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TSM announces addition of CLG's Doublelift as new AD Carry

One of the best teams in North America has added one of the region's best players.


After getting knocked out of Worlds in the group stages, Team SoloMid announced the departures of top laner Dyrus, jungler Santorin and support Lustboy from its League of Legends roster.

On Saturday, TSM announced its first addition of the offseason, and it's a doozy. The North American powerhouse signed Counter Logic Gaming AD Carry Doublelift, taking away one of the best players from one of its top competitors.

TSM struggled with the AD Carry role last season, switching from WildTurtle to Keith and back to WildTurtle in an attempt to find a second damage dealer behind star mid laner Bjergsen.

Doublelift was first among all North American AD Carries last split with an average creep score differential at 10 minutes of +5.0. WildTurtle ranked second to last at -2.4. Turtle was also significantly behind Doublelift in KDA (5.0 to 3.4), kill participation (79.4% to 67.0%) and damage participation (30.3% to 24.2%).

Doublelift had been with CLG since November 2011, beating TSM in the Summer Split finals this past postseason. Along with aphromoo, widely considered the top support in North America, he made up the "Rush Hour" bottom lane that did so well in the region in recent years. CLG is already going through one adjustment, swapping mid laner Pobelter out for Huhi, and will now have to face another transition.

Now, Bjergsen's the only starting member of last split's team left. TSM has arguably the best mid laner in North America and arguably the best AD Carry. Now for filling out the rest of the team before the Spring Split starts ...