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Edward Gaming to replace AmazingJ with Koro1 vs. Fnatic at LoL Worlds

Koro1 was EDG's top laner for its last major tournament win.


Edward Gaming will be making a change in the top lane before the League of Legends Worlds quarterfinals, manager SanShao announced Tuesday. Koro1 will take over for AmazingJ, who started the first six games of the tournament for 4-2 EDG.

Among the 17 top laners who played in the group stages, AmazingJ ranked No. 10 with a 2.86 KDA. He hit three kills three times (twice with Darius, once with Malphite) but was not able to surpass that number in Group C, including two subpar performances against SK Telecom T1.

AmazingJ started 14 games in the LPL Summer Split for EDG, averaging a 6.90 KDA. Koro1 started 28, including the last 18 in a row, and had a 3.92 KDA over the split. Koro's most successful champions were Rumble and Maokai, two top laners we have not seen so much in this meta. Maokai was 0-3 in the group stages, while Rumble was 1-0.

Formerly with RisingStars Gaming, Koro1 joined EDG prior to the 2014 spring split. He started on the EDG team that won the most recent Mid-Season Invitational, beating SKTelecom T1 in the tournament finals. EDG also played Fnatic in the group stages of that tournament, and Koro1 had a 5-2-21 game as Maokai in a dominating win.

EDG and Fnatic will play Saturday. You can find the full schedule here.

(h/t /r LoL)