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The Blue Jays are in a major hole. Is this the end of the road for Toronto?

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The Toronto Blue Jays are now 23 innings into their return to the postseason, and to say that this isn't exactly how they expected things to go would be a pretty massive understatement. The prohibitive favorites to advance to the World Series are now in a major 0-2 hole against the Texas Rangers. Instead of being able to enjoy dreams of reliving the days of Joe Carter, Roberto Alomar and John Olerud, they're possibly one game away from having to reminisce on this past season while listening to sad Drake tunes.

If the Blue Jays expect to keep the dream alive, then they've definitely got an extremely tough road ahead of them. Since baseball permanently went to the divisional series format, there have been only two teams who bounced back to win the best-of-five series after losing the first two games at home (the 2012 Giants and the 2001 Yankees). The last time any team came back from a 2-0 deficit was back in 2003, which is when the Boston Red Sox were able to win three straight after dropping the first two to the Oakland A's. So, it's definitely possible that the Blue Jays could potentially dig themselves out of this hole, but we definitely can't say that it's probable.

That's not to say that the Blue Jays are just going to lie down and accept their fate as being a divisional series loser after the great season that they've had. Toronto hasn't lost three straight games since before the Trade Deadline, and even though it doesn't mean too much right now, the Blue Jays did win 2-of-3 during their lone regular season visit to Arlington in 2015. However, just like the Blue Jays hadn't lost three straight before the trade deadline, that series occurred before the Rangers finally found their groove, so this is still an extremely tough task for Toronto. It may not be over yet for the Great Canadian Hope, but things are definitely looking grim as they head down to the Lone Star State for the two of the most important games in recent franchise history.


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