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Rick Ross' new music video foretells the downfall of Ryan Mallett with the Texans

Rick Ross' music video is at a Texans game, and the lyrics show he had the scoop about Ryan Mallett's departure from the team.

Rick Ross released his new video for his song "Bill Gates," and for some reason large parts of it are filmed on the sideline of the Texans-Colts game played on Oct. 8. It's never really explained why he's there, but he sure is there, chillin' with the Texans:

Hey, Bill O'Brien!

Sup, Jadeveon Clowney!

Look, it's the CBS NFL crew, including a very happy Bill Cowher!

But most importantly, the video includes shots of then-Texans-starting QB Ryan Mallett, who was released Tuesday after missing a team flight. Pretty much everybody else shown in the video is famous -- Clowney, Deion Sanders, J.J. Watt, Arian Foster -- but we get this seemingly out-of-place shot of Ryan Mallett.

This video was filmed in what was Mallett's final start. He was benched after going 7-for-10 with just 50 yards and an interception, and would never see the field for the Texans again.

But here's the weird thing: Let's look at the lyrics to "Bill Gates."

Public defenders say a number and you n****s tremble

Judge dropped the mallet, may as well have put a bullet in you

Judge dropped the mallet, may as well have put a bullet in you


Ross was ostensibly rapping a scene from a courtroom: A judge passes down a sentence for many years, Ross notes that the long prison stay is just like getting shot and killed.

But it's clear what he ACTUALLY meant. Having watched that Texans-Colts game from up close, Ross KNEW that the quarterback's time with Houston was to be short-lived. He knew the judge -- Bill O'Brien, in this case -- was going to literally "drop the Mallett." And that that decision may as well have put a bullet in Mallett's future NFL career.

Rick Ross is clearly our most astute NFL analyst, perhaps the most connected insider in the business. Weeks ahead of Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport, he had already written this song foretelling of Mallett's Texans demise.

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