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Browns run a neat, but illegal trick play for Johnny Manziel

Week after week we've heard that the Browns were looking to get Johnny Manziel involved in their offense (although Brian Hoyer maintains the starting role) but we've been curious as to how. Sunday, they used him -- as a wide receiver:


The play got called back for a penalty, but at first it wasn't clear why. Then we got to see a full angle of exactly where Johnny came from:


Manziel hid along the sideline, facing a coach, who prompted him downfield when the ball was snapped.


The idea is that nobody would realize he was on the field, and it worked, as nobody covered him -- it worked to perfection for Georgia Tech on a field goal a few years backBut it wasn't exactly legal: NFL rules say that you have to be more than five yards from the sideline, and have to have your shoulders square to the line of scrimmage, so this sort of deception is outlawed.