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Ndamukong Suh won't receive punishment for kick of Ryan Fitzpatrick

Suh's reputation means he usually doesn't get the benefit of the doubt, but this time the NFL agrees with him that the kick wasn't intentional.

Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has earned a reputation for dirty play during his time in the NFL, and so anytime something looks close to extracurricular from the defensive tackle, it draws attention.

In a 27-14 loss to the New York Jets, Suh chased Ryan Fitzpatrick toward the sideline, but when the Jets passer dove for the sideline, Suh's left foot swung around and hit Fitzpatrick in the side of the head.

Was it a kick, and was it intentional? If almost any other player in the NFL did the same exact action, the answer would likely be no, but Suh doesn't get that benefit of the doubt. So while it looks like he's doing what he can to step over Fitzpatrick and linebacker Koa Misi, the swing of his left leg will also raise eyebrows.

It was enough to warrant a review from the NFL, but the kick was deemed inadvertent and the defensive tackle will not receive further punishment, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Neither Fitzpatrick nor Jets head coach Todd Bowles accused Suh of anything malicious. Bowles told media after the game he didn't see or hear about the possible kick, while Fitzpatrick wasn't in a position to know what happened when his face was in the grass.

Suh said he didn't remember the specific incident or kicking Fitzpatrick, but also wasn't feeling too chatty after the loss. He finished with just three tackles to bring his season total to 10 and still hasn't recorded a sack in 2015.

Just three weeks ago, Suh dodged punishment from the NFL for knocking the helmet off of Washington running back Alfred Morris with his shin. The action was deemed not to be a kick. However, Suh did receive a suspension for stepping on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, although that ban was overturned after an appeal.

He was also ejected and suspended for stomping on Packers offensive lineman Evan Smith in 2011 and drew attention for appearing to kick Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in 2012.

That lengthy list of times when Suh's foot has collided with an opponent means that even the most innocent-looking incident is worth a second look if Suh's swinging his cleats at a player.