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Rangers get gift run after Russell Martin throw hits Shin-Soo Choo in batters box

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This is one of the freakiest plays in a postseason history filled with freaky plays.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

In the deciding Game 5 of the American League Division Series, the Rangers took a 3-2 lead against the Blue Jays on ... well, I'm not sure how. Let's figure this out together.

  1. The Rangers were up with two outs, and a runner, Rougned Odor, was on third.
  2. Shin-Soo Choo was batting, and he took a ball.
  3. He stayed in the batter's box and extended his arm to adjust his shirt.
  4. While his arm was extended, Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin threw the ball toward the pitcher, and the ball hit Choo's hand, ricocheting away from the field.
  5. The play was called dead by the home plate umpire as Odor scampered home.
  6. After huddling together, the umpires decided the ball was live, and that Odor was allowed to score.
  7. Blue Jays fans began to throw trash on the field to express their displeasure.
  8. The Blue Jays are playing the game under protest.

Choo's arm was not hovering over the plate. We can look forward to Zapruder-like analysis of how close it was to the edge of the batter's box, but it wasn't egregiously over the line, if it was at all. The ball *should* have been live. The biggest dispute is likely going to be the home plate umpire calling the ball dead.

If the play was called correctly from the start, though, Odor would have scored easily. Not that it should make the Blue Jays feel better.

Toronto would score four in the bottom of the inning in even crazier fashion, so all was well in Toronto.