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Blue Jays' Cliff Pennington becomes first position player to pitch in the postseason

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The Blue Jays are having a bad game. At least they're entertaining us at the end.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays are losing a billonty to two. Their bullpen is a puddle of bullpen goo. The statue of Rance Mulliniks outside Rogers Centre is crying tears of blood.

And yet! There is still something to root for! With two outs, Blue Jays manager John Gibbons brought in utility infielder Cliff Pennington to prevent his bullpen from throwing another pitch. Also, to amuse us all.

According to Baseball-Reference, this is the first time in postseason history that a position player has pitched in the postseason, unless you count Babe Ruth or Rick Ankiel before they were converted, which you shouldn't.

Sure, Pennington allowed two singles and two inherited runners to score, but the fans left at Rogers Centre got loud one last time. He also threw harder than Royals starter Chris Young, topping out at 91. There's still a half-inning left in the game as I write this. Could the Blue Jays make Pennington the winning pitcher? Only time ... will tell.