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League of Legends World Championship 2015: Bracket, schedule, teams and scores

SKT becomes the first ever two-time champion.

Juergen Schwarz/Getty Images

The League of Legends World Championships will run throughout the entire month of October, crowning a fifth world champion at the end of the month. Teams from Asia, Europe, North America and South America will compete for the Summoner's Cup.

After a double round-robin group stage, we move forward to the knockout round. Three Korean teams, two European teams, two Taiwanese teams and one Chinese team advanced. All three North American teams (Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid, Cloud9) were knocked out in the group round, as were both wild card teams (Bangkok Titans, paIN Gaming), two Chinese teams (LGD Gaming, Invictus Gaming) and one European team (H2K).

Teams will play in best-of-five series over the rest of the month.

You can watch all the games at, and follow it all right here at SB Nation! This post will be continually updated throughout the tournament as results come in.

Click on any individual day to find full results, scores and stats from that day's action.

Thursday, October 1

Fnatic (EU) def. Invictus Gaming (CHN), 8-1

Cloud9 (NA) def. ahq e-Sports club, 9-2

SKTelecom T1 (KOR) def. H2K (EU), 11-5

Edward Gaming (CHN) def. Bangkok Titans (THA), 14-1

Counter Logic Gaming (NA) def. Flash Wolves (TAI), 10-10

KOO Tigers (KOR) def. paIN Gaming (BRA), 23-5

Friday, October 2

KT Rolster (KOR) def. Team SoloMid (NA), 16-3

Origen (EU) def. LGD Gaming (CHN), 16-10

SKTelecom T1 (KOR) def. Bangkok Titans (THA), 22-7

Edward Gaming (CHN) def. H2K (EU), 22-5

Flash Wolves (TAI) def. KOO Tigers (KOR), 15-7

Counter Logic Gaming (NA) def. paIN Gaming (BRA), 23-7

Saturday, October 3

SKTelecom T1 (KOR) def. Edward Gaming (CHN), 19-6

H2K (EU) def. Bangkok Titans (THA), 25-14

KT Rolster (KOR) def. LGD Gaming (CHN), 22-4

Origen (EU) def. Team SoloMid (NA), 12-3

Cloud9 (NA) def. Invictus Gaming (CHN), 23-16

ahq e-Sports club (TAI) def. Fnatic (EU), 24-17

Sunday, October 4

Team SoloMid (NA) def. LGD Gaming (CHN), 27-14

Origen (EU) def. KT Rolster (KOR), 11-12

Invictus Gaming (CHN) def. ahq e-Sports Club (TAI), 13-5

Cloud9 (NA) def. Fnatic (EU), 13-6

Koo Tigers (KOR) def. Counter Logic Gaming (NA), 23-4

paIN Gaming (BRA) def. Flash Wolves (TAI), 13-10

Thursday, October 8

Koo Tigers (KOR) def. Counter Logic Gaming (NA), 27-8

Flash Wolves (TAI) def. paIN Gaming (BRA), 15-14

KOO Tigers (KOR) def. paIN Gaming (BRA), 16-5

Flash Wolves (TAI) def. Counter Logic Gaming (NA), 22-9

Flash Wolves (TAI) def. KOO Tigers (KOR), 24-9

paIN Gaming (BRA) def. Counter Logic Gaming (NA), 21-12

Friday, October 9

SKTelecom T1 (KOR) def. Edward Gaming (CHN), 16-4

H2K (EU) def. Bangkok Titans (THA), 21-4

Edward Gaming (CHN) def. Bangkok Titans (THA), 22-15

SKTelecom T1 (KOR) def. H2K (EU), 19-8

Edward Gaming (CHN) def. H2K (EU), 11-1

SKTelecom T1 (KOR) def. Bangkok Titans (THA), 16-4

Saturday, October 10

Origen (EU) def. Team SoloMid (NA), 9-6

KT Rolster (KOR) def. LGD Gaming (CHN), 16-2

KT Rolster (KOR) def. Team SoloMid (NA), 21-12

LGD Gaming (CHN) def. Origen (EU), 22-7

KT Rolster (KOR) def.  Origen (EU) , 24-17

LGD Gaming (CHN) def. Team SoloMid (NA), 29-14

Sunday, October 11

ahq e-Sports Club (TAI) def. Invictus Gaming (CHN), 14-6

Fnatic (EU) def. Cloud9 (NA), 26-8

ahq e-Sports Club (TAI) def. Cloud 9 (NA), 17-4

Fnatic (EU) def. Invictus Gaming (CHN), 15-5

Invictus Gaming (CHN) def. Cloud9 (NA), 29-14

Fnatic (EU) def. ahq e-Sports Club (TAI), 24-23

TIEBREAKER: ahq (TAI) def. Cloud9 (NA). 19-12


Thursday, October 15

Origen (EU) def. Flash Wolves (TAI), 3-1

Friday, October 16

SKTelecom T1 (KOR) def. ahq e-Sports Club (TAI), 3-0

Saturday, October 17

Fnatic (EU) def. Edward Gaming (CHN), 3-0

Sunday, October 18

KOO Tigers (KOR) def. KT Rolster (KOR), 3-1


Saturday, October 24

SKTelecom T1 (KOR) def. Origen (EU), 3-0

Sunday, October 25

KOO Tigers (KOR) def. Fnatic (EU), 3-0


Saturday, October 31

SKTelecom T1 (KOR) def. KOO Tigers (KOR), 3-1