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NFL fines Von Miller $11,567 because he won't stop thrusting after sacks

The NFL hates fun, so it shouldn't surprise you that they're fining Von Miller for his post-sack celebrations, according to Pro Football Talk. For those of you who have missed it, here was his dance in Week 2 vs. the Chiefs:

And here is his dance vs. the Lions on Sunday night:

Von Lions gif

All we can say is that we share Jordan Peele's disgust at the latest developments:

But you're not here to listen to our opinions about NFL fines. You want to see those post-sack celebrations, so here you go.

Do you want those two GIFs COMBINED into a super GIF? We've got you covered:


Do you want that set to Pony? We've got you covered because we are SB Nation and that's what we do:

We'll miss this celebration, but hopefully it opens the door back up for the BARREL ROLL: