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Buy 2 Cokes, get 2 free Michigan tickets

Michigan Men must be stoked about this deal!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan is having a tough time getting its students to come to games. Part of that is because the team is pretty bad, part of it is because the schedule is terrible, and part of it is because the tickets are so expensive. For such a historic program, the empty seats can be a stain for some fans, who like to hype up their massive fan base.

It looks like someone is at least trying to combat the latter right now ... even though they might be doing so in the most embarrassing way possible. A promotion at the student union is advertising that fans can get two free tickets to this weekend's Michigan-Minnesota game with the purchase of two Coke products.

We were skeptical too, but an MGoBlog user claims to have gotten two tickets for the game through the promotion, as have other Twitter users.

This is likely a ploy for Michigan to continue its streak of having 100,000+ fans at a game, which stretches over 254 games to 1975. Promotion or not, we could very well see the Big House emptier than we have in a long time this weekend. Losing and playing Minnesota will do that to you.

The deal does make the Wolverines the cheapest ticket in town. It would cost fans more to see a high school team play on Friday night than it would to take in the game in the Big House.

UPDATE: Michigan has pulled the promotion, citing "a miscommunication" with Coke.