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Florida State wide receiver embarrasses Syracuse's entire secondary: A play in 3 acts

RIP, Syracuse. RIP.

Travis Rudolph got a 75-yard touchdown reception against Syracuse. But that doesn't really fully describe how viciously Rudolph burned them, like a conflagration through kindling.

Rudolph has since caught another 45-yard TD. But let's focus on the violent embarrassment that goes on here:

1. Two hapless Syracuse fools collapse into each other trying to stop the catch

First, Rudolph's catch itself was pretty good, and left two Orange defenders stumbling and bumbling.

That's safety Antwan Cordy and cornerback Corey Winfield, dropped to the ground while Rudolph runs with the ball. Remember Winfield. He'll be back later.


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2. Some poor Syracuse chump sprints into the frame to get juked

Cornerback Cordell Hudson wanted to make a cameo here.

That's him, the idiot doing a cartwheel through the frame. He never gets a hand on Rudolph.

3. One of the fools who fell over earlier runs back in, only to get absolutely wrecked by a stiff arm

Corey Winfield just wasn't done getting embarrassed. After falling to the ground while trying to defend the pass, Winfield sprinted back up to try and tackle Rudolph ... and got dropped by a vicious stiff arm:

On the one hand, you have to admire his persistence. On the other, sometimes it's best to just cut your losses, Corey.

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