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The Cowboys don't care if Greg Hardy is out of control

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Greg Hardy may have lost his cool Sunday, but no one on the Cowboys appears to have any intention of reining him in.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

UNLEASHED: Greg Hardy seemingly tried to to fight everybody on the Cowboys' sideline after they gave up a 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown during the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss to the Giants. Footage showed Hardy getting so angry, he smacked the clipboard away from special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia and got in his face.

The Cowboys defended him at every level. Here's Jerry Jones, via the Forth Worth Star-Telegram:

"He's just getting guys ready to play in my view. I don't have any issue with him being involved in motivating or pushing in any part of the football team because he plays and walks the walk."

And Jason Garrett:

"If you've ever been a football coach or a football player, or ever been around a professional football team, you understand that those things happen. You want the guys who have the passion, the emotion, the enthusiasm for the game -- period."

And teammate Danny McCray:

"It was surprising he was in there. I know when he came, he kind of pushed me a little bit. I just didn't realize who he was. I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, who is this?' Once you realize it's Greg, you're like, ‘We need to make a play.' We understand that was our fault to give up that lead and he was just showing us the passion to show us we need to fix it."

Playing with passion is one thing, letting your emotions control your actions is another. Publicly at least, the Cowboys appear to condone Hardy's behavior. Hardy also happens to be tied for the team lead in sacks after just two games. Would they still be taking his side if he was struggling?

6-0: Ding the Panthers for their schedule all you want, they've reached 6-0 for the first time in franchise history and have to be considered one of the best teams in football, unquestionably. The defense was able to overcome a few big offensive mistakes and we got another opportunity to gripe about the NFL's silly definition of a catch. Cam Newton, meanwhile, was all smiles after an Oscar-worthy flop.

VOTE OF NO-CONFIDENCE: Jerry Jones said that Matt Cassel will remain the Cowboys' starting quarterback, but even he wouldn't say he's confident that the journeyman can do an adequate job. Brandon Weeden hasn't been great, but he arguably would have been better than Cassel in the Cowboys' 27-20 loss to the Giants.

OROY FAVORITE: Amari Cooper is dominating the NFL like no rookie receiver has since Anquan Boldin and Randy Moss. That's incredible company. His juke on his way to a touchdown against the Chargers was stunningly beautiful.

OROY RUNNER-UP: Todd Gurley is an even better running back than the Rams could have possibly hoped. He can do it all.

YOU LIKE THAT!? After a week of being maligned by media, Kirk Cousins led Washington to the biggest comeback win in franchise history. He was HYPED UP after the win. He has been otherwise mediocre this season, but there's no question Cousins was superb in Week 7.

BODY SWAP: As good as Cousins was, Andrew Luck's first half was conversely bad. He threw two interceptions and drew boos from the home crowd. Luck then led the Colts on a furious comeback attempt in the second half, but fell short, dropping Indianapolis to a (somehow AFC South-leading) 3-4 overall record.

SKOAL VIKING: Adrian Peterson's Week 7 status was downgraded this weekend because he fell ill, reportedly because he swallowed his loose leaf chewing tobacco. After the Vikings' win over the Lions, Peterson packed his lip and denied the report. Seriously, he denied his pregame chewing tobacco incident while chewing tobacco.

EXCUSES: The Bills' game in London did not go well. A pass interference call on Nickell Robey near the end of the game appeared to be botched by the referees, and Robey rightfully put the refs on blast. The Bills have no one to blame but themselves for forgetting to charge the batteries in their headsets, however. Communication problems may have led to EJ Manuel giving the Jaguars three turnovers in three minutes.

BRADY IS STILL GOOD: Tom Brady accounted for all but 1 yard of the Patriots' offensive output against the Jets. This has been your weekly reminder that Brady and Patriots are the only inevitable thing in the NFL.

TANNEHILL'S BIG DAY: Ryan Tannehill completed 25 consecutive passes from Week 6 to Week 7, setting a new NFL record during the Dolphins' win in London. The Dolphins' offense scored five touchdowns before the Texans even gained 5 yards. Something is seriously wrong in Houston.

WELCOME BACK: Eric Berry reeled in his first interception since defeating lymphoma.


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