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Super Bowl 2015: Why does Marshawn Lynch grab his crotch when he scores a touchdown?

Beast Mode's signature move traces its origins back to his famous Beast Quake run in the 2011 NFL playoffs.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are so many ways to celebrate a touchdown, from the traditional spiking of the ball, to dunking it over the goal post or breaking out a few dance moves. Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch -- arguably the NFL's most enigmatic star -- has a unique take on how he likes to commemorate his touchdowns. Lynch prefers to grab his crotch after reaching the end zone, a gesture that has cost him a pretty penny this season.

Lynch's celebration has its roots in the Beast Quake, his 67-yard touchdown run that fueled the Seahawks' upset over the New Orleans Saints in a January 2011 wild card game. He broke nine tackles to find the end zone on that play, finishing it off with what would become his signature move.

Lynch explained it to ESPN's Jeffri Chadiha: "That was the stamp. The statement. With all that shit, you gotta finish it off somehow."

Lynch has already been fined twice by the league for his signature touchdown celebration this season. He received a $11,500 fine for doing it after scoring against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 16, and was then fined $20,000 following his touchdown run in the NFC Championship.

One of Lynch's longtime friends, Kevin Park, told Chadiha that "It doesn't affect him because he only wants the money to go to a good charity."

In addition to the hefty fine for his latest celebratory crotch grab against the Green Bay Packers, the NFL issued a warning to the Seahawks that if Lynch makes an obscene gesture during Super Bowl XLIX, they'll be penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said this week that he would speak with Lynch about the NFL's plans to penalize the team if he grabbed his crotch after scoring in the game.

Regardless of how celebrates he touchdowns, there is no doubt that the ability of Lynch to reach the end zone will be key for the Seahawks if they are going to repeat as Super Bowl champs. Seattle is 10-1 this season when Lynch scores a touchdown and 4-3 when he doesn't.

If you'd like to learn more about Lynch's celebratory grabbing, he taught Conan O'Brien how do it the Beast Mode way.