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Dez Bryant says 'I had possession' of overturned catch

Dez Bryant on whether the better team won: "No."

Dez Bryant seemed distraught after Sunday's loss the Green Bay Packers, during which Bryant appeared to make a spectacular reception on fourth-and-2 only to see the call overturned. When asked if the better team won the game, Bryant said "no."

Bryant disagreed that there was any ambiguity that he made the grab.

The play will certainly be discussed much more over the coming week. Bryant may want to lay low.

Bryant added some thoughts on Twitter after the game.

Reactions across the Internet were mixed. Detroit Lions players seemed to enjoy the moment, after losing last week to the Cowboys thanks, in part, to another overturned call. Refereeing analysts seemed to agree that the correct call was made (thought there may be some objections to the rule itself.)

Among celebrities, reactions fell everywhere along the spectrum.