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Aaron Rodgers' amazing TD passes are an epidemic the NFL has no cure for

Aaron Rodgers is ridiculous.

It isn't nuanced or novel to state that Rodgers is really good at playing quarterback. He's made some amazing plays during his career, and routinely makes defenses look stupid. But if you're looking for a quick lesson on how to play the hardest position in all of sports, this play has just about everything you want.

Rodgers first escapes pressure from the 49ers up the middle by spinning away, realizes there's still a pocket so he goes back to it, escapes another pressure by strafing left, then throws across his body on the run to hit Richard Rodgers for the go-ahead touchdown.

He did all of this while keeping his eyes downfield on his receivers' developing routes. This is unreal.

The ability to square his shoulders and throw a dart into the back of the endzone is what separates Rodgers from the pack.

Team loyalties aside, we should all just sit back and enjoy a special player making great plays. Rodgers now has 11 touchdowns and no picks on the year.

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