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Richard Sherman is angry with Roger Goodell, and, no, you can't be in the Legion of Boom

Richard Sherman penned another column for Sports Illustrated and the MMQB, and was more candid than ever.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman really likes to talk, which is direct consequence of having a lot to say. Since joining the NFL in 2011 and becoming one of the NFL's best defensive backs, he has also become one of the league's more outspoken player advocates. Last season, Sherman penned a column for the MMQB explaining the changes he would make if he was commissioner of the league -- including revamped systems of player punishment and benefit dispersal.

Sherman is most defensive of his teammates, particularly running back Marshawn Lynch. After the NFL fined Lynch this season for deflecting postgame questions from media, Sherman performed a press conference skit with wide receiver Doug Baldwin lampooning how the league has commercialized the sport -- for example, punishing players harshly for alcohol-related charges while claiming beer companies as its biggest sponsors.

On Tuesday, the MMQB once again gave Sherman a byline, which the cornerback used to lob some of his most pointed barbs at the league to date. The article will run in the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated, which features Sherman and the Legion of Boom on the cover and a group interview with Sherman alongside Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane.

Both stories are well worth your time. Here are some of the biggest takeaways.

1) Everyone in the L.o.B has a unique role

Chancellor is the "lion" of the Legion of the Boom, according to Sherman, and also the guy who players go to any time they have problems that occur outside of football. Sherman calls Thomas "The Example," because he "can show you how to do the right thing better than he can explain it," and because Thomas is the most intensely focused of the crew. Maxwell is the "chill guy" -- the jokester of this A-Team -- and Lane is the "scrappy guy" -- Sherman gave him a shoutout for slowing down Randall Cobb.

2) Sherman is still very angry with Roger Goodell

"On a bigger level, I look at the NFL today and I'm as disappointed as ever in its management."

Sherman's opinion of Goodell hasn't improved at all over the season. In fact, the league's handling of Adrian Peterson convinced the cornerback that players weren't properly being represented within the league office, specifically by former defensive back Troy Vincent.

I once believed that having more retired players in the league office could remedy this, but the former player in the highest position, executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent, continues to disappoint. When he told Adrian Peterson he'd receive a two-game suspension and the league failed to deliver, he became just another suit.

3) The NFL is out to embarrass Marshawn Lynch

Seriously, leave Lynch alone:

Under Goodell the league continues to put players like Marshawn Lynch in a position to be mocked by the media, which seems to get a kick out of seeing people struggle on camera. As teammates we're angry because we know what certain people do well and we know what they struggle with. Marshawn's talking to the press is the equivalent of putting a reporter on a football field and telling him to tackle Adrian Peterson.

4) The L.o.B. is going to mess with former teammate Brandon Browner

KLEMKO: What will it be like to go against Brandon Browner for a ring?

MAXWELL: It's gonna be fun. We're going to compete. Like going against your brother. What you expect from him is toughness, and if he ever gets a chance to go after you he will. It's cool.

THOMAS: It's going to be normal. He's obviously a close friend, but when it comes to stuff like this, it's not in my head.

LANE: It's been a while since I've seen him play. I'm just excited for him, to have left us and still made it back.

SHERMAN: Anytime you play against your family you want to put your best foot forward. We're gonna have a blast. He's gonna be way too serious in the game, and we'll mess with him. You can't be serious with us. We know you. I'm looking forward to seeing him take on Marshawn ...

5) Not just anyone can be in the Legion of Boom

KLEMKO: Are there players, dead or alive, who you've seen play and thought, that guy belongs on the LOB?

CHANCELLOR: Alive? Nobody. Just because every man in the group goes through the gauntlet. We've been battle-tested, we work hard, we grind, and we have a different understanding of the game and the meaning of playing with each other. I just don't see that across the league. Now, Sean Taylor could have been a part of it. He would've been an enforcer.

6) Richard Sherman is gonna be a papa!

Congratulations, Richard!

I got some news nine months ago that helped me reach a conclusion. My girlfriend, Ashley, and I are expecting our first child, a boy, any day now. I've realized in the last year that I can evoke change by being a great role model: a man who respects women and police officers, who graduated from college and does everything in his power to be successful within the rules.

Head over to Sports Illustrated for Sherman's column and the full group interview with the Legion of Boom. Right now.