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Ruben Amaro Jr. goes from the front office to the baselines

Sunday's Say Hey, Baseball discusses Ruben Amaro Jr.'s shocking move to the first base box. Also, two teams are getting closer to finding new managers, and the Mets have a fearsome foursome for their World Series rotation. Subscribe for your daily Say Hey!

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You've got to hand it to Ruben Amaro Jr. Despite the fact that he was unceremoniously dumped by the Philadelphia Phillies as their general manager, the man has managed to land gracefully on his feet by landing a job with the Boston Red Sox. Oh wait, you're saying that he won't be working in their front office? You're also saying that he's their new first base coach? Yes, this is a thing that's actually happening: Ruben Amaro Jr. will be on the field, wearing a uniform, and helping baserunners make decisions for the Boston Red Sox next season.

To say that Amaro's path from the front office to the first base line is an unorthodox one would be an understatement. We all went crazy back in late spring when the Miami Marlins decided that the best man for their open position of manager was their general manager a GM who had absolutely no prior managerial experience, mind you. However, Dan Jennings' journey from the skybox to the dugout appears to be a temporary one. Ruben Amaro Jr.'s move to a coaching position appears to be one with the endgame of moving toward a managerial position in the future.

That has to be the motivation behind this type of move, right? If you want to potentially become a manager in this game, then you've got to build up experience somehow, and getting a job as a first base coach is a good way to do it. Otherwise, it takes an extremely humble person to go from having the keys to a Major League Baseball franchise to making sure that your baserunner doesn't get picked off at first. Also, it's in his family's blood, since Amaro's father was also a coach in the big leagues. So, who knows what the future has in store for Ruben Amaro Jr.? This could be the start of a managerial journey, or it could end up being the answer to a wacky trivia question in the future. Either way, this is definitely an intriguing move for the former GM of the Phillies.


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