece, so hard that it caused his entire hand to go numb and become useless the rest of the fight.

In Round 9, Bayless would deduct a point from Maidana for throwing Mayweather to the ground in a clinch, effectively ending any chance for Maidana to win the fight on the scorecards.

Maidana wouldn't be able to land any big flurries in the later stages of the fight, despite landing a right hand at the end of Round 3 that wobbled the champion, and Mayweather spent the final round running from any sort of contact to coast to the scorecards.

The SB Nation scorecard read 116-111 for Mayweather, which reflected the official scorecards quite closely as Mayweather won on scores of 115-112, 116-111, 116-111.

With the win, Mayweather improves to a career record of 47-0.

He was asked after the fight again if Manny Pacquiao was in his future and proved as elusive in his answers of the question as he was during the fight. The answer seemed to be "no, but don't blame me."

Floyd will return to the ring in May of 2015 if he has his way, but it's unclear who he will be facing when that happens.