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Sebastian Giovinco beat the entire defense for a goal and that wasn't the most impressive part

More than the MVP, he is an MLSgod!

Sebastian Giovinco was likely already the MVP of MLS this season before Wednesday. But what he did on Wednesday evening meant that he may deserve even the second and third place spots as well.

Just on this amazing goal alone, Giovinco deserves those plaudits.

But there is something that makes what Giovinco did more amazing. Considering that the diminutive Italian was the reason his country came back and defeated Norway in their final Euro 2016 qualifier a day before in Rome, then got on a plane, made it back in time and just played in this match for his club Toronto FC makes it all the more remarkable.

AND by scoring this remarkable solo goal against the New York Red Bulls, it just helped send Toronto FC to the MLS playoffs for the first time in their franchise's history!

And the reaction for Giovinco's goal sent North American soccer Twitter on fire!

And as if there weren't already enough, exciting sports things happening in the city of Toronto Wednesday, Giovinco provided yet another epic moment in an epic day in "the SIXland."

Update: Right off the plane, right to BMO Field