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Female reporters temporarily denied access to Jaguars locker room

This shouldn't happen.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In the year 2015, it is perfectly acceptable for women to enter an NFL locker room to talk to NFL players so that they can write about NFL football games. An Indianapolis Colts usher apparently missed that memo, however.

After the Colts beat the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, he held back two reporters -- Graham Watson of the Yahoo! Sports and Joey Chandler of the Tuscaloosa News -- from entering the Jaguars' locker room because, as he told them, "you know how guys are."

Ironically, the women were in Indianapolis as part of the Associated Press Sport Editors sports media diversity weekend, presumably because of their efforts in a male-dominated industry. Watson were able to enter the locker room eventually, and the Colts and Jaguars PR staff seemed contrite.